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    [–] FCC Boss Being Investigated For Potential Corruption daed1ne 1 points ago in neutralnews

    The consumer protection rules only apply if the provider does not disclose the throttling or blocking. All of the commitments made by ISPs in para. 142 and note 511 can be reversed at will.

    I find the first sentence of para. 173 sums up nicely "Even assuming that economic incentives and antitrust and consumer protection remedies may not prevent or redress all potential harms in the interconnection market, we find the regulatory approach adopted in the Title II Order fatally overbroad as it relates to the interconnection concerns identified in the record here." They simply don't care about anything other than decreasing regulation.

    edit: I do realize that sentece only speaks specifically to the interconnection market but I feel it is their overall view as well.

    [–] FCC Boss Being Investigated For Potential Corruption daed1ne 8 points ago in neutralnews

    Well they "considered" Comcast's throttling of BitTorrent in para. 112 but then dismissed it as only one sparse example. Then in para. 123 they claim that "fixed broadband Internet access providers frequently face competitive pressures" that when combined with transparancy regulations would self regulate such abuses.

    Para. 125 shows competition at various speeds not including satellite and wireless which combined only account for 2.6% of broadband subscriptions:

    • 3/0.768Mbps ~80% have 2+ providers
    • 10/1Mbps ~70% have 2+ providers
    • 25/3Mbps ~50% have 2+ providers

    In my opinion 3Mbps downstream is not broadband anymore and 10Mbps barely is. That means that 30-50% of people have no competition in their local broadband providers and thus no protection under the new rules.

    [–] The moment when police enter class room during Florida shooting daed1ne 129 points ago in gifs

    Did you even look at your own link? There may have been a few attempted "mass shootings" but the most successful only resulted in 5 dead, including the gunmans suicide.

    [–] Less than 1 year ago, everyone would have said this was photoshopped. daed1ne 2 points ago in pics

    If it did it would quickly overheat, lots of other things like cold welding and too low(in shade) or too high(in sunlight) of a starting temperature make even starting unlikely though.

    [–] Less than 1 year ago, everyone would have said this was photoshopped. daed1ne 5 points ago in pics

    Lightbulbs are a vacuum or filled with an inert gas to prevent the filament from burning. Vacuums do not have a temperature, the few particles in them do but there aren't enough to carry any real amount of heat. Since there is nothing to conduct to and practically nothing to convect(air) all that is left is radiation, which is garbage compared to forced convection with a fan or just driving 60+mph.

    [–] Elon just showed another view of Spaceman orbiting the Earth in his Roadster daed1ne 9 points ago in pics

    According to UAW, personally between the two I definitely give Musk the benefit of the doubt.

    [–] This handwritten sign posted at Tim Hortons, in Vancouver daed1ne 11 points ago in funny

    Panera Bread, you just find your bag on the shelf and go. Hopefully assholes don't ruin it for everyone else though.

    [–] A Nothingburger... daed1ne 1 points ago in funny

    To be fair when you make the same exact thing several hundred times a day, registering that this one actually has notes can be a challenge.

    That said I'd like some explaination for the time I ordered a chicken sandwich at Zaxby's and got nothing but lettuce and mayo between a bun, no chicken in my chicken sandwich.

    [–] The progression of these bumper stickers daed1ne -2 points ago in pics

    "should we have healthcare or let's people die on the street"

    At least that would be honest. Instead they hide behind government wastefulness and freemarkets, but someone has to pay for those who can't.

    [–] Google sued over 'male discrimination' daed1ne 0 points ago in neutralnews

    That was a trial not a study, so its disingenuous to attack their integrity for abandoning it when it didn't have the desired effect.

    [–] 10 year time lapse of stars orbiting the black hole at the center of our galaxy daed1ne 17 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in gifs

    Despite Sagittarius A* being insanely massive at ~4 billion million solar masses, S2's closest approach at 17 light hours is far enough that the time dilation is only 0.032% or 2.8 hours per year. Additionally time is experienced locally, even if it was significant only an outside observer would see "unusual" behavior. To you it would appear to happen regularly.

    To expand on that, due to time dilation we never observe something cross a black holes event horizon because from our frame of reference it never happens. From the frame of the object being devoured it does happen and at full speed.

    [–] 10 year time lapse of stars orbiting the black hole at the center of our galaxy daed1ne 21 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in gifs

    The star that snaps around the black hole clockwise is S2 at it's peak it is moving more than 5000km/s and accelerating around the black hole at 1.5m/s2 So on the near side you would be 15% lighter and on the far side 15% heavier. You and the earth move together so you weigh the same. Pretty sure you would feel lighter and heavier though.

    [–] Rebooting is always a way out daed1ne 6 points ago in funny

    Obviously, how else are you going to find them?

