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    [–] MAGA datedusername 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    bruh, this type of ridiculous broad brushing is Trumpian level stupid. Don't be the caricature that the other side paints of you.

    [–] [IMAGE] Unfuck Yourself datedusername 1 points ago in GetMotivated

    Stop fucking swearing and pretending its motivation, you fucks. Depression is a fucking chemical imbalance in your brain. You cant unfuck it with fucking platitudes.

    [–] How do you combat weekend gaining? datedusername 2 points ago in loseit

    I just posted nearly the same thing. Just keep busy. I clean my apartment top to bottom on weekends when I get bored. I take my dog for more/longer walks. I read.

    [–] How do you combat weekend gaining? datedusername 2 points ago in loseit

    Weekends are my best days because a big trigger for my binge eating is work stress, so I can't exactly give a one to one, but...

    a big part of how I control cravings is by rediscovering old hobbies or discovering new disciplines. I took up calligraphy, and just focusing my mind intensely on that for 30-45 minutes a night does a lot to break my fixation on food. Basically anything that activates your mind. I get hungry when I passively sit and watch TV. Not necessarily hungry but bored and just wanting to snack. Or, in the words of Kenko: The pleasantest of all diversions is to sit alone under a lamp, a book spread out before you, and to make friends with people of a distant past you have never known.

    Also, maybe not directly applicable but I quit smoking 7 years ago by simply going for a walk every time I wanted a cigarette. After a week I had walked like 100 miles and I was freaking exhausted.

    [–] Was watching an episode of the office when I noticed a familiar face...CHAMPION!!! datedusername 1 points ago in PandR

    I thought the cone was an added circle and was very confused why you thought that dog was champion for a minute.

    [–] No, Marie Kondo is not on a mission to destroy every beloved book you own datedusername 3 points ago in books

    Its weird how people react so differently to books. The biggest reason why I like physical books is because when I glance at the spine on my bookshelf, it evokes memories either of the story or of where I was when I read it. Even books that I hate will still sit proudly on my shelf. I have about 500 books now, but I've read almost almost all of them and couldn't imagine getting rid of any of them. I hope to pass on at least 1000 books to my future children or grandchildren.

    [–] Sure, My Dude, sure. datedusername 5 points ago in OopsDidntMeanTo

    "I accidentally took this picture" has an implied, "but I like the way it looks anyway do I'm posting it" element.

    [–] Turbulence on this Delta Connection flight was so bad that the Drink Cart flipped Upside Down datedusername 3 points ago in WTF

    I took enough clonazepam to kill a horse the last time I flew and I still white knuckled that bitch for the whole three hours. The pilot hit the wrong chime when we were about to land and the message played that said prepare for takeoff. My irrational ass is thinking the plane will just autopilot into the coffin corner and then I'll experience about 2 minutes of free fall before death.

    There was literally 0 turbulence on this flight and I still wanted to die

    [–] Man of the hour datedusername 1 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    Yeah, probably a better way to describe them

    [–] zara on anxiety datedusername 4 points ago in wowthanksimcured

    That last step will get ya every time

    [–] Man of the hour datedusername 6 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    The biggest problem with meat heads is that they always offer unsolicited advice. Its harmless, but annoying. Like, bro, I dont want to hear about how you boil chicken and then freeze it and use it as the ice in your protein smoothies. Your diet is shit and you arent cut.

    [–] My First Tattoo(s)!!! By Whitney at Big Brain West, Nebraska datedusername 29 points ago in tattoos

    If the top comment was anything other than hey! Listen! I was gonna be mad

    [–] I heard you needed a Valentine. datedusername 0 points ago in AsiansGoneWild

    I thought I needed a valentine, but then I realized what I needed was to fall in love with me.

    [–] Not hating on current trends and technology, but so many don't appreciate the love of a good book! This picture makes me happy! datedusername 35 points ago in pics

    I had a kindle paperwhite and read about 5 books on it before I realized I just didn't enjoy it very much. Some people swear by them, but it just didn't feel right. I wasn't following the stories as well. I gave the kindle to my friend and she said the same thing after a few months. It was then regifted again. I hope it finds a home with someone who likes ereaders.

    [–] [Gif War] Do you guys give up? Or are you thirsty for more? datedusername 4 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    These gifs are so good that I'm questioning my lifelong, inexplicable hatred for kstate

    [–] The amount of GOOD advice in this sub is staggering datedusername 1 points ago in loseit

    People tend to give up on diets that restrict major food groups after initial success because they're hard to sustain. Theres no empassioned defender of hcg right now, and I say this as someone who lost a lot of weight from it

    [–] The amount of GOOD advice in this sub is staggering datedusername 0 points ago in loseit

    I never said they were invalid. I said the studies are mixed, which they are.