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    [–] Election Fraud in Russia czech_your_republic 11 points ago in europe

    That's why he only won with 76%. Damn CIA-funded opposition trying to overthrow him with their dirty tricks.

    [–] Merkel to push for EU unity on delicate Poland trip czech_your_republic 5 points ago in europe

    Have you been paying attention to the news the last few years? You're either extremely naive or just ignorant.

    [–] Merkel to push for EU unity on delicate Poland trip czech_your_republic 3 points ago in europe

    Then also let in all the poverty-stricken Ukrainians, Moldavians, etc. They will even work for their money and are actually compatible with the receiving country's culture. How many migrants would you be willing to welcome to your own home and feed them from your own money?

    [–] [games] I felt like this belonged here czech_your_republic 1 points ago in GamePhysics

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. also has surprisingly good ballistics.

    [–] Russia poisoning is not EU concern, Germany says czech_your_republic 12 points ago in europe

    And to stop preaching about solidarity while being so self-centred.

    [–] mi a téma pajtások czech_your_republic 5 points ago in hungary

    Mert milyen kocsid van hogy ennyire irigylik?

    [–] Inmate dies naked on the floor after almost 2 days in restraint chair czech_your_republic 6 points ago in watchpeopledie

    As if American mental institutions are any better. There are plenty of horror stories from there, too.

    [–] Video of election fraud in Russia czech_your_republic 23 points ago in europe

    Don't worry, it's not like the state owned TV will show any of this.

    Or if they do, it's either the opposition doing it or it's somehow a CIA plot.

    [–] Far-right demo in Munich czech_your_republic 27 points ago in europe

    I mean, if Australia can be in Eurovision, Canada can be honorary European, too.

    [–] A chance to work for free! czech_your_republic 4 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    She basically wants a slave. Though I guess even slaves had more benefits than this.

    [–] France 'does not recognize' Russian vote in Crimea czech_your_republic 192 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in worldnews

    Just the usual Russian paid trolls who's been plaguing reddit since around the annexation. They've been more quiet lately but with the elections coming up, it seems they're working overtime.

    Though it seems they're getting underpaid/understaffed or something, since the quality went way down; they used to write paragraphs of almost believable twisted reasoning, but now it's basically "lol no u" level of trolling.

    [–] Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson seeks EU support for tough line on Russia czech_your_republic 5 points ago in europe

    If they'd stop bullying and trying to conquer Europe constantly, I'm sure that'd improve relations.

    [–] Circus act doesn't go as planned czech_your_republic 1 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    I mean, gladiator arenas were pretty much seen as circuses, only a bit more brutal.

    [–] /r/watchpeopledie has been made private and is on its way to being deleted czech_your_republic 20 points ago in WatchRedditDie

    It's obviously just an excuse to shut the sub down to make the advertisers happy. This has been the trend on reddit for a while now.

    It also doesn't help that the admins have an obvious agenda. They're purging the subs they don't like.

    [–] Spy poisoning: Russia to expel 23 British diplomats czech_your_republic 6 points ago in europe

    More like in a month, tops. People tend to forget these kind of things rather fast. I mean, a lot of people already forgot the whole Ukraine thing happened, and that was a huge one.