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    [–] A man goes to the doctor and says, "I've got a tapeworm." d_grizzle 1 points ago in Jokes

    Holy shit. Jokes in this sub very rarely elicit a belly laugh from me, but this one had me rolling. A+

    [–] This is already better than I could have hoped for d_grizzle 9 points ago in Conservative

    You don't seriously expect them not to cherry pick and take things out of context, do you?

    [–] Some people shouldn’t have children. d_grizzle 1 points ago in fuckthesepeople

    Hopefully the decision is taken out of their hands.

    [–] Came out last week and wanted to share this great moment d_grizzle 19 points ago in RightwingLGBT

    What exactly does "based" mean in this context? Is it like the conservative version of "woke?"

    [–] Can I be an A's fan? d_grizzle 2 points ago in OaklandAthletics

    Fucking Jack Cust.

    [–] Fuck the French and their *shuffles cards * 12th century colonies? d_grizzle 2 points ago in SocialJusticeInAction

    It never ceases to amaze me the things that people choose to be hateful douchebags about.

    [–] cursed_group-photo d_grizzle 5 points ago in cursedimages

    Fuck. One of those heads looks like it came from a child.

    [–] Cursed_inflation d_grizzle 13 points ago in cursedvideos

    That's... Not OK.

    [–] EK probably got nightmares after EM demanded that her son plays a game on my computer. d_grizzle 2 points ago in entitledparents

    Wait a minute... She didn't try to force you to give her son the computer because you're too old for it? This story confuses me...

    [–] EM tries to steal my laptop for her daughter and then assaults me. Her son tries to stop her and gets slapped. d_grizzle 6 points ago in entitledparents

    Not to mention the "give my child your expensive electronic item because you're too old for it" meme that now appears in every single post in this sub.

    [–] The REAL Twilight Zone... d_grizzle 12 points ago in Conservative

    Definitely fairies.

    [–] The Naked truth about marxism d_grizzle 8 points ago in SocialJusticeInAction

    Dude thinks people wouldn't cook their own food pets under communism.


    [–] EK sexually assaults my daughter. Finds out the hard way she's been taught to take care of herself. d_grizzle -2 points ago in entitledparents

    Hes a fucking kid! Hes not a piece of shit, he doesnt know any better. He doesnt know its sexual assault, hes just trying to get a pretty girls attention.

    So... Boys will be boys?

    Fucking gross.