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    [–] How do I analyze my own replays? code_and_coffee 7 points ago in learndota2

    1. Keep an eye out for any period of time in which you are just walking around doing nothing. If there's ever a point in which you are watching yourself stand around, or walking without a real point, pause the replay and think "What could I be doing instead?"
    2. Whenever you die, especially during the early game, pause and think about what you could have done to prevent that death. As a support player, you should also be pausing whenever a teammate dies and think about what you could have done to maybe prevent them from dying. More often than not, most of your early-game deaths could have been prevented from better positioning or better placed wards. When you die throughout the game look at how you reacted to the gank/team fight, taking note of what you could have done to prevent the death, or if the death was inevitable, what you could have done to put your team in the best position possible once you did go down. A lot of the times you'll be running away from an enemy gank with all of your abilities up off cooldown, you might as well try to hit them with an ability or two before going down to lower their health a bit.
    3. Pause the replay every once in a while and look at the mini-map, if anyone is not showing quickly try to guess where they might be. Then after you guess, take a look at the enemy's view and see where the enemies actually are. After doing this enough times you'll eventually be able to get a general idea of where the enemy is at all times of the game. As a support player also use this as an opportunity to find ward positions
    4. Look to see if you are taking full advantage of your team's, and the enemys teams positioning. If you're team successfully ganked the enemy core or carry did you actually, use that time to push and take down a tower or Rosh? Were you farming the jungle when you're time fight was team-fighting? If you didn't need your team could you have pushed another lane and taken a tower while the enemy was distracted? By watching your replay and keeping an eye out for these things you'll naturally start to do this while you are actually playing a game, thus improving how efficient you are.

    These are the biggest things I keep an eye out for when I watch my replays. Starting off I think it's most useful to watch a replay and jot down on paper what your biggest weaknesses/areas of improvement were. Then que for another game a focus on improving a single item on that list. Focus on that one item for several games and eventually it will become natural to you. Then move on to the next one! Hope this helps!

    [–] Can someone help me analyze my Sven gameplay? code_and_coffee 2 points ago in learndota2

    I wouldn't worry too much about this game. Based on your GPM and other stats it looks like you played well.

    11 deaths is a little high but this is probably due to the fact that every hero on the enemy team had slows, which is the best way to counter with Sven.

    The enemy CM had the 2nd most damage done on the enemy team. This means she was likely getting her ulti off with her Glimmer Cape active and letting it run for the majority of it's channel time. If you had dust and used it the second you got into the fight and then targeted her first, you would have killed her in 3-4 hits and prevented your team from taking an insane amount of damage. Even if you didn't target her, by using dust and getting vision on her your Spirit Breaker could get in there and stun her, disrupting her channeling.

    [–] me_irl code_and_coffee 2 points ago in me_irl

    Loving the new Lucio skin

    [–] Strategy Discussion - Safe Lane (Support) code_and_coffee 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in learndota2

    This is going to be a lengthy comment so bare with me! So I typically try to avoid the marked spots because those are often the first spots the enemy will try to de-ward. I usually only ward these spots if I know for a fact that the enemy cannot see me place the ward, or if the enemy is really going to be risking their lives if they do try to ward there.

    When warding the marked spots, I almost never ward the spot without checking for an enemy ward first. If there is an enemy ward there I destroy it and then immediately walk away. Try to avoid placing a ward where you just destroyed an enemy one. 9 times out of 10 the enemy will come back to that exact same spot and try to deward.

    Here is my favorite ward to place at the start of the game (same spot in Dire Safelane as well). At the start of game I typically go straight to Safelane and sit in the trees right below where place the ward just above my jungle. I hide there so that I can see if the enemy tries to ward my jungle, and then place my ward once the game actually starts. This ward gives me vision of the River, jungle, and enemy tower so I can see if someone is rotating in to try and gank us. It also provides the exact vision needed to see if someone is trying to come into the jungle to interrupt your pull!

