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    [–] [Serious] What paranormal experience have you had? curlysass 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I feel presences in the house, behind me. One time I saw a black smoke getting out a person

    [–] [Serious] What paranormal experience have you had? curlysass 1 points ago in AskReddit

    One time we played the ouija board. A girl mocked 'the ghost' then theglass jumped in herfaces and exploded in thousand pieces. Her face bleeding af. Needless to say, I didn'tplay again

    [–] [Serious] What paranormal experience have you had? curlysass 0 points ago in AskReddit

    Two days before our wedding I dreamt that Maria came to me to say to son't marry him. The day after I lost my engagement ring. Poof-gone like that. I married him anyway. Two weeks later, he left by motorbike. I had a bad feeling. Police stopped at the house. He had a bad accident, reanimated him and he was getting transferred to hospital. He had a coma, a lot of brain trauma. I didn't saw him until the day after. I broke down from so much sorrow. I felt him there and notin the same time, his skin was cold. I stayed the timethey let me stay, hecame out of brain surgery. Coma was deep, very little brain activity. I went home. Atnight iwoke up cause I smelt him. He stood next to my.bed. crying. Saying babe, I am too broken, I cannot make it. I have to go. Ibegged him to stay, that I couldnt say to our kidsdaddy had gone forever. The morning after thenurse told me they hadto reanimate him as he nearly had a cardiac arrest. Trauma too big. They toldme was very little hope. Secondbrain surgery. Some brain died so they cut itaway. I went to the chapell, I was alone. I cried. I felt a hand on my shoulder, a voice saying'dontcry my child, you are not alone. He deterioted fast. They asked me to unplugthe machine. I refused. A week later he woke up

    [–] So a funny thing happened curlysass 1 points ago in FriendsOver40

    Omg that's soooo funny!

    [–] Metal detector treasure hunters curlysass 1 points ago in FriendsOver40

    In UK you can keep your findings?

    [–] What is the significance of these figures and others that are similar? Spotted at several Italian museums (Uffitzi, Vatican, Borghese, etc.) curlysass 7 points ago in ArtHistory

    They remind me of 'bocca della veritá' in Rome, its a monument with open mouth, legend is you put your hand in the mouthand if you have been lying the mouth will close forever around your hand

    [–] Winter is hard for everybody curlysass 2 points ago in memes

    Why you don't go play outside?