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    [–] Yeah diapers are such an eyesore.. /s dietotaku 2 points ago in breakingmom

    kiddo is 6 and only just now getting 2-piece suits that might qualify as "bikinis"... but i still make her wear a rash guard underneath haha. otherwise it's been 100% 2-piece rash guard sets for both kids. hell i wish they made those things in my size...

    [–] Yeah diapers are such an eyesore.. /s dietotaku 9 points ago in breakingmom

    if you take the concept of IG models, and those FB moms who are sharing 80 pictures a day of their photogenic kids in perfectly staged pics, and smash them together, yeah i'm not surprised those people are overly shallow and concerned with appearances to the point of shaming diapers.

    personally when my kids would splash around in the shallow end of MIL's pool in just a diaper and it would swell up like crazy, it was the funniest shit i'd ever seen.

    [–] Ex Admitted To “Accidentally” Strangling Me dietotaku 6 points ago in JustNoSO

    you should read the rules of the subs you shitpost in.

    [–] Are all (almost) one-year-olds tiny hellions? dietotaku 4 points ago in breakingmom

    1. temperament can differ. some kids are still pretty chill at 1, some hit the "terrible twos" a little early. if he's well-behaved at daycare, you can be pretty sure it's not a "rotten brat" issue, just a "feels safe unleashing at home" thing.

    2. totally normal.

    3. totally normal.

    4. more about personality than discipline but what is even wrong with this? he makes noise to get someone's attention? how else is he supposed to get their attention? he clearly enjoys the interaction.

    5. pretty normal.

    6. definitely normal.

    7. normal.

    8. definitely normal.

    9. again, the fact that he listens in some contexts means that he does understand and respect it, he just regards home and mom/dad as the safe place to be free and independent. he always has that urge to defy because that's a developmental necessity, but he knows he has to save it for when he's home with you because you won't stop loving him when he defies you.

    10. see above. it is a natural and vital process to test boundaries with parents, to reassure himself that you won't give up and toss him in a ditch and that there are things he can expect from you. he craves that consistency more than anything so constantly trying to break the vase and being told "no" every time is comforting in a way. he has to learn the rules not just for your house but for the entire world and the only way to learn something is if it stays the same. if the rules are constantly changing, how do you know when & how to follow them? it's like making sure the ground is still beneath your feet.

    [–] Villager dietotaku 2 points ago in tumblr

    200 people, that's an extended family reunion where i live.

    [–] Fake news dietotaku 11 points ago in comics

    it WAS sexist. "google shouldn't seek out female talent because females are inherently inferior at coding, they just can't help it." sexist af.

    [–] Me🐨irl dietotaku 1 points ago in me_irl

    honey, i didn't know this was your reddit account.

    [–] Me🐨irl dietotaku 1 points ago in me_irl

    Turns out that they all have chlamydia and it's making them all sterile.

    don't worry, john oliver is on the case

    [–] Me🐨irl dietotaku 1 points ago in me_irl

    how does an animal even evolve to an exclusive diet with no nutritional value? where... where do they get nutrients to keep living from? why didn't they all die off when they refused to eat nutritious food?

    [–] Fake news dietotaku 6 points ago in comics

    no, i was more criticizing your declaration that now you don't read ANY news AT ALL because you dislike the approaches of 2 specific networks. i mean you know news comes from places other than fox and CNN, right?

    [–] Fake news dietotaku 2 points ago in comics

    it's almost like they realized he was a republican or something.

    [–] Fake news dietotaku 17 points ago * (lasted edited 13 hours ago) in comics

    FOX are "fake news". Their news are maybe biased and they filter information for their own demographics

    what do you call it when a "news" network hires a guy, lies about his credentials, and puts him on the air to make up stories and statistics that fit their narrative?

    it is actually knowingly and deliberately wrong to shape the mind of people who don't know how to source-check anymore or simply can not be bothered.

    this is exactly what fox news does. where do you think all the blustering about benghazi, emails, uranium one, etc came from? remember this? what fox news, and all right-wing media, is doing is knowingly and deliberately shaping the minds of people who don't know how to source check or simply can't be bothered.

    [–] Fake news dietotaku 5 points ago in comics

    fox news is openly right-wing propaganda. they ignore news stories breaking everywhere else if it reflects poorly on the GOP. they fabricate hysteria over buttery males and radical moose lambs and deep state obama conspiracies. if trump were caught sexually assaulting a goat on the white house lawn, the fox news headline would be "HILLARY PLANTS RAPIST MUSLIM GOAT IN ATTEMPTED DEEP STATE COUP." they are neither fine nor "slightly republican," they are a full-throated right-wing propaganda machine.

    [–] Fake news dietotaku 12 points ago in comics

    well that's really throwing the baby out with the ignorant bathwater, isn't it?

    [–] Fake news dietotaku 76 points ago in comics

    problem is fake news actually used to mean something. now "fake news" is used to describe propaganda, when there's a major difference between the two.

    [–] Shadow Guide to Rares Fishing v1.0 dietotaku 2 points ago in ACPocketCamp

    is there something else i'm missing about the loach? i scare away every shadow that isn't a super rare or crucian carp-size, i've caught at least a few neon tetras but i STILL have yet to catch a loach. do they only come out at a certain time of day like the napoleonfish?

    [–] 180525 BTSxEllen Teaser dietotaku 2 points ago in bangtan

    i guess i was thinking of it less as playing to fangirl fantasies and more sarcastically subverting the expectations of the interviewer. i assumed their popularity with those demographics had more to do with their style of music than a sense of machismo but at some point american interviewers need to understand that they have neither the time nor the social flexibility to date. like if i was in a band with my brother and people kept asking me about dating so i said "oh yeah i'm 'dating' my brother."

    [–] 180524 BTS Mimic Iconic Dance Moves From Michael Jackson, Beyonce, *NSYNC & More [] dietotaku 2 points ago in bangtan

    saaaame. and it kills me that 5 minutes before that he was asking "isn't it difficult dancing in heels?" and then he jumps up and puts them on and just SLAAAYS.

    [–] 180525 BTSxEllen Teaser dietotaku 15 points ago in bangtan

    i really hope they start trolling these people back and every time they get asked about dating they're like "oh yeah, v and jimin went on a lovely date to a comic book cafe recently, jin & jhope had a tennis date, suga's in a very serious long-term relationship with his massage chair..."

    [–] Clip of BTS being scared at Ellen Show dietotaku 1 points ago in bangtan

    google's telling me 3pm central so that would mean 4pm EST right? or is it one of those weird things where they manage to stagger it by timezones?

    [–] Clip of BTS being scared at Ellen Show dietotaku 1 points ago in bangtan

    you'll probably have to find one of those sketchy TV streaming websites for that, or there will likely be a torrent up soon after plus ellen will put clips on her youtube channel.

    [–] Clip of BTS being scared at Ellen Show dietotaku 2 points ago in bangtan

    "i scared BTS*!"



    *except yoongi

    [–] Clip of BTS being scared at Ellen Show dietotaku 2 points ago in bangtan

    it's gonna be on whoever your local NBC affiliate is, 4pm EST.