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    [–] CMV: smoking any place where others inhale your smoke should be illegal (public places) cousinleo 3 points ago in changemyview

    Why did I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to find this comment. Outside is a public space. Not his space, not non-smokers' space but every member of the public's.

    OP is a moron for thinking anyone who wants to smoke outside should do so 50 ft from a non-smoker.

    How would that even be physically feasible?

    [–] Kumar, please cousinleo 24 points ago in FirstNameBasis

    For me the spelling of the world lose is the biggest problem in this post, which helps highlight how much it annoys me.

    [–] Kumar, please cousinleo 123 points ago in FirstNameBasis

    One of the things I hate most in this world is when someone uses the word "loose" when they mean lose.

    What is that? Why?

    [–] RePost: AtuuN Used Macro On Meepo At TI Qualifiers (With Proof) cousinleo 1 points ago in DotA2

    It's legal in pubs to use macros for stuff like Meepo poofs and Invoker combos.

    [–] Mutation idea: Australian servers cousinleo 14 points ago in DotA2

    This is the exact issue a lot of folks are having on EU servers.

    Cannot control your hero but everything else around you continues as normal. Then it resumes.

    [–] Mutation idea: Australian servers cousinleo 61 points ago in DotA2

    Pretty sure EU already has this feature as well in regular ranked.

    Although ours is a low ping, high packet loss variant.

    Fun watching your hero stand still while the match goes on around you, then suddenly it snaps back and you realise you're dead...

    And it's been frozen so long you even missed the enemy team BM you after killing you.

    [–] Halo starships size comparison cousinleo 227 points ago in gaming

    If you like those check out the Culture Series of novels by Iain M. Banks. The ship names are incredible and some are downright bizarre...

    [–] Honestly Valve, fuck you. This is honestly pathetic. cousinleo -1 points ago in DotA2

    I can understand the frustration. Some players on EU have been suffering heavy packet loss during games to the point where their hero is stuck in place and everything else around them is still moving.

    I've seen numerous threads and numerous people all stating they have the same issue but yet no feedback or any sort of acknowledgement from Valve regarding this.

    We know it isn't at our end as every other online game or service runs smooth with no issues whatsoever.

    [–] When you nut but she still sucking cousinleo 7 points ago in trailerparkboys


    Just finished watching this episode today, for the first time. Can't wait to start season 12!

    [–] High level pubs are a disaster and inherently promote ruining by any player with ambitions. cousinleo 0 points ago in DotA2

    Spamming a role does indeed inflate your actual skill. So does spamming one hero.

    I'm a mid Meepo spammer and it's all I play, like 95% of games. The other 5% of the time has banned or another Meepo spammer takes him and my game goes to shit. Like actual shit.

    I easily play 1.5k MMR lower, skill wise on any other hero/role.

    [–] Insightful... cousinleo 2 points ago in shittysteamreviews

    Has to be DoTA 2.

    We all have Stockholm Syndrome...

    [–] Need some Meepo help cousinleo 1 points ago in DotA2

    I've always felt in the minority by hating having a 5th Meepo. I've gotten really comfortable with just 4 that I feel my micro would be terrible adding a fifth.

    Also, the way I have my hotkeys/grouping setup doesn't work for 5 Meepos.

    I wouldn't say no to having a +1 Meepo in the talent tree though, then either learning to use 5 Meepos, or just leaving the 5th at fountain as a permanent "TP home" beacon.

    [–] Need some Meepo help cousinleo 1 points ago in DotA2

    No problem. I always hated having to build aghs so I don't miss it.

    Sometimes if I get a kill or two on mid and I'm farming well I still rush BoTs with an aquila and bracer. Start tp'ing to a lot of fights for the blink then go from there.

    Also, BoTs first main item is good if they have a Bloodseeker. So you can tp the Meepo who gets ruptured out and continue to fight.

    [–] Need some Meepo help cousinleo 2 points ago in DotA2

    I have around 700+ games. Depends on the situation but I usually just do treads, aquila and bracer into blink. If you farm mid well and grab some stacked camps you get this around 10 minutes then just start snowballing off of ganks/kills.

    If the enemy line-up has some troublesome and/or elusive heroes, Shaker, Void, Ursa, Wyvern etc. I'll go sheep right after blink to prevent their ultimate going off.

    If no troublesome heroes it's ethereal first then sheep.

    For heroes with annoying passives I go Silver Edge right after blink. Think, Bristle, Timber, PA etc.

    Sometimes it's fun to go Manta to bait out big ultimates as well as giving you more options to scout for solo pick offs.

    [–] PSA: If you play meepo and lose the game, people will blame you. In other words, Meepo has the highest blame rate compare to other heroes. cousinleo 1 points ago in DotA2

    I'm a Meepo spammer as well and I find i get reported if we lose, even if my stats are like 27/5/17...

    You know why? Because I'm a selfish fuck in some games and run around just solo killing players on the enemy team, solo pushing lanes while farming jungle with my main Meepo.

    In some, not a lot, but some games I just don't group up, I don't join them for smokes. I enjoy the thrill of balling out of control on the enemy team until it's 35+ minutes in to the game and my Meepo is starting to fall off hard because I delayed the game and end up costing my team an easy W.

    Some times, not every time, it is your fault as a Meepo spammer and nothing to do with the rest of your team. Sometimes it's also best to recognise this, take responsibility for it and work on it.

    [–] Which heroes do you skip whenever there is a gameplay update? cousinleo 1 points ago in DotA2

    I skip them all and scroll straight down to M in the hopes that Meepo finally gets a buff.

    Not this time...again.

    [–] Can you guys recommend some pc games? cousinleo 2 points ago in gaming

    I'd suggest giving Daylight a look. Start off trapped in an asylum with nothing but your mobile phone torch as a source of light...

    I'll leave the rest unspoiled in case you pick it up.

    Another good horror/psychological game is Observer. Cyberpunk themed starring Rutger Hauer. I loved it but I'm a huge cyberpunk fan anyway. It's sort of a mind bending horror. I suggest watching some footage or reading some reviews first.

    There isn't a lot of action so to speak. Great story, puzzles to solve, investigative work etc but not so much actual action lol

    Strategy games I'd try, Crusader Kings 2, Stellaris, Civ VI, any of the modern Anno series or Anno 1404. Tropico 5 is good as well.

    [–] Can you guys recommend some pc games? cousinleo 2 points ago in gaming

    Yes but it also wasn't an authentic reply but a poor attempt at humour.

    If you like horror games have you tried Daylight? Really good atmosphere and game in general although i've never finished it.

    Do you enjoy strategy games at all?

    [–] Can you guys recommend some pc games? cousinleo 2 points ago in gaming

    DoTA 2.

    Although I can't guarantee you'll get your soul back once it's been taken.

    [–] Just in case if someone wondering how much MMR that we should gained till we could upgrade Medal cousinleo 3 points ago in DotA2

    Has anyone noticed a big difference in their unranked matches since this new ranked system went live?

    For example, my ranked games have, Archon players between 2 to 3 stars. Whereas some of my unranked games will have Divine players in it, with the highest being a Divine 3.

    I enjoy the challenge playing Divines and I'm not complaining just curious if this is a common issue?

    Edit: The instances where I've seen Divines, they weren't in a party but playing unranked solo.