    [–] Buc-ee’s Rocks! daed1ne 2 points ago in pics

    Yeah, no bonus pay for "casual", after 6pm, or weekends unless unioned, and those jobs are disappearing fast. Holiday bonus pay is only offered if they feel the need to keep too many employees from not showing up. Good luck getting unpaid vacation for any length of time without being fired or what little pay raise you earned over minimum being gutted, unless they are furloughing you to avoid being required to give you benefits.

    [–] If there's half the solar irridiance on Mars than there is on Earth, are solar panels half as efficient on Mars? daed1ne 3 points ago in askscience

    To add to that, even based on that (newly linked?, yet still largely theoretical) paper, solar panels on Mars would not notice an appreciable decrease in efficiency, since above "400W/m2, it is almost invariable."

    [–] [NSFL?] Let's Play The Choking Game, WCGW? daed1ne 44 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    To be fair, not wanting to play the "choking game" is a pretty low bar.

    [–] Well played daed1ne 1 points ago in funny

    The main distinction is between payment and debt. DMV can refuse to accept cash payments, as can the County Clerk when performing a service such as notary. Paying fines or paying for a service that has already been performed, such as car repair, cash must be accepted. In the case of car repair a simple sign on the door saying "No Cash" is enough to waive the requirement. YMMV trying to exercise this as a form of protest, for example, protesting fines by paying in pennies can be considered contempt of court. If you have the time and money to fight they will, most likely, be forced to take it, but you could also spend a few days to weeks in county jail by order of the judge.

    [–] Why does sending thousands of files (e.g. mp3) takes so much time than sending (from one device to another device) a single file of the same size as of the total size of those thousands files? daed1ne 0 points ago in askscience

    A number of things come into play here, many of which were mentioned by others. What most seemed to have missed however is your implication of transfer from a computer to an external device.

    There are many ways for such a transfer to happen each having a different overhead. USB has 3 major versions by itself; then you have thunderbolt, IEEE 1394(firewire/ilink), and more each with their own, usually light, overhead. To make matters even more complicated there are several different protocols that can be used to transfer files over those interfaces. USB can act as a raw file system or provide only a basic interface to manipulate files. In the later case the transfer is often hampered by a unidirectional serial transfer protocol. As an example(made up to illustrate) of the later with the computer being required to wait for confirmation of each before continuing:

    1. Create new song
    2. Set song title
    3. Set song artist
    4. Set album, year, etc one by one(newer specs support consolidating this, though it may still require more than one action to set all)
    5. Transfer song data
    6. Repeat all of the above for each song

    Even the more addressed problem of disk to disk within a computer will often have serious overhead per file as opposed to one large file. An example(made up to illustrate) that would also apply to USB mass storage and hidden under the above hypothetical song transfer:

    1. Check permissions on source file
    2. Journal what is going to be done
    3. Locate free space and mark as not free
    4. Create file entry with name, permissions, creation time, space used(not size but the location), and other metadata(usually stored together but can be spread out)
    5. Copy file data
    6. Enter file entry into the appropriate directory entry possibly requiring the extension of the directory entry
    7. Mark journal entry as complete
    8. Repeat all of the above for each file

    Thats just for a basic transfer other activities such as indexing, thumbnail generation, virus scanning, etc can add to this, but the bulk of that work can be done asynchronously.

    [–] Why did the icon on the tabs turn red? Is there a way I can force it back? daed1ne 5 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    I haven't tried it but this should do what you want. Reddit links a ton of different favicons only one of which isn't red(I looked at 5) but the selection algorithm isn't standardized so I have no idea why your chrome is using one of the reds while mine is still using the white. It could be because my cache hasn't updated, or maybe your running a higher dpi now, or maybe it just knew it would bother you.

    [–] 65 in a 25. Texting. She hit my parked truck. No brakes. Pushed it 20 feet forward. daed1ne 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in pics

    Not sure where to stand on this. On one hand thats far more egregious than anything I ever did as a kid, on the other staying over night in lockup awaiting bail won't do anyone any good. If 65-0 didn't scare her straight nothing will.

    Really what we need is better drivers education with mandatory defensive driving classes. That and swap the minimum ages for driving and drinking. It's pretty clear to me that 16 year olds are not mature enough to drive responsibly, I know I wasn't.

    edit: saw OP saying she was on the phone bragging with her friends further down, maybe a night in lockup would help bring her down to earth.

    [–] Cheerleader does an impressive move Part 2. daed1ne 5 points ago in gifs

    Using data from US Dept. of Ed.:

    • 1837/1951 men's basketball teams are profitable
    • 827/878 men's football teams are profitable
    • 33/2058 athletics departments are profitable

    Initially I subtracted "Not Allocated by Gender/Sport Revenue" assuming it to be mainly the school injecting money into the program. Cross referencing with NCAA Data shows it also included donations. From that data only 13/230 were profitable enough to cover the entire athletics program.

    [–] The old T1 maps did not fuck around daed1ne 2 points ago in pathofexile

    Twinned GMP(shotgunning) -max shrine piety? If it had labyrinthine and hordes/champions I ran it.