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    [–] Need help with my ex wife and custody [TX] cmhbob 1 points ago in legaladvice

    Wanted my own psychiatrists to evaluate him and to try alternative treatments, court denied me.

    Did the court deny the evaluation, or just the alternate treatment? Typically either parent could take a child for a medical or psychological evaluation.

    [–] What sort of questions will my rapist's lawyer ask me in court and how do I prepare myself for them? [OH] cmhbob 4 points ago in legaladvice

    I sat a Franklin County Grand Jury years ago.

    It'll be the prosecutor and the grand jury members, and a recorder in the room. The GJ members are allowed to ask you questions. If the prosecutor is decent, they'll ask you nice, easy questions about what happened that night. If they're assholes, they'll plop you in the chair and say, "tell us what happened." Most of the Franklin County folks I met were pretty good people. Once you're done with the case, contact O'Brien directly and complain about the person handling your case.

    I wish I remembered the name of the special victims prosecutor I met there. She was absolutely awesome at handling sex assaults. But call teh Victim-Witness unit Monday or Tuesday and raise holy hell that no one has reached out to you yet. There's no excuse for you not to know about them or have heard from them.

    You can also contact RAINN for additional support and advocacy.

    [–] Jesus' Parables show that he didn't see himself as necessary to make us "right" with God cmhbob 1 points ago in DebateReligion

    when God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac

    I've heard (but can't locate source ATM) that there are Jewish scholars who believe that Abraham failed the test God was putting him to, since he should have known that God was different than the other Gods who did demand human sacrifice.

    [–] I paid into his mortgage for over a year and he says I have no rights to his house.... is that true? cmhbob 2 points ago in legaladvice

    But do I want to be divorced twice just for a chance at his equity?

    I get what you're asking. I really do. I've been divorced once, and came this close to getting divorced a second time. I understand the question.

    But at this point, it looks like there's over $32k on the line. If it were me, I'd at least talk to a family law attorney to see what my case looks like.

    Separately, I'd encourage you to consider counseling after you get things settled. I really wish I'd done that after my first marriage blew up. It would have helped things go a lot more smoothly on the next one. Grace and peace.

    [–] In Virginia, can the police, after receiving a tip, enter a homeowner’s backyard and write him a ticket for marijuana? cmhbob 3 points ago in legaladvice

    The tip can get them close to your property, and then they can follow their noses to find it. If she's next door, she can give them access to her property and they can see you.

    [–] I paid into his mortgage for over a year and he says I have no rights to his house.... is that true? cmhbob 4 points ago in legaladvice

    What were the grounds for the annulment? They seem to be pretty limited in Texas. And depending on how you guys presented yourselves after getting back together, you could have been "remarried." I don't think Texas has a time requirement for how long you have to be together before it becomes a common-law marriage.

    I think you need a family law attorney, and quickly. If you're going to file a lien, it needs to be done prior to the closing.

    [–] Just put a fresh coat of dip on my bike cmhbob 2 points ago in plastidip

    Very nice. Is the chain powder-coated?

    [–] I'm just curious, how many of you daily a full sized 1911? cmhbob 1 points ago in 1911

    Also carrying a Commander daily in a MS Watch 6. Can't carry appendix because I'm fat. But with a Beltman and the Milt Sparks, it's all golden. I just need a nice leather mag carrier with straps instead of a clip.

    [–] Any liability for not reporting a suspected felon with a gun? cmhbob 0 points ago in legaladvice

    you're failing

    Disagree. We don't know the full context of the people involved. In fact, OP said

    Due to knowing who he hangs out with...former (and probably current) heroin and meth addict...he has about a dozen arrests for various drug related charges and/or driving without a license.

    And he's already shown a propensity to violence. I completely understand why OP and his employee are a little leery about calling the cops in this case. Cops can't be everywhere and have no duty to protect individuals. I get it.

    [–] Having to return paid uniform and pay reduced to minimum wage for hours already worked..? cmhbob 0 points ago in legaladvice

    It's generally legal

    No, not even close. Employers are not allowed to change the rate of pay after hours are worked. It can only be changed for future hours.

