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    [–] Missouri High School Student Found With Gun and Ammunition, Intentions Unknown dezradeath 1 points ago in news

    What we could try is still report the event but not talk about the shooter. Instead of the media looking for a million motives, leave that to the feds. The media should just focus on the victims.

    [–] Thirteen Russians criminally charged for interfering in US election, Mueller announces dezradeath 1 points ago in news

    Well he probably factored in the part where they don't extradite to his decision to hide out there.

    [–] Gunfire Erupts at a School. Leaders Offer Prayers. Children Are Buried. Repeat. dezradeath 3 points ago in politics

    Yes gerrymandering does occur but it's not widespread across the entire country, certainly not as much as it's sensationalized to be. Let's not jump into conspiracy theories about Russia stealing votes. They influenced the population, but at the same time shouldn't we blame our fellow citizens for falling victim to malicious propaganda? Minorities have just as much equal opportunity to vote as whites do, I'm actually kinda insulted you think people like me can't get to the damn polls without whitey saving the day. The underlying fact of the matter is that everyone was able to vote, most didn't bother to vote, and those who did vote had their choice represented via the Electoral College system, which I'd like to point out is what both parties agreed to play the game by.

    [–] Happy Valentine’s Day, dress for the occasion dezradeath 1 points ago in gaming

    I thought your comment was funny. Guess reddit wasn't appreciating the jokes this time.

    [–] 60% Of Palestinian Child Detainees Are Verbally, Physically And Psychologically Tortured By Israelis: Report dezradeath 6 points ago in worldnews

    Exactly. Like we know that abuse will always happen in situations where one party holds power over another. Tracking how often this abuse occurs and the clear reasons why is something that we can never get a firm grasp on. This applies to any country, it's very difficult to track cases of abuse that go unreported, and even what is reported can be skewed or incorrect. 60% is a very big percentage, but I wonder if that percent is based off a small number or even accurate at all?? We'd know if we had valid sources of information that we didn't need to do Sherlock Holmes style of investigating just to verify a simple claim. But we don't. Information that is often wrong/misleading is purposely hard to get to in regards to finding the truth.

    [–] 60% Of Palestinian Child Detainees Are Verbally, Physically And Psychologically Tortured By Israelis: Report dezradeath 0 points ago in worldnews

    I know this is a crazy concept, but imagine a world where there are different opinions and on threads like these they happen to clash. People of each side tend to vote for their own viewpoint and whoever gets to it first unfortunately slants the appearance of a thread due to Reddit's algorithm. But sure just label everyone a shill and see how far you'll get, like you're being any less self-righteous.

    [–] Comcast sues Vermont after the state requires the company to expand its network dezradeath 2 points ago in news

    Right, let's make a variety pack. Pick a few beers iconic to your New England state and bring it for the trip!

    [–] State of CA launches Aetna probe after stunning admission dezradeath 3 points ago in news

    Other countries regulate what the provider can charge for a service, which reduces insurance costs obviously.

    [–] Trump sold a $40 million estate to a Russian oligarch for $100 million—and a senator wants to know why dezradeath 1 points ago in worldnews

    To be fair, that's a huge return on investment. Financially speaking, he made a great deal for himself, the Russian buyer got screwed.

    [–] Plane carrying 71 people disappears from radar after take-off from Moscow dezradeath 1 points ago in news

    Well if that's the case you can walk, until a plane crashes to the ground and squishes you, or a car smashes into you and pins your flesh to the wall.

    [–] State of CA launches Aetna probe after stunning admission dezradeath 2 points ago in news

    And to, you know, hedge against the cost of medical care for when something goes wrong. Imagine life without insurance: you break your leg and the hospital hits you with a $10k bill, and you're fully responsible or they send you to collections and ruin you're credit.

    [–] You're offered 10 million USD for eating only a single food of your choice for the next 5 years. What do you do? dezradeath 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Needs a lot more spices, which won't affect the nutritional value negatively and will vastly improve the taste. Plus I'd eat this with hot sauce.

    [–] Name a more insane chart. 🤯 This is the $XIV. One of the biggest inverse volatility ETFs/ETNs ever created. WIPED out in about 24 hours. Insanity. dezradeath 2 points ago in The_Profit

    It's crazy. Shares of the ETN we're worth over $100 per share literally a week ago and now it's at $5. This just goes to show that you need to be careful when betting on the market being calm. XIV made money because the VIX was so low and calm, however monday's DOW plunge tipped the scales and shot up the VIX, which of course destroyed the XIV. People lost millions of dollars, and yes I know that they warn against risk I think everyone should plan a failsafe in case this happens to them as well.

    Note: I never have owned a share of XIV.

    [–] Daily Trading Thread - Thursday 2.8.18 dezradeath 1 points ago in The_Profit

    I'm actually just on the main Reddit desktop website. It's fine I did take your advice and go to the Morningstar page anyway; glitches happen.

    [–] Daily Trading Thread - Thursday 2.8.18 dezradeath 1 points ago in The_Profit

    Shame the earnings list cuts off after M. I'm looking forward to NVDA earnings tonight, expecting a beat. The bull market hasn't burned out yet.

    [–] Amazon will now deliver your Whole Foods free within two hours dezradeath 5 points ago in news

    That's not an issue if you're going grocery shopping. Food for 2 weeks can easily surpass $35 even if just buying beans, soup, rice, eggs, bread, milk etc. If you're buying produce too then it will jump to $50 on average. If you're buying meats and cheese and sauces and whatever else on top of that you could definitely hit $100. Even more if you're buying for a family of 4. So if you're using the service for legitimate grocery shopping then meeting that delivery requirement will happen anyway. No point in using it if you're just getting one or two things, just run down to the store like we've all been doing our whole lives.

    [–] What is the dumbest thing you’ve gotten in trouble for at school? dezradeath 20 points ago in AskReddit

    Yes you certainly can. So many smug assholes I've met in life that think they're better than you because they are intelligent.

    [–] George Soros is reportedly backing a campaign to stop Brexit. dezradeath 16 points ago in worldnews

    That's not how the votes turned out. If there truly are more Brits that want to remain then they should've represented their opinion by voting the first time around.

    [–] Does it make sense to invest when you're paying a home loan? dezradeath 1 points ago in investing

    This opinion can apply to any type of loan or debt: the wiser investment choice is to pay down that liability. It is low risk and you already know how much "return" you will get as you're paying it down. By return, I mean freeing up your own money for the future. If you instead want to invest that money in stocks, for example, you better be confident you can make a profit on your investment and then use that to pay down the same debt. Certainly riskier but possible. Depends on your risk level. I think it's just better to pay down your debt.

    [–] Daily Stock Discussion Thread - February 7th, 2018 dezradeath 1 points ago in RobinHood

    The biggest chunk of revenue is coming from Esports