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    [–] What happens to the 0.01% of bacteria that isnt killed by wipes/cleaners? Are they injured or disabled? daed1ne 1 points ago in askscience

    It's similar to washing your hands in the bathroom. Wash before to protect yourself and then wash after to help protect others.

    [–] No need to check your surroundings daed1ne 5 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    Manual mirrors are not an excuse to have them set wrong. What does backing up or parallel parking have to do with it.

    [–] How was speed of light measured accurately in the olden days when technology was archaic? daed1ne 4 points ago in askscience

    Specifically the 3.5 minutes is based on the speed of light being one earth diameter per second(12.742km/s vs 299.792km/s).

    [–] What happened to u/GallowBoob? Why has his account suddenly been inactive for 9 months? Has he changed to u/GallowPlaceholder? If so, why? daed1ne 7 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    He has posted 12 times in the last 2 days. It is just that he has pinned 3 posts on his profile causing them to appear on top regardless of sort order, just scroll down a bit.

    [–] Unsaved Work daed1ne 2 points ago in funny

    It doesn't require much luck. Actual remote execution exploits are relatively rare for the core windows subsystems. A combination of disabling unused windows services, good adblock, and not being stupid makes actually becoming infected extremely unlikely. In the past 20 years I've only been hit twice, though I do install patches selectively and pay attention to know when patching is needed immediately. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone really but it is possible and I'll happily take one infection per decade over willfully installing one.

    Note: after writing the above I realized you may have been attacking a lack of patching rather than not running AV. I would agree with that and did let windows update automatically when it would actually ask before rebooting. Since I'm still on Win7 I have to check each update to make sure they don't try to "upgrade" me to 10.

    [–] Gfycat disables mouse back button. daed1ne 5 points ago in gfycat

    If your mouse has 2 buttons then it doesn't have a back button?

    The problem is in the function mouseUpVid in amp-sharepage.min.js. It is added as window mouseup event listener and unconditionally calls e.preventDefault. Encapsulate that with a conditional if (e.button == 0) so it only blocks left clicks.

    [–] Anti-electricity cartoon from 1900 daed1ne 4 points ago in pics

    It's similar to the fear of nuclear power despite coal power killing more people per year than nuclear power has in its entire lifetime.

    [–] Apple deprecates OpenGL will this cause problems for factorio? daed1ne 2 points ago in factorio

    From FF #230 it looks like the new renderer is pure OpenGL 3.2/DirectX 11 with SDL only being used for cross-platform input, window, and event handling.

    [–] Trump will hit EU with steel, aluminum tariffs: report daed1ne 2 points ago in neutralnews

    The EU absolutely has import duties, sorry if I implied otherwise. This for example shows a 10% import duty on cars from the US. Here is a more approachable source that goes into comparissons between EU and US import tariffs. I'd love to read the actual study but I don't speak german. TLDR seems to be that the actual (unweighted) imbalance is 5.2% EU duties to 3.5% US duties, but a lot is hiding in the details. High/low tariffs on goods no one wants to import to begin with aren't representitive of reality. Do Europeans actually want US made cars? Do Americans actually want small trucks from the EU(25% tariff)?

    [–] Trump will hit EU with steel, aluminum tariffs: report daed1ne 12 points ago in neutralnews

    It is disingenuous as per his own link. Imports are treated as input VAT which when used to to produce a product is deducted or even refunded after the product is sold, the same way in which it works for domestic goods. The entire concept of VAT is based on taxing the value added at each step of the supply chain. The only real difference between VAT and sales tax is the accounting, a 10% VAT and a 10% sales tax both(in general) result in 10% of the end consumers price being paid to the government. There are some exceptions to this, specifically VAT exempt end products cause the final supplier to eat the VAT rather than the consumer, but for the purposes of this discussion VAT = sales tax. Additional source

    [–] What's this about cutting the tape? daed1ne 27 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    Original Post

    Video Mirror w/o audio

    Chaperones put tape on hotel doors to know if kids break curfew. OP, a random guy staying at the same hotel, cut all but one and posted a video saying something along the lines of "breakfest should be interesting". Before morning he deleted the post and original video. Some redditors later identified the hotel and notified the front desk to spare the kids punishment.

