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    [–] 1st Lilac, then Jazz, now Corn Hill 😭 cpclemens 2 points ago in Rochester

    I think that's a great idea! But, the problem with that concept is money. They can pull off an event like that in a Hallmark movie because the producer of that fictional event is fictitious and doesn't need an income.

    Producers of an event are putting on a beloved community service, but their job is to make money. The way producers make money is by crafting an event that brings in a lot of people. Then, they can sell those tent rentals to the artisan-fudge maker at a premium because they can promise a certain number of people will be attending that event.

    That fudge maker says "Well on the weekend of July 13th I could do this event in Rochester and pay $1000 for my spot, but maybe I'll see 125,000 people, or I could do the little garlic fest in this small town and pay $200 for my spot, but only see 5,000 people."

    These things work because the people who are putting them on are able to make a living at producing and promoting the events.

    If it's an event without overpriced lentil soup, how is the producer going to make money?

    [–] 1st Lilac, then Jazz, now Corn Hill 😭 cpclemens 6 points ago in Rochester

    By the way, one thing that hasn't been mentioned yet is contracts.

    Let's say Corn Hill Fest is in contract with Tent Rental Company and they've agreed to spend $X with Tent Rental Company. It's likely that the contract states that if Corn Hill Fest backs out by a certain date, they'll still owe Tent Rental Company some money. There are probably deadlines in the contract where the closer they get to the event, the amount owed increases. So, if Corn Hill cancels now, maybe they still owe $10,000 to Tent Rental Company, but if they wait until next month and cancel, they might owe $20,000. It's likely that the operators of Corn Hill Fest have event insurance, so if they cancel now and lose $10,000, maybe their insurance will cover those losses, but if they wait and gamble by not cancelling because maybe this will be resolved, and turn out to be wrong, they stand to lose a lot more money.

    What if they postpone, vendors drop out because they have other events, people are freaked out about a virus and don't attend the event, now they've lost even more money?

    All I'm saying is it's not as simple as saying "just do it later".

    [–] 1st Lilac, then Jazz, now Corn Hill 😭 cpclemens 2 points ago in Rochester

    But again, these aren’t vendors that live in Rochester and only do Rochester events. If you’re talking about the first week in September, that could be impacted by the NYS Fair. These postponed events will be competing with regional events, and in the case of big acts like Jazz Fest headliners they’ll be competing with international events, too.

    I love the idea of still having events, but I think it’s naive to just say “ah just do it later!”

    I see three options:

    1. Join forces with another event so you have a Jazz Fest/Fringe Fest (which sounds like an effort I wouldn’t want to be the accountant on)

    2. Cancel altogether

    3. Have a very abbreviated version at a later date.

    Instead of the weekend long Corn Hill Fest, maybe it’s one day with half the vendors that are usually there.

    [–] 1st Lilac, then Jazz, now Corn Hill 😭 cpclemens 12 points ago in Rochester

    There’s a lot of people suggesting this for a lot of events, but there’s a lot to consider when planning an event like this.

    In the example of Corn Hill, many vendors do shows every single weekend and plan their entire summer out based on these schedules. Then, they pay rent fees to be set up there.

    If Corn Hill reschedules to another weekend later in the summer, it’s likely those vendors are already booked at another event. Now those vendors have to decide on which event they think they can do better at and lose their tent fees at the one they skip. If Corn Hill re-scheduled to a date with a popular event (say, the Erie County Fair) they run the risk of vendors not showing because they could do better at a different event.

    And rental companies who rent equipment like stages and stuff would use the same equipment for two different dates. With all the spring scheduled events moving to the end of summer (IF that could even happen), where do people find more stage equipment and tents when it’s already being used for the fall scheduled events?

    Booking a large scale event like this takes a lot more than just picking a date and rolling with it.

    [–] Rochester City Neighborhoods cpclemens 1 points ago in Rochester

    And by the way, I’m not worried about gaps, cause it seems like if anyone could just associate with a neighborhood there wouldn’t be a gap, it would be overlap that becomes the issue.

    So, I live close to Penfield (like real close) and If I start telling people I live in Penfield and then market my house that way, won’t potential buyers be pissed when they find out my house is in the RCSD instead of Penfield?

    [–] Rochester City Neighborhoods cpclemens 1 points ago in Rochester

    It’s definitely an interesting thought. A while back I did some writing on this about regions in the state, because it ends up the same way. Some say Rochester is in Western New York, some say it’s in the Finger Lakes, some say it’s in the Genesee Valley.

    I’ve never really thought this much about the same concept being narrowed down to streets.

    [–] Rochester City Neighborhoods cpclemens 1 points ago in Rochester

    I dunno, man. I just feel like a little more order and design should be there.

    I live in North Winton Village, two streets over from Browncroft, and also pretty close to the Penfield border. And, just a couple streets from the Irondequoit border. It doesn’t seem like any good can come from me just deciding which place I live.

    [–] Rochester City Neighborhoods cpclemens 5 points ago in Rochester

    So what happens when two different neighborhoods claim the same street and then, for instance, apply for a grant to do something on that street?

    It doesn’t seem like a good idea to me that people can choose their own borders.

    [–] Are people wearing homemade masks? cpclemens 23 points ago in Rochester

    Was at East Ave Wegmans yesterday. I’d say it was about 50/50 with people wearing masks there.

    [–] Can you still get a marriage license? cpclemens 4 points ago in upstate_new_york

    It will depend on where. this couple had to drive from Rochester to Oswego before they could find an open office, and that was last week.

    I’d just call first.

    [–] What harmless "bad Rochesterian" sins are you guilty of? cpclemens 3 points ago in Rochester

    Oohhh but they insist that theirs is the best and if you only tried their version you’d understand why it was so great!

    [–] Under Cuomo's non-essential order, are gun ranges essential? cpclemens 2 points ago in Rochester

    I lived in those apartments for four years. I tried contacting them once and didn’t get a pleasant reply. Good luck!

    [–] When are backlinks harmful to a website? cpclemens 2 points ago in SEO

    I get emails regularly from off-topic brands wanting to pay for a backlink from my site. I’ve never responded but I’ve always wanted to ask if they were crazy.

    [–] Auto-Publish from WordPress to Networks? cpclemens 1 points ago in podcasting

    Seriously Simple was one I was looking at because it handled multiple shows.

    For hosting, I can’t just upload the mp3 of the show into the media folder of the site? Do people typically host them off site?

    [–] "I guess there's only one thing left to do" - COVID-19 Pop Culture Mash Up cpclemens -2 points ago in videos

    This was the greatest thing I've seen in weeks until it turned into a dance clip at the end. I cannot escape Tik Tok no matter how hard I try!