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    [–] Fox News Apologizes for Featuring Veteran Who Lied About Being a Navy SEAL coheedcollapse 1 points ago in news

    The people who spread that shit know damn well that's the case, as well. And the fools who retweet it will be quoting it in arguments for the foreseeable future.

    [–] Daily Help Thread - October 20, 2017 coheedcollapse 1 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    Yeah, I'm familiar with being totally screwed on the pull rate, but getting that Summer Lid really threw me off. Thanks for the heads up!

    [–] Daily Help Thread - October 20, 2017 coheedcollapse 1 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    Ah, thanks! I'm no stranger to bad RNG luck, but the summer unit threw me off.

    [–] Daily Help Thread - October 20, 2017 coheedcollapse 1 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    Same here, haha. I got a Desch and an FFT unit that I was until now completely unaware of.

    [–] Daily Help Thread - October 20, 2017 coheedcollapse 1 points ago * (lasted edited 18 hours ago) in FFBraveExvius

    Is the summon pool for daily bugged? I spent six tickets and got five off-banner and a Summer Lid. Why the hell did I get a summer lid? I thought that was a limited banner.

    Edit: Oh weird, summer units are apparently permanent. That's bizzare. Thanks everyone.

    [–] Thanks to the Devs! coheedcollapse 1 points ago in gaming

    Wouldn't be so bad if the communities were better. I don't think my age has anything to do with it. I hated jerks when I was a kid, and I hate jerks now. Just seems there are way, way more of them in pretty much any online game now, though.

    [–] Adobe MAX Megathread coheedcollapse 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in photography

    Sorry, I should have been more clear. Seems everyone else has already gotten back to you, but basically, Lightroom CC as we knew it, which was the same/more updated version of standalone, has been renamed to Lightroom Classic. The new Lightroom CC is pretty much a clone of the mobile version - missing a lot of tools such as metadata editing, photomerge, robust imports and exports, plugins, and a bunch of other stuff that is absolutely necessary for me.

    The old Lightroom CC was pretty much the same as standalone, at least before the change.

    [–] Stick with PureNexus or Oreo? coheedcollapse 2 points ago in Nexus6P

    Any battery issues I have were hardware related, not software. I've been on stock since I got my replacement and was on PureNexus before.

    Picture in Picture is a pretty huge dealbreaker for me, honestly. Having Navigate in-window is incredible for when I'm playing navigator on road trips.

    If it weren't for that, I might have gone back to PureNexus, but I'm sticking with O for the foreseeable future.

    [–] Adobe MAX Megathread coheedcollapse 2 points ago in photography

    I certainly hope so. I'm just afraid they're going to realize that the "pro" market isn't as profitable as the "amateur" market and that they'll refrain from adding a lot of the lesser-used features that are absolutely integral to me.

    Agree, though. It'd be nice if I could have a complete Lightroom replacement on my personal tablet. I'm just nervous that they'll avoid complicating the app specifically to appeal to people who only edit on mobile.

    It just makes me a bit nervous overall that they relegated the real Lightroom to "classic" status so early, because the new CC is missing pretty much everything but basic editing capabilities.

    [–] Adobe MAX Megathread coheedcollapse 22 points ago in photography

    Yep, I feel the same way. My workflow would be absolutely wrecked if that happened. I've been using Lightroom professionally for a few years now, and CC nowhere near approaches what I need in a photo editing program.

    It's pretty much a mobile photo editing application. No more robust than Snapseed is on Android. Not saying it doesn't have its uses, but it's certainly going to screw a bunch of people who depend on it if they git rid of "classic" any time soon.

    [–] Adobe MAX Megathread coheedcollapse 8 points ago in photography

    Yeah, I'm kind of nervous that they're pushing the original lightroom back as "classic", because I hope to hell they're not going to silently make it disappear to push their cloud plans.

