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    [–] Grains, cereals, and beans in bulk? cocoon56 1 points ago in Amsterdam

    Really nice people there, also expat-friendly.

    [–] Grains, cereals, and beans in bulk? cocoon56 1 points ago in Amsterdam

    You could also become a member of this organic food coop:

    [–] Van een mod: Toekomst van r/nederlands cocoon56 2 points ago in nederlands

    Interessante visie. Er is ook nog r/nl overigens, maar die zou dan gewoon nar r/thenetherlands kunnen doorverwijzen. Ik heb van dit post een announcement gemaakt, geen idee of dat nu de nieuwe sticky post is - ik heb het woord "sticky" nergens kunnen vinden.

    [–] Van een mod: Toekomst van r/nederlands cocoon56 3 points ago in nederlands

    Terminste heb ik nu wel de spam filter getrained, gebaseerd op jullie reports.

    [–] The authorities acted and some citizens let their discontent known cocoon56 9 points ago in DesirePaths

    The banner basically says that this creates a dead street corner and the fence needs to go. This is Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    [–] For the first time ever, more people die from eating too much than from eating too little; more people die from old age than from infectious diseases; and more people commit suicide than are killed by soldiers, terrorists, and criminals put together. cocoon56 2 points ago in upliftingtrends

    /u/Soktee - thanks for your input and I'm glad this post generated a lot of discussion. However, it was in danger of being removed as the page you linked doesn't really contain any backgrounds, just a quote in the middle of a book summary. Luckily it slipped under my radar :) However, just as a reminder for next time - let's post content where someone can actually find more substance about the uplifting trend.

    [–] "I Am His Hands. He Is My Eyes." The Friendship That Built a Forest cocoon56 1 points ago in upliftingtrends

    Sorry u/chefranden - I had to remove this due to the content being not a good fit for this subreddit. As uplifting as the content is, it is not a trend. Please refer to the sidebar. I recommend submitting to r/upliftingnews, where we'd love to see this!

    [–] Masters programs in Computational Linguistics (Saarland, Tübingen, Stuttgart) cocoon56 2 points ago in germany

    You could consider Osnabrück. The master would be in Cognitive Sciences, with CL being one of the two focus areas you'd choose. Nice city, and maybe the inspiration from the other Cognitive Science areas would be a nice asset for you.

    [–] Just a Cruyff picture from 48 years ago today: Spartak Trnava - Ajax Amsterdam in the semifinal of the European Cup. Cruyff leaves the field in minute 22 at 0:0. cocoon56 1 points ago in soccer

    I don't know. He has this look on his face that fits with an injury. Without him Ajax went on losing 2:0. Luckily for them, they won the first leg at home 3:0. They lost the final against Milan though. But we all know what they went on doing in the following seasons.