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    [–] Game Freezes / Crashes after spawning in dangerdave17 1 points ago in dayz

    Dang that’s weird. I haven’t experienced anything like that then. Hopefully someone else here has.

    [–] Game Freezes / Crashes after spawning in dangerdave17 1 points ago in dayz

    Maybe try reinstalling your mods. My buddy had an issue where he was getting kicked from the server we play on because of a bad signature from a mod. Might be worth a shot.

    [–] $98k for a Dumble?? dangerdave17 1 points ago in GuitarAmps

    Until you’ve played out of one I totally see how it doesn’t make sense. Yeah there’s other amps for significantly less but god damn do these amps sound good.

    [–] Best modded server with persistence fix? dangerdave17 3 points ago in dayz

    I usually play on yrun or Adams server and the loot is pretty decent. They both have redux and a few others.

    [–] He protec dangerdave17 7 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    Pretty sure it’s a Great Pyrenees

    [–] He protec dangerdave17 181 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    Then snacks and pets.

    [–] Where do you guys check for live music listings? dangerdave17 1 points ago in asheville! It is basically a calendar that shows every live show in Asheville and surrounding areas! It’s quite new but we are working on getting more people using the site and more artists to use it as well.

    Check it out and let me know what you think!

    [–] Reason #142 why most political opinions suck dangerdave17 23 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    Police murdered Eric Garner for selling loose cigarettes. That’s using serious force for a fucking ticket.

    [–] Sky Lanes vs. AMF Star Lanes dangerdave17 5 points ago in asheville

    Sky lanes all the way. There’s a lebowski mural on the side of it, do you even have to ask?

    [–] What's the rudest thing a guest in your home has done? dangerdave17 18 points ago in AskReddit

    Holy shit. My girlfriend has this one friend who always parks in our driveway if I’m not home and it drives me fucking crazy. I come home and have to park in front of my own house like I’m the fucking guest.

    [–] Why is there no yard? dangerdave17 4 points ago in ozshow

    Pretty sure it’s because the prison is in a densely populated metropolitan area and there is no room for a yard. They do have the gym but you bring up a fair point.

    [–] What are your favorite second hand furniture stores in town? dangerdave17 5 points ago in asheville

    Regeneration Station is cool too if you have the dough to throw down.

    [–] An Open Letter to [adult swim]: I Cannot Watch Commercials Due to Heart Problems dangerdave17 8 points ago in AquaJail

    I had to watch so many fucking “battle angel” commercials I almost went and bought a blood pressure monitor too.

    [–] WTS AliExpress Gibson Les Paul $200 OBO dangerdave17 0 points ago in Gear4Sale

    The back was like that when I got it so not too sure what happened to it.

    [–] EVGA 1070ti for sale on CL for 250 do I do it? dangerdave17 1 points ago in buildapc

    If the warranty through evga is still up I’d be a lot more comfortable buying one.