    Around the or 3:40 or 5:40 mark depending on how laning is going, I grab another ward and then walk to the enemies closest bounty rune. I steal the enemy bounty rune and then place a ward by their Shrine which you can see here. This gives you more vision of the river, gives you vision of the enemy shrine so you can see if someone is TPing in, also allows you to see if it's safe to steal the enemy bounty rune in the next 2minutes, and if placed correctly also allows you to see the River Rune.

    Other good ward spots when the enemy still has Tier 1 towers up is in between the Tier 1 and Tier 2, especially in those spots that also give you some vision of the jungle. Towards the mid-game I like to have wards that give me vision of the enemies safelane jungle shrine, so I can see incoming TPs. Mid-late game when Tier 2s are up I like to place wards in these spots here, they give great vision of the enemies movements and you can see when and if they're trying to defend their tower.

    Those are just a few of my favorite spots! I hope this helps!

    [–] Strategy Discussion - Safe Lane (Support) code_and_coffee 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in learndota2

    I know you've mentioned him but I've been a huge fan of Ogre lately. Unlike most of the supports in this game he's super durable and is difficult to kill in the early parts of the game. He's got a reliable stun that allows you to easily lockdown enemies in fights and save your allies in certain situations.

    As position 4 you can be a bit greedy and go for Aghs, but even as position 5 you can still be a huge asset to your team given the stun and Bloodlust.

    In my opinion, Bloodlust is one of the most under-valued abilities in the game, when used on certain heroes like OD, PA, Sven, among others it can be absolutely devastating. Biggest piece of advice is to literally have this ability on cooldown at all times in the late-game. Also, Siege creeps recently received a HUGE buff to their damage, use Bloodlust on them to mow down towers!

    Something to remember: Ogre is durable, has a reliable stun, and is fat! Use this to save your allies that are being ganked. Stun the enemy, then body block them as they're trying to chase. If you have Bloodlust active on your friend and yourself, both of you should be able to escape!

    Due to the recent changes to items, Urn of Shadows is a bit more appealing as it makes him even more durable during the early game, allowing you to zone with relative ease. Force Staff and Aether Lens were both popular pickups on Ogre Magi but now that the Force Staff has slightly more health regen and the Aether provides the MUCH needed mana regen, Ogre Magi is going to have a lot more sustain.

    [–] Is there an option to change the way point targeting works? code_and_coffee 1 points ago in learndota2

    As far as I know there is not a setting you can change to fix this however you can click the ground instead. With more direction based abilities like Lina's Dragon Slave and Lion's Earth Spike both travel slightly farther then their cast range. By clicking the ability key and then on the ground in that direction it will cast the ability though. This allows you to land the spells without having to be in range.

    There's also a setting under options Labeled "Show Ability Rangefinder" that you can check that does this. This might help you a bit?

    [–] Interesting changes in 7.06, possible impact on meta? code_and_coffee 2 points ago in learndota2

    Yeah the only thing is, if you're at the point where you're a Warlock that can afford an Aghs, Bloodstone, and a Refresher the game is already won by your team anyway. It's going to be a absolutely hilarious regardless though lol.

    [–] how is jungling after 7.06? code_and_coffee 4 points ago in learndota2

    Jungling is definitely going to be a lot slower, especially if you're not stacking camps at the minute mark. However, if both the jungler and the support are stacking ever minute it will drastically improve your efficiency. If you plan on playing a jungle hero be sure to ask your support to stack for you, it'll help a lot!

    [–] Interesting changes in 7.06, possible impact on meta? code_and_coffee 3 points ago in learndota2

    Just tested out Aghs + Refresher + Bloodstone Suicide to get an instant 6 Golems. He's going to be a lot of fun lol.

    [–] Interesting changes in 7.06, possible impact on meta? code_and_coffee 1 points ago in learndota2

    Definitely, Shadow Fiend as well. Between the 1min stacking, denying XP, and additional midlane creep, they're going to be rolling in the gold and exp.

