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    [–] Feminist cafe that discriminatorily overcharged against men extra 18%, closes down daveinpublic 8 points ago in Libertarian

    But they mentioned men have to refuse to pay it. So, it's not something they choose to add on but publicly say no to each time. Seems like a difficult environment from my standpoint.

    [–] Bad landlord scams his tenants, goes to jail. daveinpublic 3 points ago in ProRevenge

    Hard to imagine a landlord kicking people out after being a day late, if for no other reason than money. You mentioned that it was a small town. Was he able to fill the spots that quickly?

    [–] Deserves it daveinpublic 17 points ago in JusticeServed

    He didn’t get back in the wheelchair afterwords. He looked like he was.. found out. And just wheeled the chair away.

    [–] Donald Trump's U.K. State Visit Faces 'Maximum Disruption,' Protesters Vow to Make Trip 'as Unpleasant as Possible' daveinpublic 1 points ago in worldnews

    I don’t really agree with that. I think Obama wasn’t that charismatic. Just kind of normal and stuff. Trump obviously has problems with his personality, but I do think he’s charismatic and can be interesting and witty when you take time to watch some of his tv interviews.

    [–] Pornhub comments are civil because everyone has had their hit of dopamine. daveinpublic 3 points ago in Showerthoughts

    I’m a much better guy after staying away from porn and masterbation. I fall back now and again, but there’s a big difference between porn and the real thing. It’s a different style, the fake thing is much more women and body types in a hurry, the real thing is much more nuanced and there’s more to see feel and smell than you realize. I’d recommend weening off the porn and getting into reality more, will make you better prepared for the real thing. And I seem to talk to girls way more now.

    [–] Fire Me Anytime (X-Post MaliciousCompliance) daveinpublic 1 points ago in ProRevenge

    I saw that on the three stooges, written on a lawyers door

    [–] Fire Me Anytime (X-Post MaliciousCompliance) daveinpublic 1 points ago in ProRevenge

    Ya the only change I’d make is shortening the bit about what days and hours his old friends worked what days and when they changed hours. But this was a quality post, worth the read.

    [–] Older generations of Reddit, who were the "I don't use computers" people of your time? daveinpublic 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Has anyone said it’s a logical fear? Noone’s saying it’s good, just explaining in response to op.

    And whatever generation you’re in, you’ll have a version of this, too. A future child that is yet to be born will call your generation a bag of losers because you guys didn’t get something fixed sooner or innovate sooner or bring justice sooner. Fact is, the world is messed up, and there’s only so much progress you can make at a time. That’s what older people are talking about when they call the younger generation entitled cause they don’t know how good they have it. Most of the progress you enjoy was made possible by the people we refer to as a bunch of primitive idiots. And the people who wind up enjoying it assume it was always supposed to be that way.

    [–] Older generations of Reddit, who were the "I don't use computers" people of your time? daveinpublic 7 points ago in AskReddit

    CSS documents have the ability to define the appearance of many different web pages which rely on that file. If you update that one css document, every webpage that depends on that css document will be updated with the new style as well. They didn’t have that back in the day, so you had to update every page on your website individually.

    [–] Older generations of Reddit, who were the "I don't use computers" people of your time? daveinpublic 43 points ago in AskReddit

    Back then it was very text heavy. Basically no video. Lots of comic sans, there was no css, so you couldn’t update tons of sites at once. It’s kind of like autonomous cars now. One day, people will say, of course it’s revolutionary. But in its current state, it’s not quiet good enough. And there’s a lot of infrastructure needed so it will cost money and the public doesn’t understand it yet.

    [–] HMFT after I walk past these peaceful youths daveinpublic 2 points ago in holdmyfeedingtube

    How are black guys fighting against it? By spreading the word, by making it public knowledge, by saying let’s not hide this in the dark. That’s what a protest is.

    [–] HMFT after I walk past these peaceful youths daveinpublic 2 points ago in holdmyfeedingtube

    A black guy feels safe walking in a white neighborhood. A white guy doesn’t feel safe walking through a black neighborhood. If you need proof, there’s evidence above. Why isn’t this racism, that a white person has the risk of being hurt or killed in a black area? You mentioned systematic problems, this is a systematic problem. Yet there’s no movements, there’s no news narratives, there’s no actionable items to get this fixed.

    [–] Notre Dame fire pledges inflame yellow vest protesters. Demonstrators criticise donations by billionaires to restore burned cathedral as they march against economic inequality. daveinpublic 0 points ago in worldnews

    You have a lot of money from some people’s point of view. What if they told you not to give money to a kickstarter for an rpg game because they wanted you to give them free money? Would you do it? And then they said you had a bad perspective because you didn’t see it their way?

    [–] STOP LEGALIZED PLUNDER daveinpublic 1 points ago in Libertarian

    If you look at it like that, all of the property taxes come back to you also, how much do you think it would have cost this guy to use all the roads he’s ever used in his life? You think he’d come out ahead?

    [–] [Question] Redditors who focused on career during your 20s, are you happy? Do you have any regrets? daveinpublic 10 points ago in getdisciplined

    I’m dealing with serious hurt from a past relationship. I’ll share a few things that have helped me.

    There is another girl out there who can get you excited. The problem is you’re never out there. And when you are, you just try to act normal. Girls want a guy who is unique, or witty, or different, or does something well. If you’re just being normal, you’re hiding. Pay attention to why you like certain girls, and be that for them. If you want a polite kind girl be polite and kind. If you want a girl with attitude, a sexy body, who always puts effort into looking nice... than stop being normal, find a place to workout, and buy some nice clothes and get a sexy haircut and take a shower each day. This world is worth the effort you put in.. you don’t have to take my word for it, look at the last girl you’re still hung up on, the god who made that possible has made other works of art, as well.