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    [–] Bots or belts? daed1ne 0 points ago in factorio

    They need to make stack inserters not be stupid and also nerf their chest to chest rate to help bring bots in line with belts. Trying to do beacon rows with belts is a nightmare, with bots it's a joke.

    [–] Balancing two full belt inputs to one daed1ne 1 points ago in factorio

    It sounds like your trying to mix items on the output belt. I see two ways of mixing and it isn't clear which you want so I've included both.

    If you want:


    Then !blueprint merge

    If you want:


    Then !blueprint interleave

    Interleaving requires a circuit unless your certain neither input belt ever falls below 50% of the output belts capacity. If thats the case just remove the circuitry and wires. Otherwise you need to configure the circuit for your inputs. In the blueprint it is set to iron on the left and copper on the right. Just update the 2 combinators and lower 2 belts settings with your inputs. Left belt replaces all instances of iron and right belt replaces all instances of copper.

    [–] Botless 4.5 Blue Belts out of a single train wagon daed1ne 1 points ago in factorio

    Not quite, red belts need 13.33/s and stack inserters max out at ~12.20/s.

    [–] Version 0.16.40 daed1ne 2 points ago in factorio

    Reverting trashed local achievements but blueprints seem fine.

    [–] Question about train paths daed1ne 0 points ago in factorio

    Unless I'm missing something you already have the waiting bay signalled properly. The reason it isn't using the waiting bay is that distance difference is too great. Either shorten the bay or make all trains take the loop and make the bay inline.

    Also you really want a chain signal above the intersection the northern train is blocking so that it won't block it.

    [–] Pipe system feedback daed1ne 1 points ago in factorio

    I've actually been thinking a lot about the fluid system lately in order to replace it with a mod. For me the two biggest issues with the current system are junctions being completely unrealistic/random and performance.

    For junctions I was going to determine direction of flow and volume and then scale it based on the other flows at that junction to avoid unrealistic over/underflow. This would both make the fluid distribution more realistic and intuitive while hopefully having at most a marginal impact on performance due to only evaluating each junction once instead of twice as happens when you evaluate parts.

    For performance I have been looking for a solution where I could only evaluate junctions and still achieve close to vanilla flow rates and latency. This is where I am currently stuck due in part to the need for massive performance boost just to overcome the lua overhead and also due to the difficulty in matching the vanilla numbers to simpler equations. The simplest solution would be calculate maximum flow based on distance and teleport it on demand. I'm still trying to come up with a way to maintain the current mechanic without having to calculate each segment but bi-directional flow makes that extremely difficult.

    As for what I'd like to see in an implementation aside from junctions and performance I would prefer not much change. While I agree with others that the throughput cost of distance could be made more clear and visible, I do not want that mechanic removed. The suggestions for having pipe tech levels aligned with belt transfer speeds removes the entire point of having a fluid system.

    [–] What's going on with /r/hailcorporate and the bitcoin cash stuff and the new alternate subreddit? daed1ne 12 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    Don't care enough to verify, but if any of this is true r/hailcorporate isn't hailing corporate so much as using the platform to call out r/bitcoin's hailing corporate. TLDR the head mod or r/bitcoin also controls and He is using these platforms to censor dissent and spread disinformation in favor of Blockstream a mysterious company that bought out or exiled all of the bitcoin core devs.

    [–] Tankless Pumpless Lossless 1120MW Reactor daed1ne 3 points ago in factorio

    I'm almost certain that isn't an issue anymore. I only built the first one by hand, the rest were blueprints and I've placed at least 20 without any issue.

    [–] Tankless Pumpless Lossless 1120MW Reactor daed1ne 1 points ago in factorio

    Oh and pumps do not move a fixed amount per tick.

    [–] Tankless Pumpless Lossless 1120MW Reactor daed1ne 2 points ago in factorio

    You can, it just requires a barreling meter for each pipeline. Heres quick merge of an earlier test design and the final version. Should work but a may have botched removing/adding something.


