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    [–] Me_irl coco1267 17 points ago in me_irl

    Its fine to smoke outside of a coffeshop. As long as you don't bother people police wont care.

    [–] What are some of the most useful skill moves? coco1267 1 points ago in FIFA

    Can anyone with 5 stars do the move? Last year it was only specific players i believe.

    [–] Utrecht shooting – multiple people injured as ‘anti-terror cops swoop’ on Dutch city coco1267 1 points ago in worldnews

    Why did you say that you returned from Europe, and not just Italy? I live in The Netherlands and the only places i have seen armed police is airports. I was in Milan, Turin, Paris and Antwerp last summer and saying that every major square was guarded is quite an overstatement.

    Most people responding to this comment seem to take it as if you visited multiple countries in Europe and every city was heavily guarded. Which is not true.

    [–] [Post-match thread] AZ 1 - 0 Ajax coco1267 8 points ago in AjaxAmsterdam

    He also won because PSV were not as good as they are now. The point total of Ajax last season and the season before that was higher than in any season when de boer was coach. Comparing the de boer years to ten hag is an unfair comparison without also taking the progress of PSV into consideration.

    [–] What really got me in this documentary ... coco1267 3 points ago in LeavingNeverland

    Hmm, the way most interviews went down to me seemed neutral and clinical. They did show some emotions and also laughed remembering some things. But knowing what they know now does not change how they experienced things at the time, it can change how you look back on it. But I think for the purpose of this documentary it was important to retell what happened in the way that they experienced it at the time. And at the time they had a very special life that they were very grateful for.

    I don't think the parents are completely innocent, sometimes the parents come across as money hungry, which feeds people's doubts about the allegations. The parents wouldn't have let their sons sleep in any bed, it was Michael Jackson's bed, an eccentric multimillionaire superstar that had become obsessed with their son. It could have meant a lot for their sons careers, but it was obvious that they gained from it as well and started to develop the same obsession for Michael as the boys. The way the mothers talk about Michael Jackson seems very creepy sometimes, they don't treat him as a human being but as some kind of god they have to please. By moving to LA Wade's mother made it very clear that she had no problem becoming completely dependent on Michael Jackson.

    When she talked about the decision to move to LA she said it was about Wade's and her own opportunities. She never explicitly stated what her own opportunities were. Maybe it was implied that her opportunities were money and a rent free, carefree life in Los Angeles. The prospect of that life obviously clouded their judgment on the relationship Michael had with Wade.

    [–] What really got me in this documentary ... coco1267 7 points ago in LeavingNeverland

    It seems to me that the recurring theme was that both of these men aspired to be an entertainer. Wade was already a child star in Australia, James met Michael on the set of a pepsi commercial, also a very marketable kid with showbusiness potential.

    Michael Jackson could mean a lot for these boys careers, and i think the parents got carried away. It is very easy to look at the case after the fact and say that it is insane to let your child hang out with Michael. I think at that point in time the possible benefits greatly outweighed the concerns, Michael had not been charged with anything yet and i believe that he could come across as a very loving and kind man. And maybe because of Michaels star power it was hard to make a rational judgement. I don't know if this is also an English expression but i think you understand what i mean when i say "Looking at the sun will blind you".

    Michael did wonders for these boys careers and the parents were just as spoiled. The moms came across somewhat naive during the film. I completely understand why Wade and James have trouble trusting their parents today. But after watching the movie it is clear that the families where just as brainwashed/blinded as the boys.

    [–] Why do you think so many people are defending Michael? coco1267 7 points ago in LeavingNeverland

    They are financially dependent on his legacy and his children. In 1993 Latoya Jackson already spoke out against Michael Jackson and her family. Years later after reconciling with her family she retracted these statements saying that she was forced to make these statements by an abusive ex.

