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    [–] Guy beats his girlfriend for joking around, dad gets revenge d_grizzle 1 points ago in JusticeServed

    Not only that, it's the number one cause of death in people who are killed.

    [–] NATF-22. A planned swing-wing variant of the F-22 for the US Navy. (Ca. 1988-92) d_grizzle 2 points ago in WeirdWings

    I agree. However, that being said, if it wasn't for Harmony Gold making it mainstream, I may never have discovered anime. So I owe them for broadening my horizons.

    [–] How do I defend myself against the duolingo owl? d_grizzle 1 points ago in shittyaskreddit

    Poison a Tootsie Roll pop and ask him how many licks it takes to get to the center.

    [–] HMFT after a bad landing d_grizzle 2 points ago in holdmyfeedingtube

    So that's why I has the dumb!

    [–] Hmmm..... d_grizzle 8 points ago in Conservative

    And trying to lower the voting age.

    [–] Thanks I hate this squash. d_grizzle 2 points ago in TIHI

    Smug little fucker, isn't he?

    [–] The Chicago Bulls logo, but in sand d_grizzle 1 points ago in toptalent

    Especially with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

    [–] Trump is down in the polls? BFD d_grizzle -1 points ago in POLITIC

    Who even pays attention to polls anymore? They're just meant to push a narrative.

    [–] What's your favourite “A man walks into a bar” joke? d_grizzle 7 points ago in AskReddit

    I wanna hate this joke but I'm laughing too fucking hard. Take my angry upvote.

    [–] DISGRACE! 😡 d_grizzle 9 points ago in tucker_carlson

    Unfortunately those blue spots run the whole damned state.

    [–] Alien remake? d_grizzle 2 points ago in Unexpected

    No, she's clearly PRRRRREGANTE

    [–] The Matrix d_grizzle 4 points ago in matrix

    no u