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    [–] [Steam] (Game) Total Madness cykablya7_1337 6 points ago in FreeGameFindings


    Just do the task where you have to join the steam groups and wishlist the game

    Other tasks counts even if you dont do it but open the link

    No card drops and no +1

    [–] Large game giveaway! cykablya7_1337 1 points ago in steam_giveaway

    Rick and Morty


    Pokhara , Nepal

    [–] So mad he did arts & crafts... cykablya7_1337 1199 points ago in funny

    Not usually a comment guy but geez

    [–] This miniature multi tool cykablya7_1337 1 points ago in DidntKnowIWantedThat

    Sorry everyone but here's the link

    Edit: Fixed link