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    [–] Gaming Circlejerk coreyk_21 3 points ago in PornhubComments

    Damn just saw this on pornhub and was about to post it

    [–] LUKE CAGE meets T'CHALLA & W'KABI coreyk_21 54 points ago in Defenders

    Well they could cross paths as part of the services that Wakanda is proving to other countries now. For example, let’s say they set of a New York branch like they did in Oakland and they met through that.

    Edit: grammar

    [–] [Rant] Netflix User Experience and User Interface is not only awful, it is not intuitive and has not been redesigned in years. coreyk_21 1 points ago in netflix

    I use a chrome cast with my google home mini and it’s the best way to watch Netflix honestly. There’s no menus of any of that bullshit. I just tell google what to play and if I need to rewind I tell google to go back that far. Honestly it’s the best want to watch Netflix on a tv.

    [–] Is anyone else terrified of Ghouls in 4? coreyk_21 1 points ago in Fallout

    The first play though of the game I had headphones on and a ghoul jumped at me and scared the shit out of me

    [–] Motivational quote by Church that has stuck with me since season 3 coreyk_21 1 points ago in roosterteeth

    I 100% agree. I love stuff like the podcast and watch every week faithfully but I dropped off Rvb during the later seasons and rwby Bc I just can’t get interested in them anymore

    [–] Everything is already foreseen??? coreyk_21 0 points ago in GilmoreGirls

    Oh honey it’s called foreshadowing. It’s a literary technique that writers use