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    [–] Veteran Ohio Democrat Survives Progressive Primary Challenge dacrew 64 points ago in Enough_Sanders_Spam

    "Survives Progressive Primary Challenge"

    LOL, Joyce Beatty won with 68.29% of the vote that is an ass-kicking.

    [–] Hatin’ Ass Spurrier, COVID-19 edition dacrew 92 points ago in CFB

    Ain’t seen a run on ass wipe like this since both Petrinos got jobs.

    Fucking Amazing lol

    [–] Live Smackdown discussion thread 3/13/20 dacrew 7 points ago in SquaredCircle

    "What did we do to you?" Youngstown

    [–] What is your favorite memory of Columbus, Ohio? dacrew 11 points ago in Columbus

    As a kid, I loved going to the Kahiki. I loved that place. I remembered waiting for the thunderstorms inside and loved waving my hands through the dry ice smoke in the drinks. I am sad that I will never be able to get drunk at the Kahiki.

    [–] [GAME DAY THREAD] BROWNS VS BENGALS dacrew 5 points ago in Browns

    lol both QBs don't give a fuck

    [–] [GAME DAY THREAD] BROWNS VS BENGALS dacrew 8 points ago in Browns

    Can we get Gordon Ramsay to fix this shit?

    [–] [GAME DAY THREAD] BROWNS VS BENGALS dacrew 6 points ago in Browns

    Flirty Dancing and NASCAR man Fox has it all.