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    [–] Telsa Model 3 stops itself to avoid potentially disastrous accident coral_cat 464 points ago in gifs

    The model 3 is already below 50k. Base price is 44k.

    And before 2017, a Tesla was 76k.

    Prices are going to keep dropping as they create more affordable cars, and it won't take 15 years.

    [–] Gotta get the freshest milk! coral_cat 4 points ago in gifs

    This gif has sound!

    Wait a second... this is a VIDEO

    [–] Reforesting squirrels coral_cat 7 points ago in gifs

    Has this been on the sub before? I couldn't find it through search.

    [–] Model in Bahamas attacked by feral pig. coral_cat 5 points ago in gifs

    I think we all know why this is being upvoted.

    [–] Ken Jeong- Hot Ones coral_cat 34 points ago in videos


    I don't need this mental image.

    [–] E N D G A M E coral_cat 61 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions


    [–] Getting an Ad During a YouTube Video coral_cat 1 points ago in videos

    Interesting how 2 hours later it's only gone up by 28 points huh.

    After 100 in an hour you'd assume it would keep going up.

    [–] Getting an Ad During a YouTube Video coral_cat -4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in videos

    100 upvotes in an hour.

    Account that has been dead for 2 months. With less than a page of user history.