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    [–] Cone in a whirlpool connectjim 1 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    You forgot to pour in the soft serve; this is how you make the ice cream twist, right?

    [–] Knowing your job well... connectjim 4 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    FYI The pilot’s name is Brenda Riepsaame. But you might say she has metaphorical balls.

    [–] Knowing your job well... connectjim 3 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    FYI The pilot’s name is Brenda Riepsaame. But maybe you say “my man” to women too.

    [–] Murder mittens connectjim 6 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    Adamantium Cat: potential graphic novel, or 80’s retro band.

    [–] Howard Schultz’s own polling finds his campaign would re-elect Trump connectjim 1 points ago in politics

    In their impact, maybe, which is probably what you meant, but otherwise hard to lump those three together; Nader is the opposite of a corporatist limousine liberal. Stein is a flake.

    [–] Those random patches of brown, dead, grass that you sometimes find in your yard are actually rabbit burrows! connectjim 3 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    Interesting, though brown patches can also be japanese beetle grubs eating the roots... along with the canine bladder excretion process mentioned by several other alert commenters.

    [–] Time flies connectjim 3 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    There you have your art lesson: to draw an old person, simply 1) draw a baby, then 2) gradually add the old.

    [–] Mueller says evidence in Roger Stone case is "voluminous and complex" connectjim 2 points ago in politics

    If MUELLER thinks it is complex, there must be some advanced nonlinear dynamical bioinformatic hieroglyphic labyrinthine 3D-chess string theory stuff in there

    [–] Trump's logic is out of this world connectjim 3 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    This should be one of the top comments! So many people are making fun of Trump’s lack of understanding of the science, but I had to scroll down pretty far to have someone who commented at all about the science he is missing.

    Thanks for the link, I was just gonna ramble amateurishly about that warming in the Arctic sending a chunk of the polar vortex down our way (temperatures plunging here in Ohio today).

    [–] That's insane connectjim 1 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    Loved the two different uses of the candle.

    [–] Earthquakes of magnitude 6+ since 1900 [OC] connectjim 1 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Connect the dots, and you largely trace the fault-fractured edges of tectonic plates.

    [–] Hydraulic Press vs Rupert Drop connectjim 1 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    Why did the drop seem to glow at the end? Due to heat in the glass or the lead? Or just a spotlight shining on it?

    [–] Physical exercises strengthen our bodies and mental exercises sharpen our minds. What are some emotional exercises that we can do to strengthen our psyche? connectjim 1 points ago in AskReddit

    So many of those suggestions are pleasant soothing actions. We get stronger when we do you things that are difficult, not things that are relaxing.

    Emotional challenges make us stronger, especially when we do them in a limited, controlled way, so we are not overwhelmed or even traumatized. Examples:

    1. Feeling nervous about doing something important, doing it anyway. (Practicing courage).

    2. Feeling a strong compulsion to do something we know is not necessary or even harmful, and resisting that compulsion.

    3. Doing something important even though we don’t feel motivated, or we feel self-doubt, and letting the motivation or self-confidence grow from that success rather than expecting motivation to come first.

    4. Letting yourself be aware of, and express outwardly, uncomfortable feelings such as sadness or anger.

    5. Practice modulating strong feelings (fear, anger, lust, self-destructiveness), letting them rise and subside without getting out of control.

    What doesn’t traumatize you, makes you stronger!

    [–] Giuliani: "I never said there was no collusion between the campaign" connectjim 1 points ago in politics

    Very astute, except that you skipped a step or two toward the end, one laid in the interview: “okay, Trump colluded, but it was a long time ago.”

    Followed by “okay, one part of that collusion going back to the 1980’s was not so long ago, 2016, but Hilary’s emails and Benghazi and Vince Foster and the Clinton Foundation and the Lewinski dress and did I mention that I was mayor of NYC during 9/11?

    [–] Decided to throw my 3 year old daughter a White House Dinner Party connectjim 2 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    To get it right, besides the silver platters, I hope you remembered to let the food get cold while you stood and grinned for the reporters

    [–] Jamie Dimon says shutdown could reduce economic growth to zero this quarter if it continues connectjim 2 points ago in politics

    Such a good point! Wish I could do more to send this comment up the list.

    One of my kids works for a software company (just a wee bit smaller than yours) with mostly government contracts... you just nudged me to check in on her. She said that they are good for another few weeks, but then will have challenges. Luckily, Feds apparently contract for some jobs with payments in advance.

    [–] Drone video. Almost perfectly-shaped ice disk resembles a moon. Westbrook, Maine. connectjim 2 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    Based on upvotes, it looks like you did come up with a good Flat Earther joke after all. Job done. It is not worth expending any reasoning power to think about Flat Eartherism, even to come up with a joke (hard to do, trying to make that nonsense even more laughable than it inherently is).