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    [–] Une journaliste du Gorafi attend toujours désespérément sa convocation par la DGSI cob59 -4 points ago in france

    Le plus drôle est quand même cette vignette qui veut nous faire croire qu'il existe de la diversité dans les rédactions parisiennes. Sacré gorafi.

    [–] [GoT Spoiler] Le finale et vos conclusions. cob59 12 points ago in france

    Je n'en reviens toujours pas que Hot Pie soit un Targaryen et l'héritier du throne. Sacré retournement !

    [–] F**king zip ties cob59 2 points ago in funny

    I bet they tried to use the scissor as a lever. If that's the case, no wonder why it broke.

    Just use cutting pliers to cut zip ties.
    Even better: don't use zip ties for cables or non-permanent things. Use tying wire instead.

    [–] This shouldn’t be a debate. cob59 2 points ago in pics

    Well, if you consider the fetus a person then you can argue that saving his/her life is the real consequentialist choice, since you're saving one whole life in exchange for a comparatively small inconvenience in an other one. And what's "bodily integrity" if not a deontological stance?

    [–] Meilleur moyen de se mettre tout le bar a dos cob59 7 points ago in france

    C'est un peu ce que Céline disait de la France si je me souviens...

    [–] This shouldn’t be a debate. cob59 85 points ago in pics

    Same. And it's always the same shitty argument you see reposted on reddit, which could basically work with anything. "Don't like slavery? Just ignore it!".

    The Violonist Argument from Judith Thomson is a way more sensible approach to this question because it doesn't ignore the fact that's you're going to end someone's life (which is the central point for anti-abortion folks, although I personally don't think a fetus is a "person" at all) but how your bodily integrity is arguably more important.

    [–] They know cob59 2 points ago in funny

    Why would someone randomly take pictures of room signs 417~422 in the first place if there wasn't something peculiar about the 420 one? Sure, maybe someone took those pictures with the intention of photoshoping one of them afterwards... but that's a lot of efforts for a 420 joke.

    It's possible that potheads kept asking for the 420 room to the point it constantly smelt like pot. So the owner decided he won't give this room to regular customers unless they specifically ask for it, in which case you can bet the smell of smoke won't be a problem for them.

    [–] Pas très cool, monsieur le correcteur orthographique cob59 6 points ago in france

    Voilà qui ne serait pas arrivé sur Chromium...

    [–] We need change, people cob59 183 points ago in LivestreamFail

    You also don't need to have followed the past 10 seasons of the soap opera that has become LSF to understand what's going on.

    [–] La journée commence bien... cob59 168 points ago in france

    ☑ Abolition de l'esclavage
    ☑ Abolition du servage
    ☐ Abolition du salariat

    Bientôt camarade, bientôt.

    [–] The meaning conveyed in things like "ils jouent au ballon" cob59 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in French

    But the literal expansion of the term is "they play at the ball."

    A forced literal translation would be "they play to the ball" instead. "Playing to" and "jouer à" are similar in French & English, and generally followed by an activity. Here "le ballon" is indeed a metonymy for an activity in which "le ballon" is used (football, rugby, whatever). Which is why "playing with" / "jouer avec" followed by "le ballon" has a slightly different meaning.

    [–] Israël : Benyamin Nétanyahou a trouvé le site où sera baptisé la colonie "Donald Trump" sur le plateau du Golan occupé cob59 0 points ago in france

    Pas faux. A chaque thread sur Israël on peut être sûrs qu'il y aura plus de messages du type « ouinnnn t'façon (((la modération))) va supprimer mon message si je dis quoique ce soit de négatif sur Israël ! » que de messages critiquant les choix politiques d'Israël à proprement parler.

    [–] AMA: We are Asobo Studio, developers of A Plague Tale: Innocence! cob59 5 points ago in Games

    Which platform(s) will you use for distribution on PC (Steam, GOG, Epic, etc)?

    [–] J'ai juste trouvé probablement plus drôle chef sur YouTube! cob59 3 points ago in French

    By the way it's "le chef le plus drôle" not "plus drôle chef"