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    [–] Am I cut out for this? coronaboi78 18 points ago in StudentNurse

    Your professor is a moron. How can someone so close-minded be qualified to teach?

    [–] Knee pops coronaboi78 14 points ago in ems

    Surprisingly an EMT-B in NY can set a patellar dislocation back into place. Have I ever/will I ever? Absolutely not because without ALS to provide some kind of pain med and extra guidance that’s just cruel.

    [–] I just performed the Heimlich on a 9 year old in a restaurant... coronaboi78 11 points ago in nursing

    You’re a hero!! I hope the restaurant comped your meal or something because you saved his life.

    [–] Freaking out !!! Applied for the wrong semester. coronaboi78 1 points ago in college

    What program are you in? If you’re in a general college (eg business, liberal arts) they should be able to switch you (grant classes are full). Best of luck and keep us updated!

    [–] Professor failed whole class, 53 students failed coronaboi78 72 points ago in college

    That’s crazy. Reach out to the dean of academic affairs or even the president. There’s no reason for that many students to fail a class, ever.

    [–] Second Chance coronaboi78 3 points ago in StudentNurse

    When do you take this class? Is it more introductory?

    [–] If you smoke marijuana in a legal state (eg Colorado), but work in a state where it is illegal (eg Nebraska), can you be punished at work? coronaboi78 1 points ago in nursing

    Interesting. I’m not sure if it works like this, but what if you were given it medicinally (eg New Mexico where it’s legal for medicinal purposes) but work in Texas (where it’s illegal)?