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    [–] What is the "In-N-Out Burger" of Massachusetts? dezradeath 3 points ago in massachusetts

    Massachusetts doesn't have a burger chain that is iconic to the state comparable to the scale of In-N-Out. Every local chain has like 3 or 4 locations. But you know what, non-chain restaurants are always better in my opinion. Finding a hole-in-the-wall place or a hopping pub or wherever is what I love when dining out. There are tons of options here in Boston for burgers, and things get more interesting when you expand onto all other types of food.

    [–] Question about taxes on capital gains dezradeath 1 points ago in investing

    You'd need to look at both possibilities: selling the stocks up to $157k and then holding til 2019 to stay in the 24% bracket OR selling it all and getting $300k but pay the 32% tax rate. See which scenario leaves you with more money. In example one, paying a 24% tax rate on $157k would leave you with about $119k that you will keep. The second scenario, even with a 32% rate off $300k, will net you at about $204k. So despite the higher tax rate, you'd end off with more money. Of course this depends if you actually make that much of a gain in your investment career (congrats, if so).

    There is no way to avoid taxes. The second you realize your gains, you are obligated to pay taxes on them by a set date (tax day 2019 in this case). If you are to reinvest any of your gains, make sure you set aside the full amount you'd need to pay the taxes and keep it in cash (not invested, leave it in your bank account).

    [–] Which is better for a long buy: AMZN or an ETF? dezradeath 1 points ago in StockMarket

    The best advice I can give is that every analyst, pundit, article, rating, announcement, person that talks about the market has some kind of motive; don't listen to anyone. Everyone has an opinion, and some are malicious to get you and millions of other people to spend their money so they can collect it when things go wrong. Do your own research, make your own opinion. Do not ever buy a stock or invest money without doing the tiniest bit of prior investigative work.

    That said, I own AMZN, but I did my homework on the stock and I urge you to as well.

    [–] Who of you are not heavily invested in the stock market right now and why? dezradeath 1 points ago in StockMarket

    That argument would be more applicable if they were out of the market completely. They're just being risk averse, by only being 20% invested instead of 70%. We dont know their financial situation, a market crash could destroy their portfolio etc.

    [–] Pete Hines confirms that the new Guitar Sword can’t be played as an instrument dezradeath 7 points ago in fo76

    Cleary you've never killed a Mirelurk with a Soil Stradivarius. Or wiped out an entire town of civilians playing Johnny Guitar on your Pipboy.

    [–] Amazon’s LC under 1900 mark. dezradeath 30 points ago in StockMarket

    Anyone that claims X will be worth Y is speculating.

    [–] Creepiest moment in Soulsborne? {Possible spoilers} dezradeath 35 points ago in darksouls

    Scares the little spiders away so they don't attack you

    [–] Woman raped at knifepoint by two men in Allston dezradeath 128 points ago in boston

    That's right around the corner from all the bars on Brighton Ave. Sick fucks probably went after the girl as her night was winding down. Allston is a fun area but it's dangerous for anyone to be alone at night on those streets. I think all Boston neighborhoods should have a blue light system, where you can contact the police at the push of a button.

    [–] 18 - suggestions on investing dezradeath 1 points ago in personalfinance

    With $500 there isn't much to invest. With a 20% return on anything, you'd end up with $100 extra. There's no shame in being enthusiastic and putting in what you can, but you will need more money for it to seem worth it. If you're new to investing, I highly recommend doing research first on how stocks work, what companies you're thinking of stuffing that cash into. Also what's your outlook? Quick money through risk, or long term gains with low risk and time? My first stock I bought wasn't a wise decision. You need to be prepared to lose that $500 in an instant with investing, though with smart choices it's unlikely you'd lose it all.

    I can go on more but I think you should explore /r/investing and similar subs

    [–] 18 - suggestions on investing dezradeath 2 points ago in personalfinance

    Could possibly be from returns. The market has been very generous this past year. I'm curious as to what their portfolio holds.

    [–] Hospital did not use my insurance for some reason, was not notified of bill and it has been over 6 months dezradeath 1 points ago in personalfinance

    Yup, by accepting Medicaid they are subject to their contract with the government and all the rules that follow. One such rule is that they cant balance bill, which is a practice of billing the patient to for an amount the insurance didn't pay. This would only be allowed if the insurance marked that balance as a copay/coinsurance. Medicare has similar rules like that. Government regulation in that regard makes things so much easier for the patient.