    Lightroom CC is pretty much a Snapseed equivalent, at this point. It's got basic editing tools and it looks nice, but it's nowhere near robust enough to do what I need to do as a professional photographer.

    I mean, I use Lightroom on my Android to edit on the fly, but that's because I don't have any better options. There's no reason I can think of that I'd ever want to use Lightroom CC on my main PC.

    [–] Prank calls to Safeway customers backfire on YouTube blogger coheedcollapse 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in phonelosers

    I see where you're coming from, and I kind of agree, but I still think this has a lot to do with stupid people who don't understand technology catching wind of the wrong thing and prosecuting because of it. Basically, RBCP drew the short straw.

    I mean, look at the article you linked. It seems fair enough. The only "hacking" they mentioned was in reference to the phreaking they did in the past. All of the overtly awful/misinformed/one-sided shit said were direct quotes from the prosecution, which the reporter has to include considering their importance to the final verdict. I mean, shit, they even link the PLA Youtube page at the end of the article, I think if they were trying to demonize them outright, they wouldn't have given them a plug.

    When reporters do use stupid words like "hacking" or "scamming" to describe RBCP, I think it's more of a complete misunderstanding of what he does than some desire to freak people out. I work in the industry as a photojournalist (I know, one of the baddies), and as much as the reporters try to maintain a balanced perspective, some of the older ones absolutely have issues keeping up with technology and make stupid claims because of it. Not because they're trying to rile up the populous, but because they're technologically illiterate.

    I mean, honestly, I've experienced something tangentially similar firsthand and it had nothing to do with media exposure or outrage culture. When I was in middle school, I was suspended for "hacking" a math program we were playing on our computers. The username and password were easily guessable if you knew the user personally. I logged into my friend's account, showed him, we both laughed, then I signed out. Teacher asked if anyone had been logging into anyone else's - I raised my hand and admitted that fact, and they suspended me for three days for "hacking" because nobody, starting with the computer teacher who "caught" me, all the way up the line to the top, understood a fucking thing about computers. This was back around the same time when PLA was doing their more crazy stuff.

    I suspect something similar happened here.

    If his shit for brains lawyer knew any better, he should have had that stuff limited to what Brad did with the info and that's it.

    I don't know shit about law, but on first blush, I'd agree. I can't believe his prank stars even factored into the shit. Makes no sense. But again, that's the stupidity of individuals rather than an outrage culture thing.

    Can't have people with clout made to look stupid because they can't properly vet their employees!

    See, that fucking got me. They're going so hard after RBCP, totally ignoring the fact that they're running a survey insecurely. I don't care how he got into it, that shouldn't happen and Safeway should at least carry the blame somewhat. Again, though. Not so much about outrage culture as much as corporate privilege.

    of all the things PLA did back in the day,

    I think the problem is that it's super easy to find the stuff now, considering the wide spread of the internet and the ease of searching info on Youtube. Most people likely aren't even aware of the crazy shit PLA did back in the day, and if they are, it's not worth it to go after anyone for it.

    [–] Netflix Confirms Productions of “30 New Anime Series” for 2018 coheedcollapse 3 points ago in netflix

    I know it's only tangentially related (because Japan), but holy shit I wish they would buy the rights to distribute Denpa Shonen in the US. There were legit, good versions with subs on Hulu years back before they were acquired, and they've been lost to time since. It's frustrating being totally unable to find them anywhere.

    [–] Prank calls to Safeway customers backfire on YouTube blogger coheedcollapse 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in phonelosers

    Not even sure if that's it, to be honest. RBCP is a pretty nice guy, in the scheme of things. Slightly offensive, but never outright awful. I wouldn't be surprised if at least a few lower-on-the-totem-pole people in Safeway chuckled a bit listening to the calls.

    That said, personal opinions are kind of out of the window when you're acting as a corporation. They've got to act as absolutely fucking outraged as they possibly can in order to show their customers how much they totally care about them. It wouldn't fly too well if their spokesperson was like "The prank calls were pretty funny, and yeah, some of our customers are pretty uptight, but we gotta do something about it, sorry!"

