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    [–] Gravity: A Theory of Deception corey-in-cambodia 1 points ago in Flatearther

    Really? You watch Eric Dubay videos and think to yourself...”Yes, this is who I believe”.

    [–] The earth is round you dumbasses corey-in-cambodia 4 points ago in flatearth

    You don’t care that you are a dumbass? You talk like a flat earther.

    [–] PIC corey-in-cambodia 1 points ago in nocontextpics

    There was a similar sign on a golf course near my house in N.C.

    [–] PIC corey-in-cambodia 1 points ago in nocontextpics

    It’s on a golf course?

    [–] I was a sceptical but cooking a egg the other day convinced me corey-in-cambodia 3 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in flatearth

    This is your brain, this is drugs, this is your brain on drugs. Any questions?

    [–] An interview with Mr. Flat Earth himself Mark Sargent corey-in-cambodia 1 points ago in flatearth

    This is a premier. Can you remind me in three days? I can’t sit around and watch his face for the next 72 hours.

    [–] So I'm not fully convinced of flat Earth but I'm also highly doubting NASA and space as a whole. My question is however, why is it such a ridiculous thought to question the shape of the Earth? corey-in-cambodia 7 points ago in flatearth

    Because it’s a fact that the earth is not flat. And not really a debate as a serious topic. It’s like debating that dinosaur fossils are fake. Or there is no bottom of the ocean. Or Hillary Clinton was born a man.

    There is a risk of teaching your kids that the earth is flat. Because what you are really teaching them is that schools are indoctrination, the government was made to lie to you and control you and turn you into sheep. and most modern science is just made up bullshit.

    [–] Freemasonry corey-in-cambodia 5 points ago in flatearth

    Banned by who? Banned where? It’s on Youtube.

    [–] A Year Along the Geostationary Orbit corey-in-cambodia 2 points ago in flatearth

    I mean, it’s a nice video, but why does the music sound like it belongs in a horror film?

    [–] How has MSF changed your opinions on characters? corey-in-cambodia 57 points ago in MarvelStrikeForce

    Before I had no idea who America Chavez is, now I have a slight idea who she is.

    [–] “Water can’t curve” corey-in-cambodia 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in flatearth

    I don’t remember exactly, it wasn’t about flat earth, she said something about Muslims or Jews.

    Here is her post about it.

    [–] Bob Knodel Proves the Globe using the Gyro of DOOM (for Flat Earth) corey-in-cambodia 6 points ago in flatearth

    It’s painful to watch these two try and explain how a gyroscope is picking up the “luminous ether in the form of a toroid”

    [–] “Water can’t curve” corey-in-cambodia 4 points ago in flatearth

    Crazy people. Yes, there are a few.

    [–] 🔥 The Atlas Moth has wings that look like snake heads. 🔥 corey-in-cambodia 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in NatureIsFuckingLit

    They are huge. Do you know why they are illegal in USA?