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    [–] Relatable coronaboi78 10 points ago in MealPrepSunday

    The only problem I see here is PINEAPPLE on your PIZZA.

    [–] Can someone please tell me if this a healthy smoothie option? If not - how to make it healthier? (Total around 400cal) coronaboi78 1 points ago in HealthyFood

    Thank you! I bought some spinach today and will add it to my smoothie tomorrow, is there a good amount to aim for? Like 1 cup, 1/2, 3/4, etc.

    Also, do frozen berries = fresh berries in terms of nutritional benefit?

    [–] Feel really horrible about an incident that happened and need help coping coronaboi78 35 points ago in nursing

    but seeing that I caused it

    FALSE. You did not cause it; your patient did. Your patient attacked you, that is NOT something anyone could've predicted or prevented. You have a right to defend yourself. I understand that when a patient injures themselves (accidentally or intentionally), we always ask "What could I have done to prevent that?" and 99% of the time the answer is nothing. You did what anyone else really could have. As others have said, safety first. As advice, if you really think your patient will be an immediate threat to your safety, leave him and call for help/security. If he falls, hurts himself, etc, then while that is unfortunate, its just one person being hurt rather than two. This happens, and will continue to happen, dont beat yourself up about it.

    [–] On sighting a medical emergency while responding to another call? coronaboi78 1 points ago in ems

    Intox leaving AMA? I thought that intox “weren’t in the right mindset to make decisions” so they had to go by law?

    [–] Back when nurses had class and dignity coronaboi78 23 points ago in nursing

    Nurses roles have also changed tremendously. This type of outfit would be very inefficient for the work we do. Not to mention the advancements in ethics and morals as well.

    [–] Me in line at Chipotle getting a free second entree with my hospital RN badge today coronaboi78 26 points ago in nursing

    Anything with “nurse” on it (eg NP, MSN, CNA, LPN, LVN, eg) will work! I got it with my “Nurse Extern” badge. I’m sure my “Nurse Tech” would’ve worked too.

    [–] When you see other med students in the hospital [Meme] coronaboi78 8 points ago in medicalschool

    They said

    “Bruh, surgery don't even wear their white coats.”

    [–] What to say when a job asks when you can start? coronaboi78 3 points ago in college

    I mean you can do a month of work before then so I’d say start now and then do it. But tell them about the trip before starting.

    [–] yesterday, i had this big, west virginian“tough guy” who needed a foley. coronaboi78 61 points ago in nursing

    Yes. We fortunately work in a hospital with law enforcement so they immediately came up. He was still ‘medically ill’ so he wasn’t arrested on the spot but I am pressing assault charges an as individual and then the hospital is also filing charges. Surprisingly the daughter defended him saying he was “never like this” but I don’t care. I’ve learned through this subreddit and my coworkers I deserve to feel safe at work and not just take assaults as “part of the job.”

    [–] yesterday, i had this big, west virginian“tough guy” who needed a foley. coronaboi78 82 points ago in nursing

    I agree 100% Last Saturday we had an extremely combative patient who kicked me in the stomach (I was standing bed side), I fell and cut my arm so bad it needed seven stitches. He also called our staff racial slurs and made death threats. Fortunately our nursing administrator came down and had him removed from the hospital. They do not tolerate that level of abuse.

    [–] Week 2 of meal prep much better than my usual drive thru McDonald’s coronaboi78 134 points ago in MealPrepSunday

    You’re gonna feel soooo much better. I began meal prepping in December and wow it’s made a huge difference. I lost a lot of weight, feel healthier/happier, I’m not as tired and sluggish, and you save a crap ton of money. Good luck!!!

    [–] Just got accepted into Nursing school! coronaboi78 4 points ago in StudentNurse

    So true!! Everyone always somehow gets 90s or 100s on every assignment and test🙃. What matters is you get the grade required to pass the class and then that’s that.

    [–] I’ll just turn this on... coronaboi78 3 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    Whoever downvoted you is dumb, like look at the surrounding items😂 Not to mention that would be an insane amount of mustard to have lying around.

    [–] My husband, a nurse, passed away over the weekend. The support from his hospital has been amazing. Thank you nurses. coronaboi78 58 points ago in nursing

    Wow... I am so, so sorry for your loss. I know what you are going through is extremely difficult. I wish there was something I could say or do to ease your pain. Please message me if I can help you at all or if you have a crowdfunding up I would love to contribute - once a nurse, always a nurse.

    As a side note, whenever you are ready, r/widowers, is a place for anyone who has lost a companion to share and heal. They may have some helpful resources and coping techniques for you.

    Blessings to you and your daughter. Much love.

    [–] Are you sure you don’t have to pee? Let’s straight cath you... coronaboi78 84 points ago in nursing

    Today my pt asked “Why do you keep asking if I had a bowel movement?”


    [–] PACU ninja turtles - Yay Cake Day! coronaboi78 3 points ago in nursing

    Oh I totally agree 😂 the wife was just asking every 30 minutes for an update and how her husband was. Shit was making me crazy, especially considering it was for a hernia.

    [–] What is your hospital's sick day policy? coronaboi78 7 points ago in nursing

    I feel like these are just general sick calls. I imagine during an extenuating circumstance like pneumonia, death in the family, house fire, etc you can get additional days without penalty.

    When our coworker was sick with cancer he lost all his sick time/vacation time/etc. The hospital kept him as an employee but he wasn’t getting paid anymore. Fortunately the staff on our unit was able to donate our vacation days to him so he could still get paid and support his family.