    [–] PSA: Inserters onto splitters are rotationally bugged. daed1ne 2 points ago in factorio

    I'd go even further and mandate that speed be included in rotational symmetry. Theres no logical reason that rotating something should break or slow it down. That and stack inserters being faster with moving belts if you override them to only 10 items are why I haven't played in 2 weeks.

    [–] Bots or belts? daed1ne 0 points ago in factorio

    They need to make stack inserters not be stupid and also nerf their chest to chest rate to help bring bots in line with belts. Trying to do beacon rows with belts is a nightmare, with bots it's a joke.

    [–] Balancing two full belt inputs to one daed1ne 1 points ago in factorio

    It sounds like your trying to mix items on the output belt. I see two ways of mixing and it isn't clear which you want so I've included both.

    If you want:


    Then !blueprint merge

    If you want:


    Then !blueprint interleave

    Interleaving requires a circuit unless your certain neither input belt ever falls below 50% of the output belts capacity. If thats the case just remove the circuitry and wires. Otherwise you need to configure the circuit for your inputs. In the blueprint it is set to iron on the left and copper on the right. Just update the 2 combinators and lower 2 belts settings with your inputs. Left belt replaces all instances of iron and right belt replaces all instances of copper.

    [–] Botless 4.5 Blue Belts out of a single train wagon daed1ne 1 points ago in factorio

    Not quite, red belts need 13.33/s and stack inserters max out at ~12.20/s.

    [–] Version 0.16.40 daed1ne 2 points ago in factorio

    Reverting trashed local achievements but blueprints seem fine.

    [–] Question about train paths daed1ne 0 points ago in factorio

    Unless I'm missing something you already have the waiting bay signalled properly. The reason it isn't using the waiting bay is that distance difference is too great. Either shorten the bay or make all trains take the loop and make the bay inline.

    Also you really want a chain signal above the intersection the northern train is blocking so that it won't block it.

    [–] Pipe system feedback daed1ne 1 points ago in factorio

    I've actually been thinking a lot about the fluid system lately in order to replace it with a mod. For me the two biggest issues with the current system are junctions being completely unrealistic/random and performance.

    For junctions I was going to determine direction of flow and volume and then scale it based on the other flows at that junction to avoid unrealistic over/underflow. This would both make the fluid distribution more realistic and intuitive while hopefully having at most a marginal impact on performance due to only evaluating each junction once instead of twice as happens when you evaluate parts.

    For performance I have been looking for a solution where I could only evaluate junctions and still achieve close to vanilla flow rates and latency. This is where I am currently stuck due in part to the need for massive performance boost just to overcome the lua overhead and also due to the difficulty in matching the vanilla numbers to simpler equations. The simplest solution would be calculate maximum flow based on distance and teleport it on demand. I'm still trying to come up with a way to maintain the current mechanic without having to calculate each segment but bi-directional flow makes that extremely difficult.

    As for what I'd like to see in an implementation aside from junctions and performance I would prefer not much change. While I agree with others that the throughput cost of distance could be made more clear and visible, I do not want that mechanic removed. The suggestions for having pipe tech levels aligned with belt transfer speeds removes the entire point of having a fluid system.

    [–] What's going on with /r/hailcorporate and the bitcoin cash stuff and the new alternate subreddit? daed1ne 13 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    Don't care enough to verify, but if any of this is true r/hailcorporate isn't hailing corporate so much as using the platform to call out r/bitcoin's hailing corporate. TLDR the head mod or r/bitcoin also controls and He is using these platforms to censor dissent and spread disinformation in favor of Blockstream a mysterious company that bought out or exiled all of the bitcoin core devs.

    [–] Tankless Pumpless Lossless 1120MW Reactor daed1ne 3 points ago in factorio

    I'm almost certain that isn't an issue anymore. I only built the first one by hand, the rest were blueprints and I've placed at least 20 without any issue.