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    [–] Official Question Thread! Ask /r/photography anything you want to know about photography or cameras! Don't be shy! Newbies welcome! code_and_coffee 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in photography

    Any one have the Tokina 12-28mm f/4.0 AT-X Pro? B&H has a deal on it right now for $200. I've been looking to add a wide-angle lens to my kit and this seems like a pretty awesome deal. What are your thoughts on this lens for this price?

    [–] when to choose shadow shaman code_and_coffee 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in learndota2

    Lion is a bit more teamfight/gank focused whereas Shadow Shaman is more for Pushing lanes and taking towers. I'd pick Lion over Shadow Shaman if my team was missing a reliable stun. Shackles is great but if you don't position yourself perfectly it's pretty easy for the enemy team to disrupt the channeling. Whereas Lion's Earth Spike is not only instant but can also hit multiple enemies.

    That being said a Shadow Shaman with a Blink can be the ultimate counter for highly evasive heroes like Antimage, Ember Spirit, Bounty Hunter, Enchantress, and others through the use of his shackles and assistance from your team.

    The best thing about Shadow Shaman in my opinion though is his ability to push fast with Ether Shock and take towers by himself using his Ultimate. If you're playing with an aggressive team that is forcing rotations out of your opponents you can split push quickly and take advantage of the open lane, resulting in that delicious tower gold for your team.

    [–] What do you do when your lanemate won't cooperate in keeping the lane control? code_and_coffee 4 points ago in learndota2

    At the end of the day what other players do is completely out of your control so the best advice I can give you is try not to get frustrated by it.

    That being said there are a few options of what you can do. If you're the carry try to get as many of the last hits as humanly possible, and once the lane gets pushed to far, try to kill a jungle camp. If you're the support the second your creeps get within denial range begin auto attacking them, trying to deny them when they are low enough, this will slow down how fast the lane is being pushed a bit, but will only do so much.

    The best thing you can do is probably pull the lane, being sure to let your teammate know that you are doing so. This is by far the easiest way to maintain equilibrium. I'm not sure what exactly you're saying to your teammates but when you tell them to stop auto attacking let them know why, a lot of beginners don't know that creep equilibrium is even a thing. Say "Try not to auto-attack, it pushes the lane to far and we'll be under their tower and vulnerable".

    Best of luck!

    [–] What went wrong here? code_and_coffee 2 points ago in learndota2

    It looks like the enemy Bloodseeker just walked all over your team. He had 808 GPM which is insanely high for a Normal Skill match. In my opinion this has less to do with him being good and more to do with your team not knowing how to deal with him. When playing against an enemy Bloodseeker it's important for everyone on your team to have TP scrolls at all times. If your teammates were doing this alone it probably would have resulted in drastically less deaths and a most likely a win for your team.

    If I were in this situation I would try to convince my teammates to carry TPs with them at all times and just group up and fight under towers if you continued to get ganked. Good vision also would have helped as well (not sure if you had it or not).

    I think picking up a Eul's Scepter would have been a really good idea because this Bloodseeker didn't pick up a BKB and it also would have allowed you to Eul's yourself in order to avoid any bad positioning you had when BS used Blood Rite. He was obviously the one doing the most damage so you could have used it on him to prevent him from blowing up your team.

    [–] How to play IO ? code_and_coffee 2 points ago in learndota2

    One crucial thing you can do with Io is overlapping your Spirits. Spirits last for 19 seconds, but only have a 14 second cooldown (at lvl 4), which means there is a 5 second overlap window whereby Spirits is active, but can also be immediately re-cast as a new spell. This allows Io to engage in a fight whereby he already has Spirits active, can use those Spirits to cause 500 magic damage to a target, and then immediately cast Spirits again, causing an additional 500 magic damage to a target. This allows you to do 1000 magic damage to a target at level 7 assuming you land each hit.

    [–] How to play IO ? code_and_coffee 1 points ago in learndota2

    Disruptor's Glimpse ability can really mess up your gank attempts when using Relocate. If you relocate in, he can Glimpse your tethered teammate so that you're all by yourself and then kill you.

    An enemy puck can look at your tether buddy and get a general idea of where you're positioned. he can then shoot an Illusory Orb in your direction removing your Urn charge/bottle, he can also silence you as well and then go for the kill.

