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    [–] Awesome machine diliberto123 1 points ago in WatchandLearn

    I saw one of these a few days ago but I’d assume China

    [–] One shot - two kills. diliberto123 3 points ago in CompanyOfHeroes

    The bullet reflected off of the gun killing the second person in the back

    [–] I just a hit resource wall. There aren’t any more uninhabited systems around and my districts are pretty much maxed out, what should I do? PS this is my first game of Stellaris ever! I am playing as the UNE. diliberto123 6 points ago in Stellaris

    Honestly I’m fairly certain you’re only losing that much because you’re losing more than you’re making

    If you have 0 energy and you’re making -20 you’ll lose the benefit of having energy (shields and stuff) and you’ll now lose more than -20

    Same goes for all the rss. If you don’t want to restart (don’t think you’d need to) you could orbit all your ships, sell all alloys and attempt to rebalance your economy by actually building the things you need. You can do this by selling alloys and pausing game so you can take the time to buy the resources required to make the buildings you need

    It’ll be hard but as long as you focus on getting one thing in the green the rest should eventually follow

    I’ve gone through harder scenarios than you, usually go through this a couple times a game because I focus so hard on expansion

    [–] Took a turn diliberto123 61 points ago in HolUp

    Pm me your proofs

    [–] Took a turn diliberto123 15 points ago in HolUp


    [–] [REQUEST] How much quarters are in this and what is the average quarter per minute to fill it in 2 hours? diliberto123 5 points ago in theydidthemath

    « One quarter is .953 inches across and .0685 inches tall. The formula for the volume of a cylinder is πr²h (pi x radius squared x height).  .953/2= .4765 is the radius. Multiply .4765² X π X .0685 and you have the volume of a quarter as 0.0489 cubic inches. 

    One gallon is 0.133681 cubic feet, so 5 gallons is 0.668405 cubic feet. As there are 1728 cubic inches in one cubic foot, when you multiply 0.668405 by 1728 and you get 1155 cubic inches in 5 gallons. 

    Divide 1155 (cubic inches in 5 gallons) by .0489 (the volume of a quarter) and you have about 23620 quarters. Of course this doesn't account for the fact that quarters are round and will have some space between them. This is for them smashed into a 5 gallon jug with very little air space between them, filled just to the 5 gallon line. 

    A 5 gallon jug will hold about 23620 (smashed) quarters. 

    If you were to put a quarter a second into the jug for two hours straight you would place 7,200 quarters into the jug. With that information, and given that there are several nickles and dimes visible in the picture, one thing can be deduced...

    You sir have just lied to the internet. « 

    By u/Swarls_Barkley_ from op

    [–] Bobo Bro diliberto123 12 points ago in spiderbro

    He’s going to start charging you rent!

    [–] What's the best or a good troop combination as of August 2019? diliberto123 2 points ago in Dominations

    I used 5 tanks (knights),4 supply carts, 5 arty (cannons) and 32 of my unique British rifles for years and only in Cold War am I finally changing it

    [–] Fight looks so real. diliberto123 1 points ago in nextfuckinglevel

    Their parents: Ok! Now do it backwards!

    [–] That’s enough diliberto123 0 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    Gate people like him. Pretends to be noob just to show off