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    [–] How is Sea Of Thieves as a two-player game? coip 1 points ago in xboxone

    I play Sea of Thieves quite a bit in every combination (solo sloop, two-man sloop, three-man brigantine, and four-man galleon). I honestly think two-man sloop is my favorite. The sloop is a great ship--very maneuverable--and things like the kraken and megalodon scale in difficulty by crew size, so they're very do-able on a two-man sloop as well. There will be some things that will be tougher to do (like doing a skull fort, but only because there is a chance a three-man brigantine of four-man galleon will try to PvP you for it, and it'll be tough because you'll be outnumbered, but if you're more interested in the PvE side of the game, it's fairly easy to avoid PvP in a two-man sloop by keeping an eye on the horizon).

    [–] How did you get into Xbox? coip 1 points ago in xboxone

    How did you get into Xbox?


    That's the honest truth. I loved everything about the original Xbox One vision, with voice- and motion-controlled games, apps, and operating systems. Pre-ordered it right after the E3 2013 show. First Xbox console I ever owned. Enjoyed its potential for two years until the NXOE (New Xbox One Experience) took it all away...

    [–] Official Sea of Thieves Developer Update: January 16th 2019 coip 5 points ago in Seaofthieves

    I hope u are joking

    Uh, no, but sorry I had an adequate experience, I guess.

    [–] Official Sea of Thieves Developer Update: January 16th 2019 coip 9 points ago in Seaofthieves

    The microsoft store is fucked

    Really? What's wrong with it? I've found it to be the easiest digital store I've ever used. It was built-in to the OS so there wasn't any client to install, I already had an account because it uses my Microsoft one that I'm already using to sign into Windows in the first place so I didn't have to sign up for any new account, I searched for "Sea of Thieves" and it immediately popped up, I clicked "Buy" and seconds later it was installing. And uninstalling it is as easy as right-clicking and selecting "Uninstall". What am I missing?

    [–] Official Sea of Thieves Developer Update: January 16th 2019 coip 57 points ago in Seaofthieves

    Re-download whole game client on Feb 6th. Reason: Smaller installation size. (roughly half of what it is now)

    For those interested in exact numbers:

    • Xbox One will decrease from 35GB down to 10GB
    • Xbox One X will decrease from 47GB 25GB
    • Windows 10 will decrease from 47GB to 27GB

    They said this will come in a "game update", though. So does that mean we need to manually delete the game and re-download it, or does that mean the update will initiate itself and take care of everything (i.e. removing all the old files and replacing them all with the new ones)?

    [–] How do you get the quick-switch-between-threads pane in the Windows 10 Mobile Messaging app? coip 1 points ago in windowsphone

    I checked other apps (like Edge and Photos) and they weren't rotating either. I toggled Rotation Lock on and off but it still wouldn't rotate. Then I restarted my phone and now the problem is fixed.

    [–] How do you get the quick-switch-between-threads pane in the Windows 10 Mobile Messaging app? coip 1 points ago in windowsphone

    How do I get landscape mode to work in the Messaging app on my phone? If I rotate the phone to landscape, the Messaging app still stays in portrait. I ensured I do not have rotation lock on.

    [–] Microsoft Reiterates that Gears 5 Will Release in 2019 coip 2 points ago in xboxone

    You think they're going to let their new Halo flounder on the console that could barely run Halo 5 at full-HD? Not a chance.

    343i already confirmed Halo Infinite is coming to Xbox One. It'll be a cross-generation title, for sure.

    [–] The official Microsoft Store Twitter account is amazing! coip 3 points ago in xboxone

    Maybe not sea of theieves as much but whatever

    Sea of Thieves is the most fun I've had with a game in years. It was my favorite game of 2018, the steady stream of updates made it increasingly more fun, and I can't wait for all the updates coming to it in 2019, particularly the upcoming Arena mode.

    [–] ‘Unconstitutional’ US anti-FGM law exposes hypocrisy in child protection coip 1 points ago in Intactivists

    This is big that Newsweek picked up this article too! Great exposure of intactivism to a wider audience.

    [–] Circumcising newborn boys increases their risk of cot death due to the stress of the procedure - and could explain why it is more common in boys than girls, study finds coip 3 points ago in worldnews

    BTW everyone, this paper still hasn't actually been peer-reviewed. Note that the article says it was "published in the journal biorxiv" which is NOT a journal, and is a preprint server to host papers that haven't been accepted for publication yet.

