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    [–] Is it (not) crazy to buy an apartment in Amsterdam these days? cocoon56 1 points ago in Amsterdam

    This also is in a neighbourhood with all your demands, despite being really new. But I know the general state of these houses seems okay and you would have to factor in getting some stuff new anyway.. cough Noord-Zuid Metro opens in July.

    [–] I want to integrate but ... cocoon56 1 points ago in Amsterdam

    From my experience, it was not a linear improvement, but I was exponentially more successful with every year. And I really started noticing it after around 4 or 5 years. Hang in there.

    [–] Grains, cereals, and beans in bulk? cocoon56 1 points ago in Amsterdam

    Really nice people there, also expat-friendly.

    [–] Grains, cereals, and beans in bulk? cocoon56 1 points ago in Amsterdam

    You could also become a member of this organic food coop:

    [–] Van een mod: Toekomst van r/nederlands cocoon56 2 points ago in nederlands

    Interessante visie. Er is ook nog r/nl overigens, maar die zou dan gewoon nar r/thenetherlands kunnen doorverwijzen. Ik heb van dit post een announcement gemaakt, geen idee of dat nu de nieuwe sticky post is - ik heb het woord "sticky" nergens kunnen vinden.

    [–] Van een mod: Toekomst van r/nederlands cocoon56 3 points ago in nederlands

    Terminste heb ik nu wel de spam filter getrained, gebaseerd op jullie reports.

    [–] The authorities acted and some citizens let their discontent known cocoon56 9 points ago in DesirePaths

    The banner basically says that this creates a dead street corner and the fence needs to go. This is Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    [–] For the first time ever, more people die from eating too much than from eating too little; more people die from old age than from infectious diseases; and more people commit suicide than are killed by soldiers, terrorists, and criminals put together. cocoon56 2 points ago in upliftingtrends

    /u/Soktee - thanks for your input and I'm glad this post generated a lot of discussion. However, it was in danger of being removed as the page you linked doesn't really contain any backgrounds, just a quote in the middle of a book summary. Luckily it slipped under my radar :) However, just as a reminder for next time - let's post content where someone can actually find more substance about the uplifting trend.

    [–] "I Am His Hands. He Is My Eyes." The Friendship That Built a Forest cocoon56 1 points ago in upliftingtrends

    Sorry u/chefranden - I had to remove this due to the content being not a good fit for this subreddit. As uplifting as the content is, it is not a trend. Please refer to the sidebar. I recommend submitting to r/upliftingnews, where we'd love to see this!