    Leshrac for similar reasons. Because your almost always close to your tethered teammate Leshrac can cast his Lightning ability and it's pretty much always going to be a guaranteed hit on you. He can also use his Split Earth stun, in your general position when your trying to heal your teammates.

    [–] How to play IO ? code_and_coffee 6 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in learndota2

    First point should go in Tether, 2nd in Overcharge, Then max spirits.

    For gameplay you want to be getting the bounty rune at even minutes every time to ensure that you have bottle charges, occasionally grabbing the river rune if your mid doesn't need it.

    When healing your tether buddy's health/mana it will only regen if Io is missing Health and/or mana. So if your at 100% health, and your tethered to a Tiny who is at 50%, then you pop an Urn charge on yourself, Tiny will not receive ANY of that healing. Which is where Overcharge comes in handy. Activating overcharge slowly decreases your health and mana allowing you to heal/regen mana your partner as much as you want.

    The most important thing when playing Io is your positioning, because your Bottle Charges and Urn charges will fall off of you if you take damage from the enemy during a team fight. In team fights you want to be tethered to an ally at all times, and have overcharge active on them. The best place for you in a team fight is hiding in the trees, or positioned behind your team. You want to be close enough so that you can land your Spirits and close enough that you don't break your tether. Tether's CD is 12 seconds and it's duration is 12 seconds so maintaining the tether using positioning is of the utmost importance.

    Edit: Also try to avoid picking Io when the enemy team has a Puck, Leshrac, and especially Disruptor.

    [–] What seems to be good in 7.03? code_and_coffee 1 points ago in learndota2

    I also think heroes like Leshrac, Jakiro, Windranger, Nature's Prophet, Pugna, and a few others will probably see increased pick rates due to their ability to kill towers by themselves. I think the game as a whole will focus more on split pushing, rather than grouping up and pushing down a single lane as a team.

    Pushing lanes by yourself will also be somewhat easier/safer due to the increase in TP cooldown as well.

    [–] Dota 2 - The Bladeform Legacy Update code_and_coffee 1 points ago in learndota2

    Leshrac, Jakiro, Windranger and a few others' stock just skyrocketed.

    [–] Roasting the cringiest kid on the internet! code_and_coffee 2 points ago in roasting

    This sub is for roasting coffee not roasting people

    [–] Assignment 11: Long exposure code_and_coffee 1 points ago in photoclass2017

    That side-profile shot is freaking awesome! It looks like an album cover lol. How did you shoot that one?

    [–] How did we win this match? They had such a huge advantage? what did I do good in here so i can keep doing it? Btw I'm np here. code_and_coffee 1 points ago in learndota2

    If I had to choose between the two I'd definitely go for Octarine. The cool thing about Octarine is that you can Perma-sprout an enemy which can be a lot of fun and useful if the enemy has no way of getting out of it. I'm still not a huge fan of getting it that early though.

    In my honest opinion I think you're rushing big items like Aghs and Octarine too early when you should be getting intermediate items like Ring of Basilius, Maelstrom, Shadow Blade, and Orchid. I'm also not the biggest fan of Aghs on Nature's Prophet, as the 4200 gold your spending on it's mediocre bonus you could buy a Shadow Blade and would almost have enough gold to complete a Maelstrom.

    Look at it this way: After looking at your game history you get your Aghs on average between 20-30mins. For the sake of simplicity let's say you get it at 25 minutes. By 25 minutes you have an Aghs that's giving you an okay amount of stats and an Aghs effect that you can only really reap the benefits of once every 60 seconds and on top of that it doesn't really increase how fast you can farm. Alternatively, by the 28 minute mark, you have a Shadow Blade and a Maelstrom. This allows you to push lanes out if you wish and gives you the option of easily escaping with a Shadow Blade. This also forces the enemy team to invest gold into Stealth Wards and Dust, instead of using that gold for their own items. On top of that you also have the Maelstrom that allows you to farm faster and push lanes faster which creates space for your team to push other lanes and forces the enemy to play more defensively.

    [–] Selecting my hero code_and_coffee 2 points ago in learndota2

    I believe this has to do with Control Groups in your settings/controls.

