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    [–] Boy got NEXTED so fast demonchefofportland 2 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    God damn. This show was suck trash. This and Parental Control. Both were so scripted that it hurt my fucking insides to look at.

    [–] Fat Joe and Big Pun demonchefofportland 1 points ago in Bossfight


    [–] I swear I’m not schizophrenic demonchefofportland -5 points ago in AntiJokes

    Ahem my friends and I would like a word.

    [–] Woman, let your man laugh. demonchefofportland 1 points ago in rant

    Fuck that old sow. Bill Burr is the shit.

    [–] I love my wife but sometimes she can be a little much demonchefofportland 3 points ago in rant

    This is not ok. You are allowed to talk to whoever you want. Thats not her decision, and her insecurity manifesting as abuse is not acceptable.

    [–] My Formal Collection demonchefofportland 5 points ago in guitars

    Warmoth. They can custom make pert near anything for a fender/fender styled guitar.

    [–] In a video game, if you come across an empty room with a health pack, extra ammo, and a save point, you know some serious shit is about to go down. What is the real-life equivalent of this? demonchefofportland 1 points ago in AskReddit

    You come home from a long day of high school shennanigans. Your well hidden weed is sitting on the coffee table along with what used to be your best pipe. Your mother sits in the corner drinking a glass of wine with that "sit your ass down" look on her face.