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    [–] You’re a wizard Harry! dagobertdoc 0 points ago in funny

    You won't believe: in Latin the meaning of "beatus meatus" is not what you intended.

    Its meaning is:

    happy orifice

    [–] CHP’li niggas when a arab talks arabic in street dagobertdoc -2 points ago in TurkeyJerky


    Tüm ezikler buraya toplanmıș.

    Inferiority complex at its best.

    [–] Anne terliği Türk icadı değil miydi? dagobertdoc -1 points ago in TurkeyJerky

    ... demiș, Jalapeño yazmasını bilmeyen embesil.

    [–] Way to the nearest restaurant dagobertdoc 2 points ago in funny

    Google's route recommendation to the nearest restaurant

    🏊‍♂️ Swimming 🚴‍♀️ Biking 🏃‍♂️ Running

    Just 2 hours

    [–] Transatlantischer Rückenwind für die CSU? dagobertdoc 2 points ago in worldpoliticalhumour

    The guy on the pic is Markus Söder, the Minister-president of Bavaria.

    [–] 22 Türk Lirası dagobertdoc 1 points ago in Turkey

    Vatanseverlik de zaten bir yere kadar, değil mi? Maksat eleștirmek olunca argümanların bir önemi yok zaten. Sen de haklısın.

    [–] 22 Türk Lirası dagobertdoc -3 points ago in Turkey

    Look at the CPI in Turkey: 10 to 12 per cent value loss each year. Compare it with the Euro-Zone, GB or USA. They are under 3%. 9 to 11 per cent difference. It is normal that TL gets less worth. "It's economics, idiot." ⬅️ calm down. it's just a quote. Only in two years Turkish inflation was under 3%. Remember the 80s and 90s. Up to 140% inflation.

    Second thing is: Trade deficite in Turkey. It depends on the market. When people want foreign products, they get foreign products. Look: Trump declares a trade war to the whole world because of the US trade deficite. Turkey seems to ignore it. Everyone can do someting to lower the deficite. You can buy Turkish products instead of foreign products. Vestel instead of Samsung. Renault instead of VW and so on.

    [–] Walll dagobertdoc 13 points ago in funny

    Syrian refugees

    [–] Oh god dagobertdoc 8 points ago in Turkey

    Hulk (arapça) = yaradılış