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    [–] The Lebron Stopper confused_coyote 11 points ago in torontoraptors

    I like how Bruno's not even in uniform

    [–] f5ing is boring, here are Kawhi's top ten plays from 2016-2017 confused_coyote 1 points ago in torontoraptors

    These highlights aren't representative of kawhi's potential greatness. While I was watching the video, I was daydreaming about his advanced stats

    [–] DeMar Trade Needs/ed to Happen confused_coyote 0 points ago in torontoraptors

    Maybe he will change his mind. Then it's a huge steal for Toronto. (Trying to be optimistic here)

    [–] Ahh! After 10,000 years I’m free! confused_coyote 5 points ago in funny

    So they dubbed over the Japanese scenes with Rita but filmed new scenes with the English actors when the rangers were out the costume? Hm. That actually makes a lot of sense from a budget perspective

    [–] Honestly screw anyone who does this confused_coyote 1 points ago in pics

    I (perhaps naively) always presume it's teenagers that are constantly trying to prove they don't care about authority. I am hoping everyone grows out of this selfish phase.

    [–] What is a movie that you've seen hundreds of times but still enjoy watching it? confused_coyote 17 points ago in AskReddit

    Spider's actor, Michael Imperioli, gets redemption in season 1 of the sopranos when he shoots a kid in the foot for talking to him like a jerkoff

    [–] New to Fantasy Basketball confused_coyote 1 points ago in fantasybball

    Try head to head vs rotisserie scoring systems. I like roto, but each has their pros and cons. Try auction vs snake draft. I prefer auction.

    [–] Happy Father's Day! confused_coyote 3 points ago in torontoraptors

    What about Kelly Oubre Sr?