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    [–] Random fixture is in friend's parents' new home, she sent me a pic and I have zero idea what it’s for. derrickmartucci -1 points ago in whatisthisthing

    Is that rust in the corner of window frame? Is that a nail backing out left of top of mystery counter cabinet machine thing? Not a newly built house after all?

    [–] Bruh these popped up within the last 3 hours. Not sexually active, is this herpes? derrickmartucci 1 points ago in STD

    It’s not a dire situation. Just educate yourself and do your best not to give to anyone else. It’s seriously a mild inconvenience. Don’t fret

    [–] Is it possible to get a vaginal STD from giving oral? derrickmartucci 1 points ago in STD

    Sounds like yeast. But more importantly you gave oral sex without consent? So like, you were mouth raped? I hope you reported this.

    [–] Choose your filling? derrickmartucci 4 points ago in LegalTeens

    I really should get this OCD under control

    [–] Rawr! derrickmartucci 5 points ago in daddit


    [–] Unprotected oral from a prostitute derrickmartucci 3 points ago in STD

    What is it you need help with? You already know what you did wrong and you know what bad negative results (or positive) may occur. So get tested and don't sleep with anyone until you are cleared.

    Just an FYI.....if she didn't demand a condom then odds are she has a much higher chance of having some diseases and you have a much higher chance of contracting something.

    Not bashing prostitution here but seriously next time buy flowers and hand it to a random chick and try starting a conversation. If you bomb oh well, go home and jerk one out brother

    [–] Teach the skills you wish you knew derrickmartucci 1 points ago in daddit

    Most Home Depot's on Saturday have a kid craft day. They get an orange smock and once they complete building the little birdhouse or pencil box or whatever kit, they get a pin to add to smock.