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    [–] So I'll be getting Taiwanese in-laws... (same-sex couple) curious_cat123456 3 points ago in taiwan

    Totally assuming that they are more traditional than the son here.

    On a formality, always bring a gift when you visit. A box of expensive fruit, local favorites from your hometown, nice purse for mom, whatever else they like.

    Compliment the food. Speak nicely of their home. Eat and show your enthusiasm for more. Help in the kitchen by washing dishes. Offer help, but be helpful, not clumsy.

    Very typical that they might want grandkids. Did you and your fiancee talk about maybe someday having a baby either by adopting or surrogate? They will be a bit more reassured if you have plans.

    [–] Dating a rich guy in a poor country curious_cat123456 13 points ago in askwomenadvice

    Be his friend. Go to college, study hard, graduate and get a well paying job. After you make it, see if you like him then.

    [–] Men who at some point felt that they were terribly failing in life, how did you turnaround your situation? curious_cat123456 1 points ago in AskMen

    Find something you love more than yourself. You feel a lack of meaning because frankly, it might just be.

    Make your meaning. Continue to challenge yourself to be better person by truly loving someone.

    [–] Boyfriend told me I can’t cook and that’s why I’m not wife material in front of other people. I feel really upset and embarrassed but I don’t know what I can say to him. curious_cat123456 1 points ago in askwomenadvice

    Break up with him now before you become depressed and lonely. The issue is he doesn't know that saying this is hurtful to you. He doesn't know how this wears your self esteem down. He is insensitive by nature and will not change. Leave him now before it happens repeatedly and you have to correct him each time. He will grow resentful and say you are too sensitive or too controlling, which is another level of hurt. Find a guy who is aware of his own actions.

    [–] Drinking tea and browsing reddit when this homeless guy walks up to my table to snort coke. curious_cat123456 1 points ago in WTF

    Do what you want. Search it up. Talk to locals. Do a survey. The sentiment below is reflective of locals.

    Seems that locals have become more tolerant. When I moved to the city (which is how San Franciscans refer to their town), using the term "Frisco" would engender a severely negative response. "San Fran" wasn't as bad but would merit major eye rolling at the very least. These days little is said, but as other posters have indicated, it certainly brands the speaker as an uninformed outsider. Just like when people pronounce "Gough" Steet "Go" or put the wrong accent on "Clement" (it's Cle-MENT not CLE-ment).

    [–] Drinking tea and browsing reddit when this homeless guy walks up to my table to snort coke. curious_cat123456 1 points ago in WTF

    Which is most people who live there - non natives. To your face, no. Of course they go on with their busy tech lives. No one really cares ultimately, of course.
    But why look like a douche when you dont have to.

    [–] How can you describe your legal, legitimate job so it sounds illegal or sketchy? curious_cat123456 1 points ago in AskReddit

    We go to people's homes, take everything, and drive away with all of it in our own trucks. Sometimes we take body parts and blood from people's family. People cry when they talk to us, but we still take it. We walk through what the police left and get rid of their evidence.

    [–] Delivery girl asked for my number and I haven't felt this way in a while curious_cat123456 9 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    Can I offer a suggestion from someone who's been married 14 years? Start by talking about your interests as much as you can. Build a friendship. Hang out with her and get to know her. Get to know her in detail from what's her favorite color to how she acts when she's upset, etc. Really see her for her, not who she is to you. Let your feelings and attraction grow for her based on commonality. 👍

    [–] DAE let other women's appearances affect their self-esteem? curious_cat123456 6 points ago in askwomenadvice

    This is why I barely use Twitter. It's a bunch of 3 sentence attention seeking posts with no depth. It got on my nerves.

    Reddit doesn't have as many narcissistic opportunities to post boobs & ass. My photo isn't even on here and I get way more out of reading & posting.