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    [–] How do you all handle money? darkandtwistysissy 2 points ago in Marriage

    We have one account and only one of us deals with the bills. When we both had our hands in it we would fight a lot. Once one person took over our life is much better.

    [–] is it reasonable to still have a bedtime even on a not school night (it is vacation week still i got one)if u are 14 now? darkandtwistysissy 1 points ago in AskParents

    Yes to bedtimes. Maybe extend it a bit since its vacation but it’s still important to get good sleep! Don’t want to get off schedule too much so adjusting back to regular sleep schedule isn’t difficult.

    [–] I'm a disgusting pig darkandtwistysissy 3 points ago in confessions

    When I was a teenager my cousins and I got super fucking stoned in the hot tub at our grandparents house and then went to Wendy’s with a jar full of nickels and ordered like $18 worth of food. Paid all in nickels. Not sure why we only had nickels.

    [–] Dads can do hair too. (Hey I’m proud of it!) darkandtwistysissy 1 points ago in aww

    Yeah I am a mom and can’t do a French braid. My daughter is almost 3 so I have time to learn. Great job dad!

    [–] Remember when Merideth fell in the lake and this little bitch walked away??? darkandtwistysissy 3 points ago in greysanatomy

    She was just in a ferry crash and probably in shock and traumatized. But yeah it was a dick move to just walk away. Kids.

    [–] What was the first electronic you owned that felt "futuristic" for its time? darkandtwistysissy 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Portable/personal CD player with headphones. loved it and was the envy of every other kid on the bus 😎

    [–] [Spoilers] Tom Koracick darkandtwistysissy 33 points ago in greysanatomy

    Loved him on Ally McBeal and love him on Grey’s. It’s a shame he wasn’t around sooner.