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    [–] Fallout meets Adventure Time...a portrait request :) daneelr_olivaw 79 points ago in gaming

    Corgi attacking a Deathclaw. Yep, that screams post-apo.

    [–] Excuse me wtf? daneelr_olivaw 1 points ago in gaming

    EA's games are just too realistic these days.

    [–] Some people are sore losers daneelr_olivaw 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Some people should have just been raised properly. I know what you mean.

    [–] Czy osoby pracujące na komputerze widzą u siebie postępujące pogorszenie znajomości ortografii? daneelr_olivaw 2 points ago in Polska

    Czasem odruchowo napisze cos z bledem ortograficznym, ale moze jedno slowo na kilkanascie tysiecy ? Niestety czasem zdarza mi sie to samo w jezyku angielskim :/

    [–] Journalists physically attacked by the aggressive Chinese on Krakowskie Przedmieście on September 14 daneelr_olivaw 1 points ago in poland

    China also has nukes - the tech of which they'd stolen. Just like any other tech they have these days - all stolen from foreign companies.

    They pollute, they kill thier own by the millions (still going on, started by the fucker Mao), they now support the autocrats in Africa, they support the countries who ignore or openly nurture terrorism (e.g. Pakistan). They censor everything that shows their malevolence, not to mention their credit system and absolute abuse that happens to everyone who doesn't fall in line with the party.

    I'll say it again:

    Fuck China

    [–] Playing Doom 3 for the first time and perhaps this is a controversial opinion, but I'm enjoying it more than Doom 2016 daneelr_olivaw 1 points ago in patientgamers

    Doom 3 is almost a survival horror game. It's not as action packed as some of the Doom2 WADs were, I imagine purely through that era hardware limitations. Doom3 had very advanced lighting model (self shadows, volumetric shadows, soft shadows - I think etc.), detailed textures, advanced post processing, parallax occlusion mapping. The AI was also quite advanced, so it couldn't allow large open spaces filled with countless monsters - which had almost become a staple for D2. So Doom 2016 is much closer to the originals than D3, as others have noticed.

    [–] Pripjat Fire Station daneelr_olivaw 9 points ago in chernobyl

    I'm getting very strong Stalker: SoC vibes. Which is obvious, since it must have been an inspiration for that building, north-west of the bridge in the first area (I think).

    [–] FYI Polish dudes use different sizes :) daneelr_olivaw 2 points ago in cyberpunkgame

    There're free refills in the UK and it shows in the general population.

    [–] Borderlands 3 Bingo! daneelr_olivaw -1 points ago in gaming

    Yeah, we don't really know that. They haven't released any numbers.

    [–] My wife has just spotted this cameo at the end of Episode 10 Season 6. daneelr_olivaw 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in PandR

    What can I say man, I come to reddit often but I'm not here 24/7 so I will just never see some posts.

    I have also only watched Parks and Recs three times so far, 2 times on a small laptop screen. Today, I decided to hook it up to our TV and lo and behold, my wife can see everything more clearly and she spotted Michael. I'm actually kinda bummed out and jealous she did because I'm the one point out cameos :P

    [–] My newborn son passed away after 2 days in hospital. Bill is $208,000. daneelr_olivaw 1 points ago in personalfinance

    Sincere condolences to you OP, both for your child and for this sick sutuation.

    ...Holy hell. The bullshit the average Americans have to go through with the medical expenses is the one main reason why I will never consider moving to the US even though I already had some offers from California for decent wages. I would just dread if something was to happen to my wife or to me if I was e.g. unemployed between jobs.

    I sincerely hope that whoever wins the next elections will curb this idiotic situation.

    [–] Germany unveils zero-emissions train that only emits steam daneelr_olivaw 2 points ago in ClimateActionPlan

    Mate, seriously if you see something - post it here. I am fed up with all the negativity. Even though I'm a realist and it'll all probably unfortunately come to life, I want to pop over to this sub every now and then for some detox.

    [–] My wife has just spotted this cameo at the end of Episode 10 Season 6. daneelr_olivaw 23 points ago in PandR

    I hope he turns out to be the ultra arbitrator or something. Or the god of gods.