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    [–] I was sadly just reminded why I love this career. coronaboi78 3 points ago in ems

    Thanks for this. I actually had my first traumatic arrest in 3 years of doing this with a car vs pedestrian. The amount of blood on the road and the son screaming and everyone crowing looking at me trying to save her was overwhelming, I doubt I’m ever gonna forget this call. Good luck to you and thank you for all you do.

    [–] Reduced patient/soldier mortality, but resulted in an increased her patient:nurse ratio... 🤔 coronaboi78 35 points ago in nursing

    Oh jeez never thought of it like this lol, def gonna say this at my class the next time she’s brought up😂😂

    [–] Dating a nursing student... coronaboi78 5 points ago in StudentNurse

    Damn when I got sick my gf broke up with me//:

    [–] My nursing student classmate passed away today coronaboi78 20 points ago in StudentNurse

    I’m so sorry. Reach out to people if you need to talk.

    On a side note, please please please get an AED. I’m shocked there weren’t any, I didn’t even know that was legal.

    [–] Need advice on how to get my roommates to dispose of food properly without sounding like an asshole coronaboi78 342 points ago in college

    “Hey, would you guys mind dumping your food scraps into the trash? Otherwise it kinda makes the sink dirty. Thanks”

    [–] Wheelies to forget your ALS feelies coronaboi78 73 points ago in ems

    Half of you fat fucks wouldn’t even be able to drive this.

    [–] PT died from injuries sustained in this MVA coronaboi78 9 points ago in ems

    I can be retarded but do we know how the patient died? We’re all straps placed correctly and firmly? I’m shocked they died otherwise... my coworker was in a box ambulance with a patient that rolled over after getting T-boned and the patient survived.