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    [–] anon can't make a joke comfybunk 2556 points ago in greentext

    losing is passion

    [–] anon can't make a joke comfybunk 1080 points ago in greentext

    that's harsh to brain damaged people.

    [–] Ben White to Chelsea? comfybunk 4 points ago in soccercirclejerk

    Milwall clear amirite

    [–] Arsenal pushing for Arthur, while Juventus could replace him with Chelsea's Loftus-Cheek comfybunk 21 points ago in chelseafc

    too slow on the ball

    in terms of acceleration. but like other tall players, his top speed is quite alright.

    [–] Mind-f*cking animes, please comfybunk 3 points ago in Animesuggest

    this. psychological condition of the characters really open a new horizon for me.

    [–] Plz don’t smile like that comfybunk 3 points ago in TokyoRevengers

    it's not for me but I've already melted

    [–] Found on Twitter comfybunk 1 points ago in ghibli

    beat me to it. is there a bot to trim video here

    [–] Kidnapping comfybunk 3 points ago in okbuddybaka

    I left the key in the house baka 😳

    [–] no no pls dont lose no comfybunk 10 points ago in deathnote

    yeah in terms of story concept I think DN and AoT deserve on the top. order isn't improtant.