    [–] Interesting changes in 7.06, possible impact on meta? code_and_coffee 2 points ago in learndota2

    I'm one of those people that couldn't land Kunkaa's ultimate if my life depended on it, definitely excited to try it out now lol

    [–] Interesting changes in 7.06, possible impact on meta? code_and_coffee 3 points ago in learndota2

    I think they're just trying to make him viable again. A lot of people avoid him because there are heroes that do the exact same thing he can do but better. The buffs he's received in the last couple patches are making him more and more appealing though. Zoning the offlaner and denying creeps is going to be a lot more important now so I see him being more viable now. Definitely excited to give him a shot!

    [–] What existential question fucks you up the most? code_and_coffee 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I like this idea a lot but whenever I experience deja vu it's always when I'm doing the most boring shit ever like making toast or something.

    If this is true I must not have set high goals for myself.

    [–] What fan theory do you 100% accept as true? code_and_coffee 21 points ago in AskReddit

    Some people definitely take things too far but there are several extremely subtle hints to things like the Red Wedding throughout a Storm of Swords. For example when Sandor Clegane reveals to Arya that he's not taking her to King's Landing but is going to ransom her at the Twins he says "Keep your mouth shut and do as I tell you, and maybe we'll even be in time for your uncle's bloody wedding."

    [–] SR-500. Medium setting all the way through? code_and_coffee 1 points ago in roasting

    What I've personally found works best is roasting 100g at Low Temp with Max fan for the first 2:30, flip it to medium, and then at 5 minutes flip it to high. This has resulted in the most even batches that I've made using my SR500 thus far. During the first 2:30 minutes I have an oven mit on and tilt the roaster slightly backwards and forwards, this cycles the beans around that typically get stuck at the bottom and get scorched.

    I just monitor the fan speed so that the beans are getting good movement but aren't striking the top of the roaster. I normally get First Crack between 5:30 and and 6:10 depending on the bean.

    [–] My Low Rank Experience Today code_and_coffee 1 points ago in Overwatch

    If you're supposedly diamond why do you care how people play at a lower SR? Just play until you get to diamond.

    The reality of it is if someone plays at a diamond tier skill rating they'll get there eventually.

    [–] PLEASE remember the human. code_and_coffee 9 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    I've started to just immediately mute any teammates that are toxic and it has drastically improved how much fun I have playing the game. I also try to stick up for my teammates if the the toxic player is being an ass to one of them in particular. Telling the teammate that was yelled at that it's not that big of a deal and then asking if they want to stick with you can really mean a lot to people. Just knowing that they have at least one teammate that is willing to work with them will motivate them to keep trying and can prevent them from tilting.

    [–] ITAP of the drizzle at 4am in Osaka code_and_coffee 2 points ago in itookapicture

    Really awesome picture, but I'd recommend rotating it so that it's straightened out and not titled. I personally think it looks a lot better

    [–] Is the FreshRoast series a big enough upgrade in roast quality over a popcorn popper to compensate for the similarly small capacity? code_and_coffee 2 points ago in roasting

    I can't speak for the Behmor, but I just got into roasting this past year with an SR500 and I absolutely love it. In my experience you can only really roast 90-110g at a time though. Any more than that and you're likely to get some inconsistency in the beans due to the lack of movement (especially towards the start of the roast). Even when I roast 100g of coffee I still shake the roaster every once in a while to make sure there aren't beans that get stuck at the bottom though.

    The small batch size is kind of a downside sometimes but I enjoy the actual process of roasting coffee so it's not that big of a deal. The biggest complaint I have, and again not that big of a deal, is that you have to shake the roaster at the start of the roast in order to ensure that some of the beans don't get caught at the bottom and burn.

    That being said the coffee I'm getting from it is some of the best I've ever had in my life.