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    [–] Fucking nosy! Eat your manicot! confused_coyote 5 points ago in thesopranos

    Boratta. It’s all about the contrast. Crispness of the nuts, smoothness of the cheese

    [–] Pine Barrens confused_coyote 3 points ago in thesopranos

    Ultimate karma for Paulie being a dick

    [–] Do you keep your most cherished board games in perfect condition or does it not matter? confused_coyote 1 points ago in boardgames

    Not perfect condition, no. We respect the condition but inevitably there will be a night of drinking where a card will get bent or something

    [–] Any recommendation for living with family in Toronto? confused_coyote 3 points ago in askTO

    Make a budget based on past spending (6-12 month), not future estimates. This will be more accurate. I usually include a buffer of at least 10% net income for “unexpected monthly expenses” - especially with kids. Rank each potential apartment based on how it scores in your priority categories: Example TTC access 5/5 Highway access 4/5 Walkability 4/5 Schools 5/5 Size 4/5 Quality of building 5/5 Etc

    [–] What are some of the cost in owning a detached, semidetached or a row townhouse confused_coyote 3 points ago in TorontoRealEstate

    A lot of variance from house to house but here are some rough rough estimates

    Roof $10-$15k every 10-15 years Windows $5-$10k every 15-20 years Furnace $5-$10k every 15-25 years Appliances such as fridge, washer, dryer, dishwasher... $1-2k every 5 years This is above regular “maintenance costs” the multiple $100-$300 Home Depot trips each year for little things ... sometimes I include appliances in maintenance cost.

    Disclaimer: This isn’t all from personal experience (yet) but more what I help people budget for. Also this is off the top of my head.

    [–] Pine Barrens confused_coyote 26 points ago in thesopranos

    Look at this prick givin orders. You probably wiped your ass bare handed before coming to this country

    [–] Pine Barrens confused_coyote 36 points ago in thesopranos

    He just revealed his own ignorance

    [–] Pine Barrens confused_coyote 33 points ago in thesopranos

    Fuck you Paulie. Captain or no captain right now we’re just two assholes stuck in the woods

    [–] Oh no ... OH NO. confused_coyote 1 points ago in facepalm

    Must be fake or sarcastic... please?

    [–] To everyone complaining about the Alert Ready notification last night. Because of the alert, the suspect was apprehended. I’m also a radio producer and was consulted on the Alert Ready system. AMA? confused_coyote 35 points ago in toronto

    I received 4 alerts between 11am and 4am. (The original, a repeat, the cancellation and then another repeat of the original) I think most people only received 2. Any idea how and why that happened? Maybe because my phone was on Do Not Disturb? (The alerts still made loud sounds every time) Poor girl.