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    [–] How to start code_and_coffee 1 points ago in podcasting

    Have you thought about recording you guys having a conversation over Skype or Discord?

    If you have decent microphones, the quality should be good enough at least starting off for you guys to accomplish what you are trying to do. A lot of podcasters use this when they have multiple people at multiple locations.

    If you have video editing experience you could even take it a step further and record the video conversation so that people can actually see your faces and also display stuff on the screen so people can see what you are talking about!

    [–] Music players of Reddit, when was the/a time your instrument broke during a performance and how did it turn out? code_and_coffee 1 points ago in AskReddit

    You should check this video out if you haven't seen it. One of Stevie Ray Vaughn's strings broke in the middle of a guitar solo, doesn't skip a beast and then the sound guys comes out with a new guitar quickly swaps it out mid-song and Stevie picks right back up where he left off.

    [–] [Datto] Destiny 2: A Rant About (No) Ranked Crucible code_and_coffee 1 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    While separating PVP and PVE would be ideal, the amount of time and resources needed to balance the thousands of weapon and armor pieces in this game would be astronomical.

    [–] Is Silencer support valid? code_and_coffee 4 points ago in learndota2

    True! I should reword it a bit. He no longer has mana drain though! I think they removed it in 6.86 :/ I was bummed I freaking loved the mana drain lol.

    [–] Is Silencer support valid? code_and_coffee 13 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in learndota2

    I love playing Silencer as a position 4 support. He has great harass during the early game with Glaives and Last Word and he's got one of the best stat gains in the game if you're getting levels. If you try to get a lot of ganks off in the early game you can snowball pretty hard and end up transitioning into a semi-carry role.

    The only thing that Silencer doesn't offer is a good lockdown. So you typically need to play him on a team that has stuns and lock-downs otherwise its difficult to gank with him, so he's kind of a situational pick.

    When it comes to itemization as a support Silencer I typically get Treads, a Wand, and a Wind Lace in the early game, if I can save up for it and if the game is going to go late I'll try to get Midas so you can level up faster and get those crucial stats. Then I get a Force Staff and from there it can vary a bit Mek, Euls, Rod of Atos, Glimmer Cape are all situational and I typically get whatever I think my team needs the most.

    Edit: wording

    [–] When to start playing ranked? code_and_coffee 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in learndota2

    International ranked is just going to replace whatever your current MMR is (which in your case is non-existent) after 40 total games. International ranked would be a great way for you to get an idea of where you would calibrate at though! After those 10 games if you aren't satisfied with where you calibrated at you could just stop playing it and just play Unranked until you feel that you're ready to calibrate in regular Ranked.

    [–] What default settings do you recommend changing to help your play? code_and_coffee 5 points ago in learndota2

    I cannot even begin to imagine the number of TP's I fucked up before having this setting active lol. Highly recommend this one.

    [–] Found out a few people hired right out of college along with me were offered a significantly larger amount of money than I was. How can I approach this disparity in my upcoming annual review? code_and_coffee 6 points ago in personalfinance

    I literally just walked out of my annual review in which I asked for a raise lol. What I would do instead of doing research on average salaries is I would justify why you think you deserve the raise based on your performance. Wait to ask for the raise at the end of the review and then try to use what was discussed in the review to justify it.

    For me I recently started taking on more responsibility so at the end of the review I asked "So do you think given the additional responsibility that I've taken on since I've started, is there is the potential for a raise?"

    Telling them average salaries or that so-and-so makes more money then me isn't going to want to make them give you a better raise. Proving to them that you've gained experience, can be trusted, are willing to take on more responsibility, and are an asset to the company will.

    Best of luck! You got this! :)

    [–] Tinker help pls code_and_coffee 2 points ago in learndota2

    General Tinker Tips

    Based on your stats with Tinker it looks to me like you need to work on your positioning in fights as you often have more deaths than you should as a Tinker. It's safe to say that more than 95% of Tinker's damage is from his abilities alone all of which have insanely high range, and relatively quick cast times.

