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    [–] ILPT REQUEST - Best way to flip $1000? crashzerofive 1 points ago in IllegalLifeProTips

    I believe the term is called FOMO, fear of missing out

    [–] How do I get this salt off my shoes? crashzerofive 3 points ago in howto

    Came here for this, was not let down.

    [–] You know me 🐕 crashzerofive 11 points ago in dogecoin

    Haha this made me laugh. Nice one.

    [–] What would happen if the US President attacks the US? crashzerofive 1 points ago in Ask_Politics

    Former Army Veteran here, it really wouldn’t go down like that. Realistically, this is how I’ve imagined it in my head because I, too, have thought about another civil war breaking out. 1) Soldiers follow their leaders, not always without question but typically soldiers aren’t given a whole lot of information. Should their superiors tell them to setup a barricades in Area 1 and guard it with deadly force. They will do it should unarmed civilians attempt to penetrate said area.

    2) Commanders at platoon/company level take orders from higher level commanders like Battalion/Brigade and typically those commanders are taking orders from the Base Commander (typically a General), so it comes down to which side that General is on. Is he following orders from the Commander in Chief? Secretary of Defense? State Governor? Maybe a higher level General? Those Base Commanders will probably hear the reason why Commander-In-Chief or whomever is giving an order to restrict an area of civilian and protect said area with deadly force. If that General disagrees he could be replaced or demoted immediately, in which case another Officer will do what is told by that Superior. Then what would happen is that General who was relieved is realizing that his superiors are making grave mistakes against the U.S. he will begin to notify his subordinates and begin a coup, this is where the rebellion begins and again, like I said, soldiers follow their leaders, so should that General who was relieved will begin to amass his Army in preparation for civil war, until the point where soldiers will realize “fuck which side am I on? Am I on the rebellion side or for the Galatic Empire?” It’s tough. I’ve played out this scenario in my head quite a bit scared what would happen if we broke out in another civil war.

    Sorry for typos English is my first language. /s

    [–] [SPOILERS] Post-Episode Discussion - Season 8 Episode 3 crashzerofive 1 points ago in gameofthrones

    It’s a tough call. He did seem really skillfull with the bow, that’s the ONLY reason I gave him L5, at most.