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    [–] Guy from my old school Facebook post darthvadersbanana 18 points ago in niceguys

    And this is why people hate STEM folks, and why I have to avoid half the people in my major.

    [–] I (19F) have been crying about the same thing my boyfriend (18M) has been/hasn’t been doing darthvadersbanana 1 points ago in relationships

    Wait, so is he promising stuff (dates, gifts, etc) and then pulling a bait and switch, or are you expecting stuff from him and wanting him to know what you want (which is what the post seems to imply).

    [–] I (19F) have been crying about the same thing my boyfriend (18M) has been/hasn’t been doing darthvadersbanana 2 points ago in relationships

    At the risk of being a cliche, you might want to consider therapy. Now I don’t think you’re crazy or broken, but:

    • You admit to low self-esteem.
    • You admit to some obsessive behavior around men.
    • You are expecting high amounts of affection in a very young relationship.
    • This is causing distress.

    In addition, this doesn’t seem like a healthy relationship:

    • Communication is poor (mostly on your end)
    • Seems like your boyfriend is walking on eggshells around you.
    • This is two weeks in, generally the honeymoon period.

    Therapy can help you resolve a lot of your issues here.

    Can I ask what culture you are a part of that demands such a high level of attention this early on? The only cultures I’m aware of that do this also involve arranged marriage.

    It seems like you two probably aren’t compatible. But I suppose it depends on if you’re willing to compromise or not. I mean, he’s also pretty young, so it’s pretty unrealistic to expect huge grand gestures and dates, especially if he doesn’t have a job or is still in high school.

    [–] WIBTA asking my GF (f27) of 3 years to consider using her inheritance to buy a property. darthvadersbanana 21 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    I am scared that she wont spend her inheritance sensibly.

    You mean “she won’t spend her inheritance to my benefit”. This is not a smart plan at all, and I think you should know you’re being very selfish here because after all:

    I am more than capable of buying it myself

    [–] My[24f] friend [44f] of 5 years lately has been constantly "one-upping" me about racism, not sure about how I feel? darthvadersbanana 60 points ago in relationships

    I am a black woman.

    Your friend is terrible. On several levels. Saying what she said about your assault is horrifying, seriously. I don’t think I’ve even thought something like that. Sexual assault isn’t some kind of race-exclusive thing. In addition, she’s befriended someone who thinks you are to blame for your own assault.

    Friends are supposed to be supportive and compassionate in hard times, not remind you of the color of your skin. I think a weight will be lifted off shoulders when you dump this friend.

    ETA: you mentioned not having a support group for this. Have you checked if there are any trauma therapists or assault support groups (or any kind of support group) in your area? It might be helpful.

    [–] A Huffington Post writer is currently spending his time fighting with “Cool Cat” over twitter darthvadersbanana 97 points ago in cringepics

    For context, Cool Cat is a character from a really terrible book and film series that a Hollywood reject made. He’s become famous in the same way The Room or The Amazing Bulk or Troll 2 is famous: they’re pieces of crap.

    The creator, Derek Savage is nuts in his own right. He used to have his Playgirl modeling shots and stripper smut stories on the same page on the supposedly kid friendly Cool Cat site, and he’s impersonated lawyers to get criticism removed. He’s also know for being easy to rile up, so there’s that.

    [–] What's going on with Ellen Page and Chris Pratt being anti-LGBTQ? darthvadersbanana 1801 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    Don’t forget that he blamed them for their molestation. I believe he called them “tempters” or something along those lines.

    [–] Hahahahahaha XD XD XD darthvadersbanana 1 points ago in ComedyCemetery

    Poor contouring and/or lighting, it looks like.

    [–] My best friend and roommate [24/M] is lying about his ethnic background to his girlfriend and has me [also 24/M] playing along with charade. I’m not going to betray him but it is wearing me down and I need it to stop. darthvadersbanana 4 points ago in relationships

    I mean, I’d look into why you’re putting this guy’s lies over your own well being first. Good friends generally don’t involve their friends in lies like this.

    If you’re not willing to tell anyone, you’ll have to ask him to stop...which he probably won’t, and it’ll strain your friendship.

    What do you see as the ideal outcome here, out of curiosity?

    Edit: And he prohibits you from doing regular things in your home when the girlfriend’s over? How often is she over? This dude’s not being a good friend.