    When going in for team fights try to stand behind your team. Cast all of your abilities Blink away if you need to, re-arm and then repeat. In an ideal team fight you should get all of your abilities off 2-4 times back to back and take little to no damage at all.

    Rearm resets the cool down of TP scrolls use this as necessary during the early game before you have your BoT.

    When I'm pushing I typically BoT to lane cast Blink into the trees, cast March -> pop Soul Ring -> Rearm -> March -> Soul Ring -> Blink further into the trees and then BoT out. Sometimes if I know it's safe I will go for a 3rd round of march just to kill the wave faster.

    After each push, before you BoT back out to push again, look at your team and assess whether or not they might be trying to fight or take an objective. If they are about to gank someone or team fight BoT to them instead of a lane. A common mistake lower-skilled Tinker's make is they push when they should be fighting with their team. Tinker does an insane amount of damage to multiple heroes at once so he can easily shift the tides of a fight in his team's favor.

    [–] [Video] I Practiced Piano For Over 500 Hours, Starting As A Complete Beginner. code_and_coffee 5 points ago in GetMotivated

    Awesome video, truly inspiring! I've always been interested in learning the piano, so I'm curios how did you go about learning to play? Any particular youtube series or online lessons you would recommend to someone looking to learn how to play?

    [–] Can anyone please point out the mistakes I made during the laning stage of this game? code_and_coffee 2 points ago in learndota2

    It seems to me like you did well given the fact that you didn't die against an aggressive trilane. I wouldn't really worry about the enemy heroes stealing your bounty rune. When you leave lane to grab the bounty rune that's basically 20-30seconds in which you leave lane miss out on the creep XP for the tiny amount of gold and xp given by the Bounty Rune.

    I think it's best to stay in lane because if the enemy supports are leaving lane to grab the bounty runes that gives you the opportunity to snag a couple last hits.

    I didn't watch the replay but it might have been worth upgrading the Stout Shield into a Poor Man's Shield and grabbing a Raindrop if the enemy supports were zoning you out of exp range.

    In all honestly when laning against a trilane, especially one with a Lion, the best thing to do is not die, and soak as much exp as you can, which it seems like you did well.

    In the future consider picking up an early medallion after you get your Tranquil Boots. It's cheap, gives you a lot of armor, gives mana regen, and you might have been able to use it on Lion when he was stealing your rune to get a kill!

    [–] Must-Know Counters/Allies? code_and_coffee 4 points ago in learndota2

    I'm going to primarily focus on my favorite picks to some of the more popular heroes this patch:

    My personal favorite lately: Zeus is a great counter to Shadow Fiend mid. You can use Arc Lightning to get multiple last hits at a time without being in range of Raze, denying Shadow Fiend the souls, and it also harasses him. Lightning Bolt can be used to harass SF when he moves in for last hits. Shadow Fiend will basically be forced to play extremely cautiously and be at roughly 50% for a majority of the laning stage, making him easily susceptible to ganks. With assistance from your support you can easily set up ganks and make SF's life a living hell.

    Shadow Blade is the 3rd most popular item bought on SF and Zeus's Lightning Bolt and Ulti grant True Sight revealing SF if he tries to escape.

    Spirit Breaker counters Sniper, you can just charge him, and then Sniper's basically forced to retreat in most situations. If your ulti is up a kill on Sniper during the early game is almost guaranteed. Shadow Blade is a pretty common pickup on Sniper, being able to charge in and get the dust of and then blow him up is a great way to lock him down.

    Necrophos is a great counter Bristleback if you have enough damage to get Bristle back below 40-50%. Reaper's Scythe and Heartstopper Aura deal percentage-based damage, ignoring Bristleback's high health.