    [–] Buying TV - Costco vs Bestbuy dezradeath 2 points ago in personalfinance

    Take this from experience, the quality of a $100 flat screen, 28 inch or so TV is miles ahead what the quality was 20 years ago. If you can't afford a TV without needing to finance it or carry a balance on a credit card, then you can't afford it. It's a TV, something many consider a non-essential item. Why do you want to spend $1000 on the latest and greatest? Tell me what model you originally wanted to buy, post the specs if you want as well. I guarantee that cheap model is perfectly fine even if was built 10 years ago.

    [–] Is buying a home with cash a bad idea? dezradeath 5 points ago in personalfinance

    It's faster for the seller to walk away with. And they don't have to worry about the buyer being a liability (aka defaulting on a mortgage you fail to pay). It seems like you're very lucky to be in your position, accept the gift. If I were you I'd be forever grateful to my parents for this opportunity. Congrats also!

    [–] US ends last of aid to Palestinian civilians, defunding coexistence programs dezradeath 31 points ago in Israel

    Well surely the rest of the world can start donating and providing relief efforts instead of finger wagging.

    [–] The Reason you began playing Dark Souls dezradeath 2 points ago in darksouls

    My roommate said "you should try Dark Souls" and I asked if it was a hard game. He didn't respond, I grew curious. I tried it. I raged. I played again and again. Eventually beating it. Then played the 2nd one, then beat that and moved onto the 3rd. Now I'm constantly jumping between all 3 and have completed multiple characters. About to start Bloodborne, so wish me luck.

    [–] Teen falls to death while trying to take a selfie at Yosemite National Park: Reports dezradeath 1 points ago in news

    According to some Google searches, it takes about 5 seconds at terminal gravitational velocity to fall 1000 feet. Assuming it will take longer to reach terminal, you can assume you get a full 10 seconds!

    [–] Teen falls to death while trying to take a selfie at Yosemite National Park: Reports dezradeath 2 points ago in news

    Makes sense, a nice 72 hour marination in the Florida swamp water really brings in the flavor. Gators are culinary experts of the animal kingdom.

    [–] Looking for an apartment to rent, is this a scam? dezradeath 3 points ago in personalfinance

    It's a scam.

    If you're looking for an apartment, search around trusted realty/rental sites, in America I'd recommend Zillow, etc. Then you contact the agent/landlord listed. Then you schedule a tour to see the property. Then and only then would you sign a lease if you like it. And at that point you'd arrange for standard payment (first, last, security deposit). The landlord will be a local of the area, not some guy in another country. Usually they'd hand the keys over as well during the lease signing.

    In your case, the reason it's a scam is because they demand payment before anything is signed or keys are handed over. That plus the horrible grammar and the international agent needing to be involved, not to mention the generic sounding name of Global Logistics. So many red flags.

    [–] Health Insurance Denies $70, 000 Pre-approved surgery dezradeath 3 points ago in personalfinance

    It seems like everyone has already given good advice. I work at a health insurance company, though we're non-profit and probably operate differently, no two companies have the same policies, etc. Not in claims anymore but when I was, I can tell you we have to process the claim based on what it says. If your providers office/hospital sent in a claim with codes that don't match what the insurance covers, it will be denied. If it doesn't meet the criteria which the prior authorization was deemed for, it will get denied. With this in mind, your insurance denied a claim, I'd like for you to contact them on Monday and ask for a copy of your Explanation of Benefits to show exactly what was denied and why. Be calm and ask as many questions as you'd like. Also call your provider and let them know of the denial. It's much easier for industry professionals to discuss these disputes, but of course you can involve yourself in the process. Most insurance companies provide appeal rights for denied claims, and honestly this could just be a mistake in the coding, which in my experience was the most common reason for a denial. The hospital will bill separately from the surgeon also, so the coding on their claim may be different than what your surgeon submitted if they were paid. One more thing is that you can't ask your insurance to tell the hospital how to bill correctly, as it's a major conflict of interest.

    The most important thing you can do is remain calm and not freak out at anyone on the phone. You're gonna be speaking to some underpaid customer service rep whoever you call, and they will help you as long as you're polite and understanding. Usually these coding denials blow over if the hospital has their claim reviewed by their medical coder. Trust me, they want to get paid too and know individual patients can't possibly afford what they are charging.

    Hope all that info helps, good luck!