    [–] I am writing a letter to my (23M) exGF (21F) who I foolishly rushed into dumping - please can you read it and give me any feedback darthvadersbanana 5 points ago in relationships

    My guy, don’t send this letter.

    You treated this woman terribly. There’s no way to walk this back. Many people on your many posts have said this. Actions have consequences.

    [–] AITA When I insisted that personal health and safety is a personal responsibility? darthvadersbanana 3 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    If the event organizers and most of the participants were not members of the group you they were trying to help, and members of the group expressed discontent with their actions, YTA. They’re not being a good ally to that group of people, They’re just trying to make themselves look good in that case.

    But I’m not really sure what’s going on here. And this protest thing sounds...not very bright.

    [–] Strange behavior from coworkers had caused me stress and ruminating thoughts. Is this normal? Should I attempt to salvage these relationships beyond just being professional? darthvadersbanana 6 points ago in relationships

    I’m honestly quite confused here. Why do you think what they did is offensive or unprofessional? I’ve seen my colleagues make similar comments to one another all of the time, especially if they’re close (I am younger than you and in tech, so take that as you will). Is this the first criticism you’ve gotten at work? (I’m using criticism very lightly in this case)

    If anything, it’s your behavior that seems to be straining your work relationships at the moment. For the long and short term (at the risk of being an r/relationships cliche), therapy would be helpful to build a thicker skin and remove the intrusive thoughts, but there are also workbooks that could be useful as well.

    Another question: do you have anxiety? Because this sounds a lot like that.

    [–] AITA for writing off my young brothers depression as just posing? darthvadersbanana 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Well, it depends on what professional you went to. Some professionals don’t diagnose disorders as a matter of practice. There are also some “professionals” who believe children and teens cannot be depressed. So, I don’t know what kind of professional your brother saw and for how long. However, as someone studying the field, it seems a tad suspicious to be diagnosed as “not depressed” in one session (at least in the United States).

    [–] Where the hell are we? darthvadersbanana 61 points ago in SuddenlyGay

    For context, the premise of the show Hetalia is that every character is an anthropomorphized nation (a veeery stereotyped version of the country).

    [–] Where the hell are we? darthvadersbanana 87 points ago in SuddenlyGay

    Well, kinda. This is from Hetalia, so they’re personified versions of Northern and Southern Italy (I think?).

    Which makes it weirder, actually.

    [–] “Cute” vs “Creepy” is only about attractiveness. darthvadersbanana 3 points ago in relationships

    Is this because you kept texting the girl you said was ignoring you? If so, continuously texting someone who doesn’t respond can come off as creepy (regardless of attractiveness). This is amplified when you proceed to blame being called a creep on all women.

    ETA: And further amplified by using the term creep-shaming.

    [–] My (21 M) Girlfriend (22 F) still doesn't feel comfortable around me. darthvadersbanana 1 points ago in relationships

    Umm, no offense dude, but this is sounding like a fart fetish. Or a troll post.

    I have a SO, and so do most of my friends. No one is listening to see if their partner farts around them or not. In fact, I don’t really pay attention to people’s farts at all. Maybe she has silent farts? Seriously, though, this is a bit odd.

    Don’t tell your girlfriend about this, cause that’s a great way for her to feel uncomfortable...

    [–] Why would he (30sM) tell me (25F) tell me to sit somewhere esle darthvadersbanana 5 points ago in relationships

    Oh, is the the person who can’t understand why her professor doesn’t flirt with her in front of his peers?

    [–] Taking weebdom to another level darthvadersbanana 8 points ago in sadcringe

    It got removed for not being bad taste lol

    [–] I'm [20M] upset that my best friend [18F] made out with my ex [20F] and never told me darthvadersbanana 3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in relationships

    Ummm, have you considered that this might just be a rumor or it was a drunken mistake and your friend was ashamed and/or one or both parties doesn’t remember?

    Either way, like you said, you’re kind of overreacting here. Unless you were dating/in the process of reconciling, you really cant expect exclusivity from and ex. And, if this really happened, and you have a history of overreacting to things around your ex, then I can understand the reluctance to tell you.

    At most, I think your friend was possibly a bit rude, but then again, this might’ve not happened at all.

    ETA: also, are you in therapy or some other program? I see a lot of anxiety and possible depression here.