    When in game hit Ctrl + Space when your hero is selected. This assigns your hero unit to the Spacebar so whenever you hit Spacebar it will automatically select them as the unit to move/interact with.

    The Ctrl key by default in the settings is the key used to select and create new groups.

    I personally use Keys 1 through 5 for my group controls so when playing heroes like Meepo for example I'll have Main Meepo at 1; Main Meepo, Meepo#2 and Meepo#3 assigned to the Number 2 key; Meepo #4 and #5 assigned to the Number 3 key; and all Meepos assigned to the Number 4 Key.

    I HIGHLY recommend learning these Group Controls if you wish to play micro-intensive heroes like Meepo, Naga, Lone Druid, and others!

    [–] How did we win this match? They had such a huge advantage? what did I do good in here so i can keep doing it? Btw I'm np here. code_and_coffee 7 points ago * (lasted edited 16 days ago) in learndota2

    It looks like your team won because the enemy team didn't push at all. There's absolutely no excuse whatsoever for your team to still have a Tier 1 up after a 59 minute game especially with a Sniper and Windranger on the opposing team. That is just absolutely absurd.

    That being said, Vengeful Spirit's vengeance Aura can be extremely devastating during the late portions of the game and it looks like that had a huge impact in the late game fights. The enemy Viper was obviously their best player and killed Vengeful Spirit 7x, she also died to Sniper and Windranger 4x each. Whoever happened to kill her during these fights the got affected with a 36% Damage Reduction which could have easily turned fights in your teams favor during the late-game.

    As for how you did, I didn't watch the replay but it looks like you did a nice job of pushing the lanes as you had a crazy amount of Building Damage Done. You also had the highest GPM in the match and it was at a decent rate for your skill level.

    However, I am not a fan of your item build at all. What made you decide to grab a Refresher Orb? I think your gold would have been much better spent on an earlier Blood thorn, or a Scythe to disable one of the heavy damage dealers on the enemy team. Viper had 34 kills by the end of the game. If you had Sychted him in a fight, that's 3.5 seconds where he's not blowing up one of your teammates. I think an early Sytche in combination with him being silenced by your Orchid it would have prevented him from going off on a crazy killing spree much earlier in the game and would have made the game a lot easier for you.

    If you had gotten an earlier Bloodthrone when you cast it on Viper (or whoever) he would have been silenced for 5 seconds AND would have had any damage done to him amplified by 30%. Thus shutting him down MUCH earlier than your team did.

    Edit: Adding some more, I also think I would have grabbed Boots of Travel at one point. Even if the enemies were playing SUPER aggressive you would have been able to Teleport in, summon treants and then BoT backed to base.

    I would also like to point out, that despite all this, you did manage to farm really well, and had amazing GPM, especially for your skill level!

    [–] Questions/Discussions about Storm code_and_coffee 6 points ago in learndota2

    I've commented a couple times but some other things to try and remember when playing Storm Spirit:

    • You can use Items and Abilities while in ball lightning
    • You can cast a 0 range Ball Lightning by clicking your hero portrait when targeting Ball.
    • Dropping a static remnant on an Enemy Aegis carrier Tombstone can prevent them from being able to blink out once they've revived
    • Cast a spell when in the fountain or before you TP so you immediately come in with a Overload charge
    • If mana permits try to always have a Overload charge on your character
    • You can bait abilities with your Ball Lightning. If an enemy Sven throws his stun or a Sniper uses his ulti on you, you can zip towards it; it will hit you but because your invincible it will do nothing

    [–] Questions/Discussions about Storm code_and_coffee 1 points ago in learndota2

    When going for a pick look at your map and take note of who is showing and who isn't showing and if a couple heroes aren't showing make an educated guess where they might be, and then determine if it's worth the risk. The nice thing about SS is that if a fight turns south or if the guys teammate(s) show up to save him you can always Ball Lightning away and move on.

    The thing about Storm Spirit is that he's powerful enough that he can solo a decent amount of heroes but if you're ganking with one other teammate it's almost a guaranteed kill. Take advantage of using Smoke of Deceit with a teammates and then move into the enemy jungle. Ball Lightning in, hitting them with the overcharge and then vortexing them gives your teammate enough time to move in (if there melee) and land their own abilities and finish them off.