    Just a heads up that the paper has now been published in a peer-reviewed academic journal--the Journal of Clinical and Translational Research:

    [–] Neonatal circumcision could increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome in babies – new research [X-Post from /r/science] coip 19 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in Intactivists

    This is an article about a recently published study (January 10, 2019) showing that routine infant circumcision is associated with SIDs. Both the article above and the study are written by the same author. I found it browsing /r/science today.

    Five months ago, this same study was published in a pre-print journal (that is, prior to peer-review), which I posted about here on /r/worldnews and which garnered 26.5k votes and shot up to the front page of /r/all and /r/popular before the /r/worldnews mods deleted it because "Not Appropriate Subreddit" (even though the submission fits their guidelines and does not violate any rules).

    Anyway, it's nice to see it published in a peer-reviewed journal so soon, as this provides more ammo against routine infant circumcision, especially because the top comment in the /r/worldnews post was skepticism because it was a pre-print journal instead of a peer-reviewed one. Now it's both.

    [–] Soo just came across this bug, blew up the captain with an explosive barrel and he ended up beneath the floor boards. coip 1 points ago in Seaofthieves

    Go do another fort and then come back to this one and open it up for the loot and another key

    But once he uses the key from the second fort on the first one, that key is gone, right? So he'd just miss out on the second fort's loot, no? Or am I misunderstanding how it works?

    [–] ‘Unconstitutional’ US anti-FGM law exposes hypocrisy in child protection coip 16 points ago in Intactivists

    I first posted this to /r/law but, unsurprising to anyone who has ever posted there before, it got downvoted into oblivion and garnered zero comments, so I deleted it and posted here instead.

    They really hate anything over their that questions the legality of routine infant circumcision. It's almost as bad as /r/medicine. I get doctors' hang up (they don't want to lose out on money and admit they violated the Hippocratic Oath), but I never understood why lawyers would be offended by the concept of banning male genital mutilation--if anything, legal challenges would give them more work. Bizarre.

    [–] SPU: Identification of circumcision complications using a regional claims database coip 2 points ago in Intactivists

    Just a heads up that I posted about this last year. But, yes, it's an important study that shows male genital mutilation complications are much worse than the American medical community admits.

    [–] Do you use external mouse and keyboard? coip 1 points ago in Surface

    Half the time I use my Surface Pro on a desk, connected to a bunch of peripherals (external monitor, speakers, hard drives, keyboard, and mouse) via the Surface Dock.

    Then, when I need portability I just disconnect the one cord going to the dock and either bring over just the tablet and pen to the couch or, if I'm going on the road, I put it in a carrying case that's already packed up with the charger, Type Cover, and Surface Wedge Mouse. I love the versatility.

    [–] Just curious as to if there is any specific tips for playing on touch screen coip 3 points ago in MCPE

    You can get controllers for both iOS and android.

    Also on Windows 10 Mobile. The Xbox One controller pairs natively with Bluetooth. Super easy to set up and use. you can even use Continuum to connect your phone to a monitor and it feels like you're playing on PC or console. Neat.

    [–] Games that work well with touch and/or pen? coip 3 points ago in Surface

    I wish they'd port some old Nintendo DS games that were designed with the stylus in mind, like Meteos. Those would be a blast to play on the Surface Pro or Go with the pen.

    [–] starting from the very first day of restoration, the very process itself is a nice middle finger to your parents coip 3 points ago in foreskin_restoration

    I think that, in most cases, it is better not to mention foreskin restoration to parents.

    But if no one ever talks about how frustrated they are with being circumcised as a baby then it'll only be harder to stop the cycle of abuse. I know it isn't easy talking about this stuff with others, but I would definitely encourage everyone who does feel comfortable to talk about, if not foreskin restoration, at the very least voice their opposition to routine infant circumcision in general, to force people to reflect on it.

    [–] I am 16 y/o and started to restoring. Questions! coip 2 points ago in foreskin_restoration

    Btw how long did you restore your foreskin.

    Well, I don't want to discourage you, but rather, provide a cautionary example. I have been restoring for over 7 years now. I have made great progress, but it has been very slow-moving and I am not close to being done. I started at CI-1 too, and I am now approaching CI-4 (almost there), and, honestly, the benefits I've gained (e.g. increased skin mobility) from what I had before already make my journey worth it. But it has not been easy, and it has been slow because I have not been as dedicated as I should've been, and it has been admittedly frustrating as it seems like everyone else is leapfrogging me (not that I'm not happy for them, though).

    I seem to be the exception here. Many people here report faster progress in months than I've achieved in years, so my advice to you is to keep a regular routine, of multiple methods, and stick to it, but also don't expect this to be fixed any time soon. I would say it will take you years, but it will be worth it. Good luck.