    Michael Jackson's legacy still makes a lot of money and his children are heir to a trustfund worth around a billion dollars. I think this is the same reason that Bhatti has stayed quiet about the allegations neither confirming or denying them. Bhatti remains close with Jackson's children and the rest of the family, Prince Jackson I produced Bhatti's music video and he is seen in pictures from Paris Jackson's social media. Apart from 3 songs and the webshop kidslife, Bhatti does not seem to have any other public work. From looking at his instagram he lives a jetset life traveling between Norway and Los Angeles. In november 2018 he posted a photo to instagram captioned "dear calabasas", the current California residence of Blanket "Bigi" Jackson and his grandmother Catherine.

    Jackson's parents and Bhatti are both dependent on Jackson's children and the still profitable legacy of Michael Jackson. For Bhatti coming out about sexual abuse would cause him to lose his life and friends in the Jackson clan. For the family to speak out against Michael would mean they will lose a significant amount of income and it would damage their reputation as they have always defended Michael. As for the others, i think the family puts a lot of pressure on people saying anything about Michael Jackson. On March 16 Paris Jackson tweeted the following:

    I don't think it is a stretch to interpret this as a threat given the timing. Wade and James are very brave for daring to speak out against Michael Jackson.

    [–] Bruh coco1267 10 points ago in vegancirclejerk

    for profit

    Peta runs 1 last resort shelter in Virginia where they provide euthanasia for low or no cost.

    [–] Sure... coco1267 1 points ago in FellowKids

    What is your definition of saved? Peta has neutered a lot of animals for free, saving countless animals from being born into homelessness.

    [–] Another ignorant vegan who thinks vegetables are so clean coco1267 0 points ago in TumblrInAction

    I guess we are both exaggerating how the other person acts, i thought of you as a pushover and you think i attack people that don't share my views, i think we are both more moderate.

    What you described is not productive at all and doesn't help the case. I don't go around attacking people, however i think live and let live is also not the best approach.

    There is a whole spectrum of attitudes between being a pushover and an asshole. The answer is probably somewhere in the middle: having respect for others, but not being afraid to defend your beliefs. We probably both use that approach.

    I do find the idea that militant vegans turn people away from veganism absurd. Why is the messenger more important than the message. People are smart enough to understand what these militant vegans are getting at. If someone tells you they think equality is a stupid concept because the messenger was agressive about it, that is just an easy excuse to dismiss the message.

    I personally went vegan because a friend called me out. I was eating a cheeseburger with bacon, he said it was three seperate murders between two buns, i got a little annoyed but couldn't pinpoint why, later i talked with him again and he made me realize i was wrong in thinking exploiting animals is okay.

    [–] Another ignorant vegan who thinks vegetables are so clean coco1267 0 points ago in TumblrInAction

    Why are you vegan if you don't give a shit. Eating meat is not only unsustainable and killing our planet, it is also cruel to animals.

    so youre conflating veganism to not supporting slavery.

    Obviously? And the fact that you think thats an overreaction shows your speciesism.

    but being one who doesnt think you should talk down to others and aggressively shill your beliefs to the point that no one will listen to you is.. bad?

    No being a pushover that is afraid to take a stance because people may not like you is going to do anything.... You are against the abuse of animals, but don't care enough to take a stance against people and organizations that abuse animals.

    You don't get it do you, people tell you you are a relaxed vegan because people don't feel guilty around you, they dont feel like they need to change anything about their use of animal products because you won't care.

    Why are you even vegan if you don't want others to also not abuse animals. The slavery comparison makes perfect sense, you personally don't support a cruel practice, but you also don't care enough about it to take a stance against it. Have fun being the chill liked vegan. You are a pushover and i am ashamed of vegans who think they support the cause by telling people "Hey! Abuse is okay, your personal choice! Have a nice meal!".

    [–] Another ignorant vegan who thinks vegetables are so clean coco1267 2 points ago in TumblrInAction

    "I personally do not support slavery. But i'm not one of those obnoxious abolitionists, no worries."

    [–] Bruh coco1267 38 points ago in vegancirclejerk

    What hypocrisy...?

    [–] Sure... coco1267 0 points ago in FellowKids

    It was a joke.