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    [–] ily overnight oats dimplezcz 2 points ago in 1500isplenty

    • 60g quick oats
    • 25g whey isolate protein powder
    • 2 tbs pbfit (probably will exclude this next time since I topped it with real pb)
    • 0.5 c unsweetened almond milk
    • 1 tbs chia seeds
    • 75g plain nonfat Greek yogurt
    • 9g cacao nibs
    • ~ 100g cherries
    • sprinkle of pumpkin seeds & hemp seeds
    • spoonful of local apple cinnamon peanut butter

    calories: 692 (yeah it's a lot of calories but it kept me full for 5-6 hours, so it's great for IF) | protein: 54g | (net) carbs: 60g | fat: 25g

    [–] Was sent this insta post about the new Archer Farms ice cream calorie count. Is this how you calculate calories? dimplezcz 2 points ago in 1200isplenty

    Yep! When I post my macros on my Instagram posts I always subtract out fiber / sugar alcohols like the other commenter mentioned.

    Since the nutrition label can legally be off by 20%, it's always good to double check with math. I have no earthly idea why they don't just label it with the actual calories (marketing purposes probably), but it is frustrating

    [–] What are good non-perishable food options for a whole day? dimplezcz 4 points ago in 1200isplenty

    • Tuna fish pouches (more plastic this way but you won't have to bring a can opener lol)
    • epic bars (chicken Sriracha and venison are my faves!)
    • various bars that are high carb: RX bars, Lara bars, pure protein bars
    • olive pouches
    • peanut butter pouches

    [–] Doing this diet I am always constipated.. dimplezcz 1 points ago in 1500isplenty

    I find that corn, kale, and Xtreme Wellness tortillas do the trick for me! Also, focusing on chewing your food thoroughly before you swallow helps break down your food better which side in digestion. Saliva is the first step in the digestion process!

    [–] if i don't whoosh like 20lbs i'm going to lose my goddamn mind dimplezcz 4 points ago in 1200isfineIGUESSugh

    I'd honestly willingly do the cinnamon challenge because I love it so much lol

    My favorite smoothie tastes just like a cinnamon roll: frozen banana, oats, almond milk, protein powder, cinnamon, maple syrup🤟

    [–] [Sanity] Fat acceptance is a first world problem that insults third world suffering dimplezcz 10 points ago in fatlogic

    It's the #1 reason I keep myself in check and try to avoid binging/gluttonous habits in general

    [–] Wellness Weekend dimplezcz 5 points ago in fatlogic


    [–] The food part isn’t too miserable, but how do you drink and stay under 1200? dimplezcz 5 points ago in 1200isfineIGUESSugh

    Miller lite. So much Miller lite. I'll have a high fat & high protein lunch and dinner around 500 calories each, then have 3-4 beers since I tend to eat 1300-1600 calories a day since I'm 5'7

    [–] Recipe Thursday dimplezcz 1 points ago in fatlogic

    It's the best thing since sliced bread!😅 But I find it in most stores in the regular butter section. The brand is Brummel & Brown and it's in a light blue tub. 45 calories per tablespoon as opposed to 100/tbs for regular butter!

    [–] Veggie + turkey breast fried (cauliflower) rice! [385 cals] dimplezcz 5 points ago in 1200isplenty

    • 7.6 oz turkey breast (209)
    • 103 g riced cauliflower (25)
    • 37 g edamame (45)
    • 45 g peas (35)
    • 71 g corn (60)
    • 76 g mushrooms (18)
    • handful of spinach (10)
    • sauce: salt, pepper, garlic, gochujang, coconut aminos, Sriracha, tiny splash of toasted sesame oil
    • garnished with fresh mint & purple basil from my garden 😊

    calories: 385 (adjusted for net carbs, w/o adjustment is 402), 22g net carbs, 63g protein, 4g fat

    [–] Wellness Weekend dimplezcz 3 points ago in fatlogic

    My juul totally helps curb my propensity to mindlessly snack when I'm bored. Not the best habit, but dammit it works!

    [–] Wellness Weekend dimplezcz 17 points ago in fatlogic

    550 calories is a lot of wiggle room! a huge veggie stir fry with cauliflower rice won't be more than a few hundred calories!

    [–] Fat Rant Friday dimplezcz 7 points ago in fatlogic

    Omg I feel you on the plateau, my scale has been nonsense lately (changed the batteries and went from 145 ➡️ 142 ➡️ now at 146 wtf??) I just increased my cardio and am trying to not be so lazy about lifting and am recovering from a bad sunburn so I'm contributing my stall to all those factors 😅

    Also, zaful has some bangin' bikinis! The bottoms run a little small and are VERY cheeky, so if that's not your thing then maybe just stick with the tops. They're cheap but I think the quality is pretty good! Also American Eagle has cute & simple ones too.

    [–] Recipe Thursday dimplezcz 2 points ago in fatlogic

    Oh hell yeah. I get the instant kind, and it cooks almost immediately on the stovetop. I'm sure you could add less liquid to make it more firm!

    [–] What do you eat when you feel lazy? dimplezcz 9 points ago in 1200isfineIGUESSugh

    Lean cusine Vermont white cheddar macaroni (250) + a can of tuna fish (100) + steamed broccoli (30) + hot sauce = ~380 calories & is actually filling and tasty

    [–] Seriously, what's up with the veggie - carb swap? dimplezcz 7 points ago in 1200isfineIGUESSugh

    I usually do 50/50 zoodles/noodles so I get really sad and hungry five minutes later. Plus lots of ground chicken or turkey in with my sauce! Actually ends up not being too shitty!

    [–] Recipe Thursday dimplezcz 1 points ago in fatlogic

    Not a recipe, but when a baked dessert recipe / cake box mix requires x cups of oil, you can replace it with the same amount of applesauce!

    1/4 c applesauce is 50 calories as opposed to 480 for a 1/4 c of oil

    [–] Recipe Thursday dimplezcz 2 points ago in fatlogic

    Better yet, add all three of these ingredients into some polenta!

    [–] Recipe Thursday dimplezcz 3 points ago in fatlogic

    I just made my own Greek yogurt coleslaw dressing cuz I didn't want to use the prepackaged version that came in my slaw mix, and it was so good!

    I used about a quarter cup (maybe less) of nonfat plain Greek yogurt, a splash of apple cider vinegar, two pinches of salt, about 2 tbs barbecue sauce, and a few dashes of chipotle smoked hot sauce 😍🔥

    [–] Coffee creamer - real food dimplezcz 2 points ago in 1200isplenty

    That's fair, but personally I don't classify foods as "real" or "fake" since it leads to food moralizing which is just silly IMO. I eat mostly whole/minimally-processed foods, but I enjoy diet sodas & sugar free alternatives from time to time...nothing inherently wrong with them in moderation!

    [–] Coffee creamer - real food dimplezcz 5 points ago in 1200isplenty

    Unsweetened almond milk is 30 Cal per cup