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    [–] A real aioli; is a mortar and pestle necessary? cool_hand_luke 1 points ago in KitchenConfidential

    "True" aioli is like saying "authentic" aioli or "traditional" aoili... they're meaningless words.

    There's a reason we use stoves now instead of roasting everything on a spit.

    Go ahead and use a immersion blender or robo coupe or whatever the fuck makes the final product right while making the process efficient.

    [–] My Sister Made A Stranger Things Cross Stitch cool_hand_luke 19 points ago in StrangerThings

    Etsy, where "artists" make lunch money while saying "fuck you" to intellectual property law.

    [–] Yesterday we recieved Norways first delivery of Geoducks. 11 pounds for $425 cool_hand_luke -20 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in KitchenConfidential

    It's always great to see restaurants sourcing local.

    [–] How do I begin? 16 year old looking for line work. cool_hand_luke 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in KitchenConfidential

    It's in the first line of the post.

    worked as a dishie a couple years.

    [–] Question for chefs and kitchen managers - How could culinary schools improve? What would make culinary school grads more attractive hires? cool_hand_luke 3 points ago in KitchenConfidential

    If it cost the same as a community college, it'd be worth it. But to spend $50K to learn the basics and gain a terrible fucking attitude is unconscionable. I'd be considered a serial killer if I stabbed everyone who said "the Harvard of culinary schools" like I wanted.

    [–] Oh look, a penny! cool_hand_luke 1 points ago in funny

    Kidnapping is hilarious!

    [–] View into the upsidedown cool_hand_luke 2 points ago in pics

    You need to work on your photoshop skills.

    [–] Chefs, what do customers do that irk you the most? cool_hand_luke 6 points ago in AskReddit

    Yes, some of us do know your personal tastes better than you. We know that if you're asking for a steak well done or ketchup for anything, you have shit for tastebuds and you're best bet for being satisfied by a meal is a drive through.

    [–] Chefs, what do customers do that irk you the most? cool_hand_luke 0 points ago in AskReddit

    It's not an insult to the chef. Whoever told you that was a huge douche.

    We understand that some people enjoy more salt. We can't season to everyone's tolerances, so asking for more salt happens. We can't account for people with dogshit palettes, so we just season as is best for 99% of people.