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    [–] /r/Games - Free Talk Friday code_and_coffee 1 points ago in Games

    I played WoW on and off from WotLK up through Warlords and I thoroughly enjoyed it but each time I quit it was because I didn't have people to play with.

    It's one of those games where if I had a group of friends or a guild to play with I'd never want to play anything else but due to the monthly sub and an inconsistent schedule I don't think I could make it work

    [–] This year's COD is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: Multiple Sources Confirm code_and_coffee 1 points ago in Games

    Yeah I hated the jetpacks as well, they didn't really add anything to the game. They worked in Titanfall cause the entire maps were based around those mechanics, but in Black Ops 3 it was narrowed down to like two running walls placed over a cliff and being able to jump to higher ledges.

    [–] What is your favorite indie game? code_and_coffee 1 points ago in Games

    Hyper Light Drifter

    Everything about it, the beautiful art style, the incredible soundtrack, and the gameplay just hit all the right notes for me. I loved how difficult but fair it was and how over the course of the game as you mastered the mechanics like the dash they threw in more dash puzzles and fights. You felt like you were getting better at the game but were also still being challenged.

    I felt like it was the perfect length too, it wasn't too long but it wasn't to short. I beat the game and left feeling very content.

    [–] Roasting for a year.. still doesn't taste 'coffee shop' level.. code_and_coffee 2 points ago in roasting

    I had an SR500 for a couple years and my method was as follows:

    • Start off on Low Heat up until 2:30-3:00 minutes Max fan speed
    • Medium heat up until about 5 minute mark
    • High heat 5 mins until end of roast. (First Crack usually happened about a minute or so after I switch heat to High, depending on the bean)

    Throughout the roasting process you want to monitor the fan speed so that the beans are getting movement but aren't being thrown around. Think churning not bouncing.

    This is how I got the most consistency out of my roasts. Reason for starting off on Low is at the start of the roast the beans weigh too much for the SR500 to actually get any movement out of the beans. As a result, when starting off the roast on High the beans at the bottom typically got roasted a lot more than the ones at the top and resulted in huge in consistencies of the beans.

    This is how I consistently got great tasting roasts out of my SR500! Hope this helps!

    [–] ethiopian idido roast help code_and_coffee 1 points ago in roasting

    Could anyone please explain how I might be able to achieve the blueberry flavor on a Behmor 1600+?

    How far after FC do you want to take it?

    [–] What's been your favorite roast that you've done? code_and_coffee 1 points ago in roasting

    That's awesome! How long did it take you to grow the beans and how much coffee did you get out of it?

    [–] Beans look a bit odd. What do you guys think? code_and_coffee 7 points ago in roasting

    Hahaha yeah I've had a few roasts like that, It definitely sounds like the beans are under-roasted then. Try roasting them until FC ends and it should taste a lot better!

    [–] PoE for "beat the average" (currently under $6) in the Humble Paradox Bundle code_and_coffee 8 points ago in projecteternity

    Just go for it! It's honestly a steal at this price. You'll easily get 40 hours out of the main game alone.

    I recently bought the Definitive Edition from GOG for $30 and have no regrets, even after seeing this sale, the game has been a ton of fun!

    [–] Beans look a bit odd. What do you guys think? code_and_coffee 9 points ago in roasting

    I would definitely try roasting it until FC has completed and stop once you no longer hear any cracking. It looks to me like the beans are a bit under-roasted.

    Did you drink any/ how did it taste?

    [–] Humble Paradox Interactive Bundle 2018 code_and_coffee 41 points ago in Games

    Pillars of Eternity is a steal at that price. I'll start off by saying it's definitely not for everyone and has a bit of a learning curve, but it's a great game and a lot of fun.

    Part of what I've enjoyed most about is it's flexibility in being able to play any class how you want to play them. A lot of games allow this to some degree but Pillars really allows you to build your character exactly how you want to and still be viable.

    [–] Beans look a bit odd. What do you guys think? code_and_coffee 5 points ago in roasting

    What region are the beans from?

    Some beans look splotchy at earlier stages of the roasting process. In my experience Sumatran coffees for example, tend to look very splotchy like this early on and get to a more solid color later on.

    [–] What's been your favorite roast that you've done? code_and_coffee 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in roasting

    I've had a very similar coffee at a local third wave coffee shop. It was an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and it smelled exactly like blueberry Poptarts and also tasted like it had been flavored but it wasn't. It was absolutely incredible.

    I've tried replicating it countless times without success :/

    [–] Recommendations for a whole bean delivery service/subscription? code_and_coffee 2 points ago in Coffee

    Happy Mug has some pretty great coffee, especially for its relatively cheap price. When ordering online it typically arrives within 2-3 days after it's been roasted so it's super fresh too!

    [–] Weekly /r/Games Discussion - What have you been playing, and what do you think of it? code_and_coffee 2 points ago in Games

    To play co-op just plug in a second controller and hit the Start button!

    Yeah there were definitely a couple boss mechanics that no matter how many times I ran through would always hit me at least once but I agree mastery is definitely what makes the game fun!

    Great game though, I was actually kinda bummed when I beat it, I was enjoying it so much lol.