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    [–] A two penny hangover, the first version of shelter for the homeless, and the origins of the word 'hangover', end of 1800's curlysass 40 points ago in TheWayWeWere

    A two penny hangover” sleeping arrangement in a Victorian poorhouse circa 1900. These shelters charged the clients different amounts depending on the amenities offered. At the low end was a penny sit-up, where a homeless client could get food and shelter from the cold in exchange for a penny. He was allowed to sit on a bench all night, but was not allowed to sleep. For an additional penny, there was the “two penny hangover”. It was like a penny sit-up except that a rope was placed in front of the bench. The client was allowed to sleep when he leaned on (or hung over) the rope during the night. He was not allowed to lie down flat on his back and sleep. The rope was cut at daybreak in order to encourage the clients to wake up early and leave. For four pennies, a homeless client could stay at a coffin house. He received food and shelter.

    [–] 🔥 Fly Geyser, Nevada: accidentally manmade, nature took over curlysass 198 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    Fly Geyser was a man-made well made in 1900. Eventually piping hot, geothermally heated water began to rise through cracks in the well and up to the ground’s surface through what is now Fly Geyser. In 1964, Fly Geyser began erupting with scalding water in multiple places, after a second poorly-capped well was dug not far from the first. The repetitive eruptions dissolved minerals and over time, the mineral deposits developed the mount and various terraces that now surround the ever-growing geyser. And thanks to thermophilic algae that thrive in the wet, hot conditions created by the geyser, breathtaking reds and greens streak the mounds.

    [–] What was your most embarrassing moment as a foreigner in another country? curlysass 1 points ago in AskReddit

    When I had crazy sex in an hotel in Amsterdam . After 5 hours we head a cough at the door. Excuse me, your door is open and guest complain