    [–] Tankless Pumpless Lossless 1120MW Reactor daed1ne 2 points ago in factorio

    The 14 underground openings at the bottom are the water inputs. The assemblers are only for monitoring water flow. Only 1 is needed if the instructions are followed to maintain even steam consumption, I used 2 for aesthetic balance. Its in the blueprint but apparently I chopped them off in the screenshot.

    [–] Fluid mechanics are strange (gif) daed1ne 1 points ago in factorio

    Ah, thank you very much. Apparently I had incorrectly assumed that precharging the pipes properly accounted for lag. Found a better timing setup that confirms your numbers, not so much that I didn't trust you as I wanted you to be wrong for 10 undergrounds at 1200/s. Thanks for the tip about fluid void being an accurate counter, makes testing layouts 100 times easier.

    [–] Fluid mechanics are strange (gif) daed1ne 1 points ago in factorio

    Interesting, I can understand how your numbers start higher than mine but how they get lower I have no explaination for. My test setup was creative mode water source -> full tank -> pump -> pipes -> pump -> empty tank. I then used a circuit to count ticks from pump start to the tank filling to 10k and 15k. Difference between the two was 15-40/s, above numbers were the 10k and explains how yours can start higher.

    Oh, too lazy to edit above, but did your testing precharge the pipes? At short distances the difference is negligible but the farther it gets the more delay it adds. After time empty pipes do match precharged pipes for throughput, but it's my best guess for the fall off in your numbers.

    [–] Tankless Pumpless Lossless 1120MW Reactor daed1ne 11 points ago in factorio

    It's stored in the reactors, heat pipes, heat exchangers, and what little steam is buffered. Heat pipes and exchangers store 1MJ/C and reactors store 10MJ/C. If you look at the math I set a target max reactor temp of 990C and each load adds 425C. So if you don't use any power after loading it peaks at 990C and just before it loads again it bottoms out at 565C, actual numbers vary for a number of reasons but stay within the 500-999C envelope. The outermost heat exchangers bottom out at ~515C so if you idle it to a load and then go full throttle it ramps up instantly without needing to heat up.

    [–] Fluid mechanics are strange (gif) daed1ne 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in factorio

    Yeah that forum link is extremely old, most of the mechanics are the same but pumps were changed for the better. Not sure but my guess is they have -100 to 100 pressure on the input side keeping them from being input starved.

    Current pump -> pipes -> pump numbers:

    Numbers were off a bit, see u/chrisgbk's post below for accurate numbers.

    [–] Factorio Train Unloader daed1ne 2 points ago in factorio

    Ah, thanks for the screenshot.

    [–] Factorio Train Unloader daed1ne 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in factorio

    It isn't bad if it works for you but it is far from efficient.

    • Inserters drop on the forward right lane of the belt from the belts perspective. So you are putting 2 inserters on the left lanes and 4 on the right.
    • I haven't actually checked but I would assume sideloading is more UPS efficient than splitters so you gain nothing from using splitters to merge the belt lanes.
    • The above issues can be easily fixed by sideloading. Pull out from the 4th belt down. That is 3 down belts, 1 right belt, and 2 up belts.
    • The outer chest will unload much faster than the inner chest leading to slower unloading of trains.
    • Each side of a wagon can put ~73i/s on blue belts but your capping it at 40i/s.

    *edit: just realized your using fast inserters instead of stack, so each blue belt of output will only have ~33i/s. But this should make the unloading more even preventing train unloading slowdowns.

    [–] on a technical level, why does Factorio run so good? daed1ne 4 points ago in factorio

    I would throw all my disposable income at this if I knew enough of the devs to believe it had a decent chance of materializing. Sick of all the sandbox "space" games with a 100m/s cap that break when you override it.

    [–] tell me a book that you enjoyed recently for pass daed1ne 1 points ago in CircleofTrust

    Last book I read was Gone Girl a few months ago.

    [–] I won't assign any homework tomorrow if we survive to 150 members. :) daed1ne 1 points ago in CircleofTrust

    Why do we care if your students get homework? That said I still hate homework. Assuming you are a teacher try not to punish kids for not doing the homework when they know the material.