    Puck is a great counter to many popular heroes like Pudge, Invoker, Slark, Sniper and almost all squishy supports. Due to Puck's high mobility and evasion you can dodge those devastating abilities like Hook, Invoker's Tornado, Slark's Pounce, Sniper's Assassinate, Sven's Storm Hammer, etc. Waning Rifts AOE Silence and Damage is a great way of initiating team fights. Blink in cast Waning Rift, cast Illusory orb, Phase Shift out and then jump to your Orb to do damage and get out. Waning Rift's silence is also a great way of interrupting channeled abilities like Crystal Maiden's and Witch Doctor's ultimates.

    Fun Combos!

    Bane + Mirana: Bane nightmare can guarantee Mirana lands her Sacred Arrow and get the full stun duration.

    Lifestealer + Spirit breaker: Lifestealer infests Spirit Break while he's charging for easy ganks.

    Kotl + Zeus: Kotl's Chakra reduces the cooldown of abilities by 6 seconds at max, Zeus's Lightning bolt has a 6 second CD. You can cast back to back Lightning bolts

    Axe + Omni: You can stand behind the enemies Safelane Tier 1 tower and cut off the lane. With Axe's Counter helix and Omniknight's heal you can quickly kill the enemy creep wave and force the enemy to try and last hit under tower. If basically forces the enemy team to rotate people up to their safelane. If they don't you'll get a LOT of farm and their Tier 1 tower will be down before the 10 minute mark. When Axe uses Beserker's Call on the enemy team Omni can use Purification to heal axe and do damage to the enemies, if there happen to be creeps caught in the taunt as well this is pretty much a guaranteed kill.

    [–] My First Invoker Game. Thoughts? code_and_coffee 4 points ago in learndota2

    I hate to break it to you but didn't do all that great :/ You had 327 GPM with a Midas. Without the Midas you were getting just over 200GPM on your own, which is support level farm. You also only had 101 building damage, which means you maybe right clicked the towers 3 times.

    That all being said you were playing on an extremely greedy team with no support so someone on your team was bound to get poor farm, and this game that happened to be you.

    In your next game focus more on getting more last hits. Use your Forge Spirits to split push and farm jungle camps to further increase your GPM. Remember to use Ghost Walk and/or Ice Wall to try and escape if you're getting ganked (you died a lot this game). The best thing you can do is to just keep playing him and practice your combos, it'll eventually become natural and you'll have more of an impact in your games.

    [–] juggernaut question code_and_coffee 1 points ago in learndota2

    The best way to look at Aghs on Jug is that it's an expensive item that (besides stats) you only get to reap the benefits of once every 70 seconds, that might end up not targeting the person you want it to.

    If you use your ultimate on a sniper but then it jumps you over to the enemy pudge who can basically take the damage no problem, you're ultimate has essentially been wasted and you just spent 5 seconds attacking the wrong target when you should have been blowing up the sniper who just mowed down your team.

    Take a look at these builds [here](]. By following one of these builds here you can still have roughly the same damage output but there's no risk of RNG preventing you from attacking the person you should be.

    [–] Destiny 2 on PC October 24th. code_and_coffee 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Yeah that's true. Personally I think it would be cool cause I have a couple friends who will be getting the game on Xbox, but at the end of the day that's not going to prevent me from getting it for PC. Can always make new friends! lol

    [–] I am terrible at Storm Spirit, need help code_and_coffee 2 points ago in learndota2

    Storm Spirit is arguably one of the easiest heroes to farm with assuming you have the mana to use your abilities. So if you find yourself under-farmed in games it is likely due to a lack of efficiency.

    When laning use Static Remnant and Overcharges to get multiple last hits at a time. If two enemy creeps are currently being hit by your creeps hit a third yourself and then use Static Remnant and Overcharge to take all 3 out at once. This will increase your farm and reduce the amount of last hits that you miss when laning.