    Same with the prosecutor. It's their job, unfortunately, to act like every single offense that crosses their table is the worst thing ever.

    The judge is the only person in this story who I could really see as being at fault for his awful reaction to this whole thing.

    Bottom line though, I don't think the "outrage culture" argument really has much place here. More like most people acting as I'd expect, and the rest being too stupid to understand that a prank phone call isn't a scam of some sort.

    I mean, it also doesn't help that the actual crime was logging into a survey without being authorized after being given the password, but the whole trial seemed to revolve around his pranks.

    [–] I imagine the budget for this was less than $50 coheedcollapse 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in NotTimAndEric

    It is very real. There's also another one where the grandma gets up and rides off on a skateboard. The ones I've seen run regularly on an OTA network called Buzzr in the Chicago area.

    [–] I imagine the budget for this was less than $50 coheedcollapse 5 points ago in NotTimAndEric

    Yeah, I thought that as well. Even for local it's pretty bad. At least for the modern era, where robust animation and film editing tools are at the fingertips of nearly everyone.

    Reminds me of something you'd be more likely to see in the early 90s or something.

    [–] I imagine the budget for this was less than $50 coheedcollapse 5 points ago in NotTimAndEric

    Holy shit, yeah, that's the one I've seen as well. They run it regularly on Buzzr, a network that runs a bunch of old game shows.

    I've always been amused at how low the production value is.

    [–] Finally able to fulfill a promise to my youngerself. We are handing out full size candy bars this year! coheedcollapse 2 points ago in pics

    I was a weird kid. I liked the orange/black wrapped peanut butter candies.

    About the only thing I absolutely disliked was when old people gave pennies and nickles.

    [–] Best emulation front end coheedcollapse 3 points ago in emulation

    My story is pretty similar to many others here.

    Started with EmulationStation, which looked great, but was kind of pain to set up, slowly transitioned over to Launchbox after I got a free year-long license. After I saw all the time Launchbox saved me in scraping art and info, tweaking and importing, I sprung for the "forever license" upgrade. Have not regretted it a single bit.

    Of course, if you're launching all of your emulators within Retroarch, the Retroarch frontend is adequate enough. It's just a bit fickle with rom files because it does CRC checks rather than name checks, so if your rom isn't on the "list", or if it's no a version that they have in their library, it won't show up.

    Launchbox is super powerful and quite simple to use (at least compared to the alternatives). Even has options for duplicate/alt version rom stacking for collectors. Plus, the themese are super pretty. I'm partial to StationEmulation, a clone of EmulationStation's default theme that I think looks pretty nice, but there are a decent amount of themes if you're looking for a particular look.

    Bonus points to LB for the dev. Jason is super responsive and regularly (like a few times a week) codes live, taking suggestions for future features and simply chatting with users.

    [–] Best emulation front end coheedcollapse 7 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in emulation

    Launchbox is front-end only - it takes the pain out of organizing your rom collection, making it pretty, and launching it how you want.

    Retroarch is, really basically, a program/front-end that runs emulator cores from the libretro program. While the interface in Retroarch is good, it's nowhere near as straight forward or configurable as Launchbox - which is why many people use both in tandem - they compliment each other quite well.

    If Retroarch alone works for you, it's still a great program, I just found that the time I saved categorizing and scraping games for launch was worth the price of admission for Launchbox.

    [–] Microwave breakthrough helps boost hard drive sizes - The data-storing abilities of hard drives could soon swell to 40 terabytes (TB) and beyond, says Western Digital. coheedcollapse 3 points ago in Futurology

    Pff, speeds are only one part of the issue. With Comcast and other ISPs with local monopolies setting bandwidth limits that we all know damn well they're not going to expand, it's going to suck going over our limit with three or four game downloads in a month.