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    [–] Dell Laptops connesiuer 0 points ago in sbubby

    E corp

    [–] r/readanotherbook Every slight mention of hp is posted connesiuer 1 points ago in JustUnsubbed

    No the point is people thinking liking a franchise is a personality trait and mentioning the franchise where its irrelevent. You shouldnt just post whenever hp is mentioned in the slightest

    [–] Uhhhhh... connesiuer 15 points ago in heep

    Lowkey looks amazing

    [–] WHEN YOU CUM connesiuer 3 points ago in WhenYouCum


    [–] This architecture... connesiuer 2 points ago in theyknew

    Where is this?

    [–] Maybe maybe maybe connesiuer 17 points ago in maybemaybemaybe

    In gta online

    [–] On a post about a guy beating cancer connesiuer 3 points ago in everyfuckingthread

    I dont think "youre great" guy desereved yo get downvoted

    [–] Saw u/aventedor’s post and decided to do my own connesiuer 1 points ago in Sneakers

    Hey what are the name of the whites on the top left corner

    [–] Found in /r/TheGoodPlace connesiuer 6 points ago in readanotherbook

    Stop posting anything you see that is hp related here.

    [–] Özellikle Ankara’da connesiuer 1 points ago in KGBTR

    Yok la ben Ankaramı seviyorum

    [–] The state of Sweden. connesiuer 4 points ago in TruePoliticalHumor

    Wheres Italian and Turkish

    [–] Wholesome Valentine's Day connesiuer -22 points ago in wholesomegreentext

    Nobody is so poor that they cant put together 25$