    If you work Monday through Wednesday, I can't decide on Thursday to change your pay for your M-W hours worked. I can change your pay rate for Friday though.

    [–] Past customer approached me after I left company. Can I work with them? cmhbob 0 points ago in legaladvice

    IANAL, but this

    consultant, agent, advisor, sole proprietor, employee, partner, stockholder, owner, trustee, or director, any business or firm, the performance of any services whatsoever, for any prospects of COMPANY which fall under the Beer, Wine, Liquor or Coffee industries

    seems overbroad.

    [–] Something snapped. NJ Gross? cmhbob 3 points ago in legaladvice

    You should contact an attorney who specializes in medical malpractice. MedMal is a very involved section of law and well beyond the advice we can give you.

    [–] Any liability for not reporting a suspected felon with a gun? cmhbob 3 points ago in legaladvice

    You shouldn't have any liability, because you're not certain if he's a felon or otherwise barred from possessing a firearm. You suspect he is, but you're not certain. IANAL.

    As to contacting the cops, your employee is the victim of the aggravated assault, not you. Your employee is well within their rights to call the cops.

    [–] Mother-in-law passed but had quit claim deed and life estate. Question regarding other people living in house. cmhbob 1 points ago in legaladvice

    She is a tenant.

    Even if you thought you could bypass normal eviction processes, it's always better to follow the rules. Makes you look better in the event things go south.

    [–] Mother-in-law passed but had quit claim deed and life estate. Question regarding other people living in house. cmhbob 1 points ago in legaladvice

    the locks changed?

    In almost every state, I'm pretty sure that's an illegal eviction, and will go very badly for the landlord. You also can't cut off utilities or box her stuff up and remove it from the house.

    Here's an overview from NOLO:

    [–] The fallacy that gun background checks prevent mass shootings cmhbob 76 points ago in gunpolitics

    Adam Lanza didn't "get his guns from his mother." That sounds like she willingly gave them to him. He murdered her in her sleep and stole them.

    And all the background checks in the world won't do shit unless there's enforcement of the laws surrounding BG checks. Attempting to purchase a firearm when you're ineligible to possess them is a federal felony, but even Uncle Joe says, "We simply don’t have the time or manpower to prosecute everybody who lies on a form..."

    So what the hell is the point of having those laws?

    [–] T2 After the Apocalypse cmhbob 1 points ago in diabetes_t2

    That's actually pretty handy overall. Thanks. I had him about 5'8 and 210. I'll need to recheck that. Much appreciated.

    [–] Being sued personally for accident in work truck. What can i do? cmhbob 2 points ago in legaladvice

    hoping insurance would cover that.

    They may. The only way to find out is to make sure your employer's insurance carrier is aware of the suit.

    [–] [OH, USA] Previous Tenant of a house I now own continues to get important mail. How do I stop it? cmhbob 1 points ago in legaladvice

    Your other option is to try and contact the senders directly, or to save things up and put them all in one package and send that to the original addresses.

    But that's spending money you are not obligated to spend.

    [–] Neighbor Complaining About Dogs cmhbob 3 points ago in legaladvice

    From a cursory search, he does seem to be correct about the number of dogs. You're allowed a total of 5 cats and dogs, but no more than 3 dogs in that 5.

    [–] We outchyea Michigan cmhbob 3 points ago in CCW

    If it fits you and you can shoot it well, that's what's important.

    If/when you're looking for another gun, I might suggest the Beretta PX4 Compact or Subcompact. The former carries 15 rounds and the latter 13. Both come with interchangeable backstraps, too.

    [–] If killing all the first-born children of Egypt is acceptable, why is aborting a fetus so reprehensible? cmhbob 20 points ago in religion

    Upvoted for the Bitter Waters mention.

    And let's not forget David and Bathsheba's son. Conceived in rape and struck down by God in his first week of life for the sin of his father. Poor kid isn't even named. What kind of message does that send?