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    [–] The harmonica part in Piano Man is more memorable than the piano part cosmic_crunchberry 36 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in Showerthoughts

    Somehow “sing us a song you're the harmonica man” just doesn't seem as catchy

    [–] Somebody please help me. I'm getting nowhere. cosmic_crunchberry 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in exchristian

    Your struggles and frustration, tears, prayers, and questions are very familiar to me, and probably to many others here. I experienced this about a decade ago and can remember begging God for a sign that he exists and is listening. Absolutely zero response.

    Looking back now, it makes perfect sense why. In the moment, I felt confused and afraid of damnation. The way that i overcame this was oddly by setting a deadline, so I didn't have to keep begging like that for my entire life. Also by reading the Bible and the analysis that many have written on its blatant errors, that no all-knowing God could have written. Eventually, I gathered enough evidence of falsehoods in the Bible (self contradictions and complete inaccuracies) that it became clear as day that it was not the “word of God” but actually stories that people came up with. It's like solving a puzzle or a mystery. Once you see it, it all makes so much sense.

    There are many sites that can help you see this. One of the websites I consulted (about a decade ago but still very good) was

    Additionally recommend listening to Christopher Hitchens on YouTube. He follows a clear, logical path in his explanations.

    [–] Critical Equation cosmic_crunchberry 2 points ago in DrDog

    Heya stranger, fancy seeing you here. Thanks again for reminding me to listen to this album! Wonderful spring/summer music!

    [–] Vault package trouble cosmic_crunchberry 1 points ago in jackwhite

    Also haven't received tracking or a package. Emailed as them as well. Getting anxious over here too

    [–] Portugal. The Madness Final Four cosmic_crunchberry 2 points ago in portugaltheman

    People Say was also the song that hooked me on PTM so I feel ya there

    [–] Least favorite PTM song and why? cosmic_crunchberry 3 points ago in portugaltheman

    The first time I watched the When You Die video I had a minor panic attack/existential crisis because the video parodies a death experience so well. All the while I had a big ass grin on my face bc that song rocks.

    [–] My favorite albums collection is finally complete cosmic_crunchberry 2 points ago in mgmt

    OP thank you so much for posting this!! I already loved most of these albums but didn't know Ween yet so I looked them up and it's love at first listen 😍

    [–] My favorite albums collection is finally complete cosmic_crunchberry 5 points ago in mgmt

    Hell yeah, Supermodel is amazing. You probably have heard of them but for anyone else reading this who likes Foster The People, check out their bonus songs that aren't on Spotify like The Unforeseeable Fate of Mr Jones, Tabloid Super Junkie, and Cassius Clay's Pearly Whites. Some of their best songs and a shame they aren't on Spotify

    [–] I’m Atomic, Man cosmic_crunchberry 4 points ago in portugaltheman

    Well like John and the band have said many times the song's meanings are art/subjective and mean different things to different people even within the band

    [–] I’m Atomic, Man cosmic_crunchberry 2 points ago in portugaltheman

    Translating the meaning of the song into picture, big fan

    [–] MGMT's Little Dark Age is (finally) up for pre-order cosmic_crunchberry 9 points ago in indieheads

    Hyped for the album but what happened to the album art?? The singles all had wonderful accompanying art and this looks rather bland. Bummed because I wanted to add to my wall

    [–] Hi, we are Portugal. The Man and you can ask us anything cosmic_crunchberry 2 points ago in IAmA

    Yo that's awesome! Always really connected with the lyrics and music and thought of it as humanist (I am too). Knew there was a reason y'all are my favorite band 🤘🖖

    [–] Hi, we are Portugal. The Man and you can ask us anything cosmic_crunchberry 2 points ago in IAmA

    Big fan of the latest music videos (well all of them really) and how you guys are always experimenting with them. Any chance you might give a VR music video a go at some point?

    [–] Rift Core 2.0 - Known Issues cosmic_crunchberry 1 points ago in oculus

    Couldn't launch any apps after updating. Restarted Rift and computer several times and still nothing. Had to revert to the old firmware.

    [–] Updates to the Sub Playlist cosmic_crunchberry 3 points ago in portugaltheman

    Just music you enjoy and think others from the sub might enjoy

    [–] 20 year old who is losing faith while learning to be a missionary in Asia. cosmic_crunchberry 6 points ago in exchristian

    The best thing you can do for yourself is be truthful with your family when the right moment presents itself. I spent 4 years acting like I still believed to my parents because I was afraid of their reaction. I felt fake and felt unable to make any connection with them as a result. Drove me crazy.

    When I finally told them I didn't believe in Christianity anymore, it was such a relief. Frightful in the moment, but very worth it in the long term for your own mental health. They will probably try to bring you back, but just let them know it isn't possible (like trying to believe in Santa again). Then you can feel genuine, honest, and comfortable around them again, which is so much better.

    [–] Witchyscope - Felix Colgrave cosmic_crunchberry 1 points ago in blackmagicfuckery

    Credit to animator Felix Coltrave, highly recommend his animation shorts:

    [–] Agnostic now believes in God after Las Vegas attack. Wait why? Because God protected you but not everyone else? cosmic_crunchberry 2 points ago in exchristian

    Anyone familiar with the secular band Guster? They wrote a song called "Stay With Me Jesus" about people like this. It's a satirical look at people who claim glory to God while everyone around them perishes: