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    [–] Tracker Tuesday for May 22 2018 - Show us what a day in your food life looks like! dimplezcz 1 points ago in 1200isplenty

    Yesterday's food diary—went to go see Deadpool 2 last night and brought my own snacks for dinner; I surprisingly didn't even eat the Skinnypop I packed! I also meant to bring a packet of Oh Snap! dill pickles but I forgot :(

    Breakfast [45]:

    • 3 tbs sugar-free vanilla coffee creamer

    Lunch [551]:

    • 212g Japanese sweet potato fries (174)
    • 2 tbsp barbecue sauce (60)
    • Boca burger (90)
    • Oh Snap! Hot pickles (0)
    • 1/2 c egg whites (67)
    • 6 slices deli chicken breast (80)
    • 85g sugar snap peas (35)
    • 2 tbs Bolthouse ranch (45)

    Snack [170]:

    • chocolate peanut butter Quest bar

    Dinner/movie snacks [495]:

    • 3 oz beef jerky (240)
    • 85g sugar snap peas (35)
    • 4 sugar free peppermint patties (220)
    • 1 can diet cherry 7-up (0)

    TOTAL: 1,261 calories | 83g net carbs | 104g protein | 36g fat

    The movie snacks caused me to go way over my salt & sugar goals so I am consequently up 2 pounds from yesterday's weight buuuut ¯\(ツ)

    [–] What's a fucked up book everybody should read at least once? dimplezcz 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Wait, how is bill Bryson's book fucked up? I started reading it for my English class and only ever got like 30 pages in

    [–] Overcoming gluttony - not just with food. (discussion) dimplezcz 5 points ago in 1200isplenty

    While I don't agree that it's inherently wrong or greedy to eat meat/fish/dairy, I totally agree that in this fast-paced-instant-gratification society, it's important to take a step back from all these indulgences and wonder what is necessary and what is superfluous to our daily lives.

    I've been eating at 1200 calories (with some maintenance weeks) for over a year now, and I'm still not at my goal weight. I think this shows that it's so easy to over-indulge and it's easy to allow yourself to slack off because you think, "well my friends are eating this/taking shots/getting ice cream/etc., so I should too." Real and long-term results take incredible amounts of discipline and determine and TIME. That's the hard part for most people, I think.

    As far as other aspects of my life are concerned, I really have been trying to limit my spending on things I could easily do or make myself, but god dammit if clothes weren't so cute, my bank account would be much happier. I try to spend money on experiences and be in the moment, but that's hard sometimes. My favorite mantra is "don't count the days; make the days count." And that's a good approach to dieting/healthy living, too. Don't necessarily focus on the end goal, but do something beneficial to your health each day, whether it's going on a hike, choosing a healthier dinner when you're out at a restaurant, or treating yourself to a manicure or a movie because it's not something you do everyday.

    I'm not sure where I'm going with all this, but I do really believe that minimal and selective consumerism can lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

    [–] Grocery List dimplezcz 7 points ago in 1200isplenty

    These are things I most often buy:

    • eggs (you can hard boil them for a quick on the go snack)
    • bananas/apples/your favorite fruits
    • strawberries since they're in season
    • broccoli & cauliflower
    • asparagus since it's in season
    • almond milk (for coffee, smoothies, general cooking)
    • Boca burgers
    • protein bars (pure protein is my favorite brand)
    • tuna fish (I stir this into macaroni, mix with egg salad, or eat by itself with some barbecue or Sriracha)
    • Crystal light (unapologetically obsessed w/flavored water)
    • garbanzo beans (so versatile!)
    • ground turkey or chicken (for meatballs, to put in pasta, burgers, etc.)
    • chicken breast/thighs (boneless & skinless)
    • frozen peas/corn
    • lean cusine meals (usually low in calories)
    • Halo top or yasso bars

    [–] Bai Bubbles, anyone? dimplezcz 1 points ago in 1200isplenty

    Yes! This is my favorite flavor! Not a fan of the watermelon one, sadly

    [–] Women that are 5'7-5'9- how many calories do you eat a day? dimplezcz 1 points ago in 1200isplenty

    All of the above! I had some chocolate peanut butter banana proatmeal for lunch (stirred in a scoop of whey), had tuna & egg salad in lettuce cups for a snack, and then chicken meatballs with veggies for dinner. Lots of seafood & poultry & whey does the trick! Today actually ended up being a maintenance day because period & chocolate...before I demolished a 400-calorie chocolate bar I would've been at 1,315 calories for the day.

    [–] Women that are 5'7-5'9- how many calories do you eat a day? dimplezcz 1 points ago in 1200isplenty

    I'm 5'7 and I started a 1200 calorie diet around this time last year. Over the past few months I've been hovering around 140lbs because I upped my calories for weightlifting purposes and there have been lots of celebrations/parties/etc that have caused me to go way over my limit.

    I was probably eating 1400-1500 with moderate exercise (lifting 3 days a week plus 10,000 steps and the occasional 1.5-3 mile run).

    Now that it's summer, I'm way more determined to get down to my ultimate goal weight of 130ish, so I'm sticking to 1200 and have been pretty sedentary as a result. I plan on keeping to my lifting routine once my gym opens up again next week and i might add cardio back in depending on my energy level.

    The best way for me to feel satisfied on 1200 is having a macro split of 40% protein / 30% carbs / 30% fat.

    [–] Sweets at Night dimplezcz 2 points ago in 1200isplenty

    I, too, crave ALL the chocolatey goodness at night. Just today I realized that I literally never eat sweet things for lunch (I skip breakfast) because I usually prefer savory to sweet foods.

    Today, though, I made some peanut butter + chocolate + banana oatmeal for lunch to see if that will eliminate my sweet tooth for this evening. It was really rich and satisfying so fingers crossed that I don't eat the orange dark chocolate bar in my pantry!

    [–] Suggestions wanted: what do you put on a salad with Trader Joe's Green Goddess dressing? dimplezcz 10 points ago in 1200isplenty

    I think a Cobb-style salad would go nicely, since it already has avocado in the dressing:

    • romaine/spring mix
    • bacon
    • hard boiled egg
    • tomato + cucumber
    • chicken
    • Bleu cheese is trash so you obvi don't have to include it (maybe a sharp white cheddar?)

    Or a nice light spring veggie style salad:

    • arugula/mâche blend
    • asparagus
    • peas
    • fingerling potatoes
    • white fish
    • dill
    • parmesan

    Or a spicy mexican-inspired salad:

    • romaine/iceberg mix
    • grilled chipotle shrimp
    • black beans
    • grilled corn
    • crushed up Fritos as croutons
    • queso fresco

    Can you tell I like salads....

    [–] What is a meal you used to eat that you modified once you saw the calorie count? dimplezcz 26 points ago in 1200isplenty

    Chipotle!! I switched from burritos to bowls (the tortilla alone is 300 cals!?!) a few years ago, but holy shit bowls can still be insanely caloric. Now this is what I order:

    • salad (no vinaigrette)
    • pinto beans
    • double chicken & steak
    • hot salsa
    • corn
    • sour cream

    Total = ~585 calories (16g fat / 30g net carbs / 65g protein)

    Still crazy high in sodium but the macros are pretty bangin'

    [–] Tomato-free pasta sauces? dimplezcz 1 points ago in 1200isplenty

    There are tons of butternut squash pasta sauce recipes on Pinterest that I'm gonna try soon!

    [–] Damn this plateau dimplezcz 7 points ago in 1200isplenty

    Sometimes doing a carb "refeed" can induce a whoosh. Basically just eat a bunch of carbs/alcohol at your maintenance calories and it'll flush the water out of your body (I think that's how it works?)

    [–] Fat (Rant) Tuesday dimplezcz 9 points ago in fatlogic

    I feel ya. I recently had to ditch my best friend of ~6 years because she threatened my sister and parents. Bitches be crazy

    [–] Fat (Rant) Tuesday dimplezcz 23 points ago in fatlogic

    I'm sorry you have to deal with that. I'm thankful that where I live now I hardly ever deal with this, but back home is a fucking nightmare. Yesterday I literally changed from a casual dress to a baggy t-shirt and shorts before I went on a walk because I didn't want to attract any attention. Screw us for being healthy, or getting groceries, right?

    [–] Fat (Rant) Tuesday dimplezcz 20 points ago in fatlogic

    How dare you focus on your health & career, the audacity!! /s of course, but I'm sorry that she doesn't recognize your efforts to be a great friend. Her loss.

    [–] Zoodles + reduced-calorie pasta with pesto and chicken meatballs [438 calories] dimplezcz 4 points ago in 1200isplenty

    Sure do!

    • 1 lb Perdue ground chicken (600)
    • 1 large egg (70)
    • ~2 tbs panko breadcrumbs (28)
    • 2 garlic cloves (10)
    • 1 small shallot (14)
    • 1 cup chopped spinach (7)
    • 1 tbs basil paste
    • seasonings: salt, pepper, onion powder, oregano, smoked paprika, crushed red pepper

    Preheat oven to 400F. Line sheet tray with foil & spray canola oil to prevent sticking. Mix everything together and roll out into 15 balls—3 servings worth—and bake for 15 minutes😋

    [–] Fat (Rant) Tuesday dimplezcz 6 points ago in fatlogic

    Holy shit... What a dickhole caterer!! Hopefully you get your money back and you guilt shame them into another profession😂 Congrats on your marriage tho!

    [–] Zoodles + reduced-calorie pasta with pesto and chicken meatballs [438 calories] dimplezcz 4 points ago in 1200isplenty


    • 150g zoodles (32)
    • 1 oz Kroger brand reduced-calorie pasta (75)
    • 30g homemade spinach pesto (54)
    • 5 homemade chicken meatballs (243)
    • 28g fat free feta cheese (35)
    • 2 anchovies

    I cooked the pasta according to package directions, strained it, then lightly sauteed the zoodles for a minute or two over med-low heat. Tossed the pasta and pesto in and then garnished with cheese, meatballs, and anchovies!

    [–] How do you weigh your bananas?? dimplezcz 11 points ago in 1200isplenty

    I weigh the whole thing, eat the inside, weigh the peel again & subtract from the whole weight (if I'm home and have the time. Otherwise I'll just estimate)

    [–] Fat Rant Friday dimplezcz 8 points ago in fatlogic

    Stinky pee is so worth it. Asparagus is delicious!