    I'm not sure what your item choices are but when I play Storm I typically go Bottle -> Boots -> Wand -> Soul Ring -> Arcanes/sometimes Treads -> (Dismantle Arcanes) Bloodstone -> Most of the time I finish Treads here if I went Arcanes -> Orchid/Linken's/etc.

    The reason you go this build is because if Storm Spirit has mana he's just about impossible to kill past level 6, unless you happen to get silenced or stunned. Just take a look at these High MMR games and notice the amount of deaths these players had (typically no more than 2 or 3). When looking for ganks it's important to make sure that you not only have enough mana to get the kill but also have enough mana to get out, should an enemy TP in and jump on you. The most common mistake I see SS players make is they Ball Lightning from far away get a pick off and then die because they didn't have enough mana to escape.

    Once you get your Arcane Boots ask your support to rotate mid so you can gank the enemy mid and slow their farm. Between the Electric Vortex, slows from Overcharge, the assistance of your teammate, and your items you should have enough control and mana to get in, get the kill, and get out.

    A successful Storm Spirit is not one that farmed all game, but one that slowed down the farm of the enemy team, through constant ganking and a strong mid-game performance.

    Based on the fact that you have a 30% win-rate I hope you are not playing Ranked games with him at the moment, as you are doing your team a disservice. What I did to learn SS was I played Bot matches on Hard difficulty until I go to the point where I could consistently get the items I mentioned and my Bloodstone by no later than 20 minutes. Then from their I played a couple of Unranked games to make sure I maintained that consistency and now he's one of my go-to picks when I play Mid in my ranked games.

    [–] Destiny 2 on PC October 24th. code_and_coffee 2 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Same, I honestly thought we wouldn't get it until the Holiday season at the earliest, maybe even sometime next year.

    [–] E3 2017 OWE code_and_coffee 9 points ago in onewordeach


    [–] Hunter Arcstrider — new details from GameInformer code_and_coffee 1 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Yeah it's by no means necessary but it would be pretty cool! 4 classes would also fit perfectly with the 4v4 Crucible changes as well!

    [–] Hunter Arcstrider — new details from GameInformer code_and_coffee 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in DestinyTheGame

    I love all of the other changes they have announced thus far, but reduction in customization of subclasses is definitely a bummer.

    I'm hoping that Bungie surprises us all and announces a completely new class at e3 or later, but I think that's me being a little too optimistic :/

    [–] What is the best thing about leaving University/College and starting your first job? code_and_coffee 2 points ago in AskReddit

    For me, it was coming home after a long day and being able to relax without having to worry about studying or homework.

    [–] What little things do you do at work to make it enjoyable? code_and_coffee 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Bill Burr's Monday morning podcast is absolutely hilarious.

    If you're into Game of Thrones, there's a new podcast out called Binge Mode, that has a 30-40 minute podcast covering each individual episode of GoT. They talk about what happened, how it affected the story as a whole, foreshadowing that hinted at later things, background information regarding the lore and so on. The host are really dorky and sightly annoying at times but overall it's a pretty entertaining podcast.

    [–] Anyone play with a stack that doesn't talk much? code_and_coffee 1 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in learndota2

    The biggest advantage of playing with a stack is that you can coordinate and communicate with them, if you friends aren't interested in getting better or trying to improve then maybe play a couple games with them and then solo que or find some other people to play with.

    When queing as a stack you're being matched against other stacks that are probably communicating a lot. Because you're friends are uncooperative you're naturally going to be playing at a disadvantage and I'm sure that is extremely frustrating.

    If I were you, I would appear offline and play a couple solo que games either before or after playing with your friends. If you don't want to solo que I would just find different people that are interested in cooperating and improving together. You don't need to quit playing with your current friends, and I don't thing you should.

    What you should do is use the not-so-serious games with your friends to try out and practice heroes or builds that you want to get better with (especially since it's unranked). And then play a couple serious games, either by yourself, or with new people to try out what you've been practicing.