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    [–] My first Trap song production! Hope you like it! cobojojo 1 points ago in EDM

    Thanks for the feedback :) I know I have a ton to learn and I’m all for suggestions and tips. I get your last 3 points, but I do need help understanding your first 2 bullets. Sorry 😅

    [–] “WHERE’S MY DRINK?? I oRdErEd 5 mInUtEs AGO?!” cobojojo 11 points ago in starbucks

    You waited in line for 15 minutes and saw the person in front of you order 7 drinks....

    [–] When your kid says seasons 4-11 are better than 1-3 cobojojo 12 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    Really though! What, have you been living under a rock!?

    [–] hey i tried cobojojo 8 points ago in Simulated

    Do you mean she puts on “airs”?

    [–] Manchester City 1-0 Liverpool - Agüero 40' cobojojo 17 points ago in soccer

    What a lovely dive literally moments before

    [–] Some things just like to get used. cobojojo 2 points ago in funny

    I sent this to a lot of people...I’m now seeing that it’s possible some people didn’t see the joke in it

    [–] Is subscribing to Splice worth it? cobojojo 1 points ago in edmproduction

    Ok, so they allot you a certain amount that you can buy? I mean that’s more than enough considering I’ve been doing fine with a few packs that I have, but I can always use more