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    [–] I just realised I never heard Einstein’s voice. clown-penisdotfart 3 points ago in germany

    Laydees and tschentlmn zis iss ze EEEE TSAY AY 284729 wis serviss tu... Hamborch

    [–] Theresa May resigning [2019] clown-penisdotfart 7 points ago in fakehistoryporn

    This is correct for everyone OTHER THAN Brits. They'll queue for anything.

    [–] Germans complain about political correctness clown-penisdotfart 2 points ago in europe

    I'm not obsessing. You're missing the point which is that this was an empty move that tries to show concern and modernity and care that German culture actually largely doesn't accept. It's almost hypocritical. But those same people can act as if they've done their Jesus act and continue their casual racism, eg.

    [–] Germans complain about political correctness clown-penisdotfart 12 points ago in europe

    I semi-disagree. It's a big deal because there are much bigger problems for Germany to fix re: gender equality than job listings, which is nothing more than a feel-good do-nothing action.

    [–] AITA for letting my picky eater child go hungry? clown-penisdotfart 10 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Before I became a parent I heard a lot about the Terrible Twos. It was only later that by experience I learned "Terrible Twos" is a joke older parents play on new parents to get them to think it ends at two when in reality it becomes "The Goddamned Mothefucking Terrorist Threes."

    [–] Her Dad Didn’t Pay Child Support. So This Austin Woman Helped Change The Texas Constitution. clown-penisdotfart 0 points ago in Austin

    Family Court doesn't exist to do what is right for the child. It exists to make men give up their hopes and reconfirm their own biases.

    [–] What is the coolest thing that has happen to you in the last year? clown-penisdotfart 1 points ago in AskMenOver30

    After a shitty marriage exploded and led to a serious depression for a long time, and after struggling with healing, and after trying to force a relationship for 6 months with someone who I simply wasn't into, I have suddenly, out of nowhere, found an incredible woman who is as into me as I am into her, and she makes me smile and laugh so much. It's the best because for a long time I thought I had basically destroyed my ability to feel anything at all, much less pure happiness, but somehow she makes me feel like I haven't felt in 20 years. No idea if it will go anywhere or become anything, but I'm so glad I'm not broken, and I can easily see myself completely falling for her in due time.

    [–] Michael Avenatti charged with defrauding Stormy Daniels clown-penisdotfart 2 points ago in news

    Everyone should realize how the entire Trump Saga is full of narcissists and sociopaths at every turn. We could use this as an excellent tool to teach about Cluster B personality disorders some day if we want.

    [–] A little late, but OC clown-penisdotfart 48 points ago in PrequelMemes

    And on that day, the angels fell silent

    [–] The Meatyor clown-penisdotfart 1 points ago in funny

    "As humans"

    It may surprise you to learn that children are also classified as human

    [–] Though the Disney Princess franchise is aimed at young girls, is it okay for me, a 17 year old boy to like them too? clown-penisdotfart -4 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    No, you don't have to. It is not the objective to hurt others, and there are generally multiple rules in place to prevent this and to minimize risk of unintentionally injuring. Getting hurt, however, is a frequent "side effect" of the contact in these sports. It's a question of intentions.