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    [–] Hey guys, I’m an FL Studio producer and I just wanted to ask, what are some of the upsides of Ableton? Almost all Ableton producers I talk to insult and berate us for having a “shitty program”. So, what’s all the fuss about? cobojojo 1 points ago in ableton

    Just got Ableton. Maybe a week ago and have been using FL for maybe 7 months. The upside of FL is it’s honestly a Better looking DAW imo and I think it just is a little more forgiving in its placement of tracks as you can place your channels anywhere on your screen. Ableton, from what I’ve learned so far, is a much more streamlined. I don’t have to make channels for every little thing that I want to do and I don’t need to change pages that I’m on to add plugins and effects and to see my tracks laid out. The tracks are individual and laid out as such. It may take a little time to transition, but that Varys for every person. All of the streamlines processes make it easier to generate ideas onto your tracks. Plus having many more tutorials allows for me to know how to use my plugins better. With FL, I was stuck speculating that a certain plugin was similar to a certain one I was seeing and now it has me learning much faster. That being said, it’s not the DAW that makes good music :) good luck to you.

    [–] Dubstep/Trap Artist cobojojo 1 points ago in nocturnalwonderland

    Zeds dead is always a dope set and has such great flow. I’m too excited for them.

    [–] SI SEÑOR! cobojojo 52 points ago in LiverpoolFC

    He always is. Love it. He never starts drama and let’s people rage around him, all while he’s keeping his cool.

    [–] We're gonna have a fight scene cobojojo 15 points ago in BobsBurgers

    I’m thinkin on getting you some drums and maybe a cute top!

    [–] ONE comment, ONE word cobojojo 1 points ago in comics


    [–] GETTER COMING BACK WITH A VENGEANCE AT PARADISO 2019 -1080p cobojojo 9 points ago in dubstep

    I love this stuff but I hope, for him, he continues to produce his new stuff. He said, himself, that he was a drugged up asshole when producing dubstep. So I hope he is ok and tears everywhere he goes to the ground with all of his music.

    [–] Single Bass or Layers? cobojojo 1 points ago in edmproduction

    I knew about the off beat pads and arps to kinda fill in the spaces, but I was kinda more concerned about the actual bass line. I did try that method of layering by tweaking the patch a little and it helped quite a bit so thank you :) came up with something I really liked :)

    [–] Wholesome father, invented the inflatable tube man. Happy late Father's day! cobojojo 30 points ago in wholesomememes

    Crudely painted, not so funny, plywood cutout folk art

    Crudely painted, not so funny, plywood cutout folk art

    Crudely painted, not so funny, plywood cutout folk art

    Crudely painted, not so funny, plywood cutout folk art

    [–] Single Bass or Layers? cobojojo 2 points ago in edmproduction

    That’s what I’ve been thinking. I know mastodon does quite a bit of resampling as well. I’m sure many other artists do this, but I’d think that you’d aim for individual sounds and resample then together and then add different effects to the final product. But that’s just my guess. Gonna mess around with it right now.

    [–] I live close, is Camping worth it? cobojojo 0 points ago in nocturnalwonderland

    Even with the distance you live, i still feel camping makes for a great experience. That being said, i feel it depends on you. If you're more outgoing and like to explore and meet new people, then yes, camping will be a lot of fun. Add to that the silent discos and pre-party that they have, then I don't think you'd be disappointed.

    [–] lord have mercy cobojojo 2 points ago in Tinder

    Glad you gave it a listen though :)

    [–] lord have mercy cobojojo 10 points ago in Tinder

    Listen to “mathematics” by mos def

    [–] lord have mercy cobojojo 30 points ago in Tinder

    I can’t tell if you think he legitimately asked “what are we talking about here”

    [–] WHO'S READY FOR CAMP O.G. cobojojo 2 points ago in nocturnalwonderland

    How many we aiming for?