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    [–] 50% of millennials would pick CBD oil over prescriptions for mental health cmcewen 1 points ago in worldnews

    Besides the obvious fact that weed was illegal until recently, the medical community is heavily biased against marijuana. Much of the community (like many others) is governed by the 50-60 year old crowd and they have heavy “morals” against marijuana use. And if you don’t think that influences what is studied you would be very wrong.

    Since I’m a doctor I’ll give an example. Every time you get admitted to a hospital, if you say you smoke marijuana, you carry in your diagnosis “drug abuse” or “‘marijuana abuse”. Old people’s prejudices don’t die until they do

    [–] North Korea has demanded the removal of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo from nuclear talks, accusing him of "talking nonsense" and being "reckless" cmcewen 51 points ago in worldnews

    r/worldnews: North Koreans are an awful regime who kill their own people and are totally detached from reality and cannot be trusted

    Also worldnews: North Korea said something bad about the trump administration so they are to believed at face value

    They may or may not be accurate but their statements can be taken with grain of salt and no conclusion should be drawn from them. Even if they support your own person bias/beliefs

    [–] Dieter's (the verge) Galaxy Fold has already broken... cmcewen 5 points ago in Android

    Obviously. Surely they have it to some people in the company to test drive for a while. All the companies do. Remember when some low level dude left the unreleased iPhone sitting at a bar or whatever. Companies know to test it

    [–] Friend texted a number in a mans lost wallet. cmcewen 1 points ago in iamatotalpieceofshit

    Right? Dude was definitely a dick but “total piece of shit” is a bit extreme. It was rude but this sub is usually for people who are beating their children in public or something

    [–] Ive never broke a bone, but I have lost a few. Am I still allowed on this sub? cmcewen 2 points ago in Neverbrokeabone

    The bones are probably being used to Hold together the international space station or something

    [–] Black Americans need to stop culturally appropriating African culture cmcewen 3 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Do people do this?

    TODAY Beyoncé posted an Instagram about her new Netflix special called “homecoming” with her in a traditional African hat.
    It’s not her home and she’s not African.

    [–] Over 100 Babies Die Each Year Due to Circumcision in USA cmcewen -1 points ago in atheism

    You cannot imply causation based on retrospective studies. Correlation does not mean causation. The article says that in the first sentence of its conclusion. Your mis-using scientific literature to support you predetermined view. Which sucks cuz you link a bunch of stuff but none of it supports what you’re saying. I was hoping to learn something new.

    In the review article, it even says it’s a super safe procedure with 500,000 circumcisions done in a row in New York without any fatalities.

    It is much more likely the the populations who have higher SIDS rates also are the populations that circumcise.

    Hopefully you can find some studies that are actually saying what you’re telling people on here.

    [–] Over 100 Babies Die Each Year Due to Circumcision in USA cmcewen 2 points ago in atheism

    Ok. Well then stay on Reddit and scream angry things until you’re blue in the face. Won’t affect me at all. And fortunately I don’t have to convince every loon on the internet of how things actually are

    [–] Over 100 Babies Die Each Year Due to Circumcision in USA cmcewen 0 points ago in atheism

    I’m hoping you have a source from a medical or scientific journal with those sort of absurd claims

    [–] Over 100 Babies Die Each Year Due to Circumcision in USA cmcewen 2 points ago in atheism

    Wasn’t bragging, was statement of fact.

    Kids never consent for themselves.

    Sounds to me like you need a therapist, I don’t think 2 square centimeters of skin would change your hatred for your body.

    I’m circumcised and love it and I’m glad my parents did it.

    I do not make the laws we live by and nor do I push my beliefs on others, the law is parents decide and I respect what we’ve decided as a society.

    [–] Man knocks out old lady just because she was standing too close cmcewen 2 points ago in iamatotalpieceofshit

    There are options to make something be further away from you before attempting to kill it

    [–] RIP Notre Dame Cathedral. cmcewen 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Don’t they keep that place under perpetual construction on purpose?

    [–] "I remember last year when I Visited the Notre Dame... So sad now." cmcewen -3 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    I’m totally a cynic but I agree. People saying they’re especially devastated because they’ve experienced its beauty first hand isn’t what stands out to me.

    I’m atheist so what stands out to me is the painful irony that an all powerful god either allowed this to happen, or did it himself and how religious people do mental gymnastics to not accept that fact, or that there is not god and bad things just happen sometimes

    [–] Notre Dame fire fund hits 300 million euros and rising as second billionaire Bernard Arnault offers to pay 200m cmcewen 16 points ago in worldnews

    Good luck with getting people to understand that. Seems everybody thinks Tax deductible things means they government is totally paying for it.

    [–] Over 100 Babies Die Each Year Due to Circumcision in USA cmcewen 0 points ago in atheism

    I’m not saying it’s never happened in the world. I’m saying I can’t imagine it would happen in America now especially 100 a year. That number I suspect is complete propaganda

    [–] Cursed_bob cmcewen 1 points ago in cursedimages

    Maybe it’s the plug ins in the wall?

    [–] That puppy is no doubt is a true fighter cmcewen 1 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    Yeah it seems like the axle needs to be just a little further forward but also I know nothing about designing soggy wheels so maybe that would screw up her balance

    [–] French billionaire François-Henri Pinault pledges €100 million ($113 million) to help rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral cmcewen 2 points ago in UpliftingNews

    Strange timing tho.

    Right before major catholic holiday. Church was empty of people. Many major relics removed for cleaning is my understanding.

    BUT if Hitler didn’t burn down the church then surely nobody trying to make a statement would. I mean let’s hope this was an honest accident.

    How much would you get if they found your personal space heater shorted out with your name carved on the side of it. All over the news...

    [–] Over 100 Babies Die Each Year Due to Circumcision in USA cmcewen 0 points ago in atheism

    No. Hemophilia is often diagnosed from babies who bleed from circumcision but it’s not a life threatening bleed it just continues and won’t stop for hours