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    [–] Dave Chappelle regrets saying Trump deserves a chance dietotaku 0 points ago in Trumpgret

    He was on SNL laughing at everyone who was shocked that Trump won, that doesn't quite come off as "make the best out of a shit situation."

    [–] Dave Chappelle regrets saying Trump deserves a chance dietotaku 8 points ago in Trumpgret

    His entire campaign was explicitly about moving backward, not forward. Again, any notion that Trump would be any better as president than he was as a candidate, or that there was any way to affect positive change with him behind the wheel, WAS deluded.

    [–] Thanks, Obama. dietotaku 23 points ago in democrats

    Can we add "his wife actually wants to touch him"?

    [–] Thanks, Obama. dietotaku -12 points ago in democrats

    sad upvote

    [–] I can't seem to claim my free 20 tickets? dietotaku -2 points ago in ACPocketCamp

    i am so mad i burned through all my points getting steel to craft all the new furniture, you guys have no idea.

    [–] Man poops, that happen several times a day and always take 25 minutes, minimum. Real or fake? Discuss. dietotaku 0 points ago in breakingmom

    for mine it's real, but he's had gastro issues since before we met. he actually tried to get it fixed but that ended up only making it 10 times worse. :/

    have you ever just stood there and watched him? or seen how he is if you take his phone away before he goes in there?

    [–] 181012 BTS on Graham Norton Show dietotaku -5 points ago in bangtan

    but that friendship is a context that BTS doesn't have with graham. there's no camaraderie, they literally just met the guy. besides, surely brits can be friendly with new acquaintances without jabbing at fresh wounds (figuratively and literally)?

    [–] 181012 BTS on Graham Norton Show dietotaku -5 points ago in bangtan

    by that logic what doesn't get made fun of? what crosses the line?

    [–] How did you decide to quit breastfeeding? dietotaku 23 points ago in breakingmom

    what do they always tell parents who are flying with children? "put your oxygen mask on first, THEN take care of your kid." you have got to put your own oxygen mask on. you have to protect your own physical and mental wellbeing in order to best take care of your child. trying to force a breastfeeding relationship that just isn't working is more damaging to your bond in the long run. you're absolutely right: fed is best. feed your kid, feed her in such a way that you ENJOY feeding her. that will help you 2 bond, and that will make you a better mom with a thriving baby. "giving up" is not a bad thing when you're trying to force the round peg into the square hole.

    [–] 181012 BTS on Graham Norton Show dietotaku -8 points ago in bangtan

    None of it is at the boys' expense

    "haha you're not as bad off as jimin" sounds like it's at the boys' expense to me.

    [–] 181012 BTS on Graham Norton Show dietotaku -10 points ago in bangtan

    I’m sure BTS knew what they were signing up for when they booked Graham

    did they though? this was their first ever trip to the UK, they're cramming in concerts and promos before the next tour stop, i wouldn't expect them to be so well-versed in british talk show hosts as to know what kind of jokes to expect from them. i don't see anyone implying it's as bad as racism but it's still rude. nor do i see ARMYs not calling out/defending anti-blackness towards black ARMYs so 🤷‍♀️ people can be concerned about more than one thing at a time.

    [–] 181012 BTS on Graham Norton Show dietotaku -10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in bangtan

    i consider myself a pretty heavily sarcastic and dark-humored cynic but i still don't think it's cool to joke about medical emergencies, especially with people who don't come from the same background and wouldn't understand what's so funny about "haha your bandmate who's basically family is in the hospital right now lmao". like would he really be interviewing someone and make cracks about "at least you're not as bad off as your gran with cancer lol"? a little sensitivity regarding the subject of jokes goes a long way.

    [–] 181012 Jimin has been injured dietotaku 8 points ago in bangtan

    istg if they don't book him into a fancy spa for all day hot tub soaks and massages and super fluffy beds for his birthday, imma hop on a plane to europe and throw hands

    [–] Help! I turn 40 this month and it’s been really messing with me. Crying every day, anxiety, anger... I feel like I’m spiraling. Turning 30 was nothing compared to this. Call to arms!: please help me see the bright side of 40. What do you got? dietotaku -1 points ago in breakingmom

    you're that much closer to never having to worry about periods or unplanned pregnancies ever again.

    silver hair is in style now.

    you're leaving that awkward stage of not being young but still feeling like you have to pretend to be young because "30 is the new 20" or whatever.

    you're that much closer to the sweet, sweet release of death.

    in all seriousness, though, age is just a number. i didn't feel any dramatic shift when i turned 30 and i can pretty easily imagine myself turning 40 and nothing really being any different. even when my mom turned 50, there wasn't much difference from when she turned 40. she's 61 now and largely the same except for more gray hair. she works the same job, has the same figure, treats me the same way >.> this isn't the end of a chapter or even the beginning of a new one, there's no page that's turning, it's just... a gradient.

    [–] I hate clutter, apparently my husband loves it. dietotaku 5 points ago in breakingmom

    maybe it is affecting him, to the point that he's shutting down? i bury myself in screens a lot to try and escape things i can't cope with.

    [–] never thought the day would come where i actually ran out of steel 😯 dietotaku 3 points ago in ACPocketCamp

    same problem here. admittedly i have not been talking to animals much or doing many requests because i honestly don't care. maybe i need "hermit crossing," where i just live in the woods by myself and build furniture.

    [–] Today is my lucky day!!! dietotaku -5 points ago in ACPocketCamp

    we do. but OP doesn't get that sweet, sweet link karma & attention that way.

    [–] Trump writes laughably false op-ed about Medicare for All: In a paranoid rant, Trump warns Americans that Democrats want to take away health care. Here's the truth. dietotaku 8 points ago in democrats

    They're framing it as "single-payer takes away your healthcare!" Even Pete Sessions is pulling this out against Colin Allred. Because they're relying on voters' only concept of getting healthcare as being their employer-based private insurance plan. They're shrieking about "Democrats taking away your health insurance!" as if (a) it's not grossly overpriced shit anyway, and (b) there'd be no alternative for seeing a doctor.