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    [–] Trump urges Nato members to double military funding target cr45h0v3r1d3 2 points ago in worldnews

    How about we tackle healthcare premiums?

    How about we take care of our people?

    [–] I lost 35 pounds in 60 days just by eating healthier and doing core workouts. cr45h0v3r1d3 4 points ago in pics

    We should have a furry bastard competition. (Full disclosure, I'm probably more hairier than the hairier guy...)

    [–] Best movie villains? Preferably realistic, cold-blooded psychopaths? cr45h0v3r1d3 2 points ago in movies

    We watched it for Anton, and at first all I could think was Patrick was way out of his element, but damn did he nail it.

    [–] Where do amputees like to shop? cr45h0v3r1d3 1 points ago in Jokes

    Should have went with

    The Half Off store...