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    [–] Hey Mr. Kellyanne.... Try clicking your heels together 3 times while you say this.... Then it will come true! 🤪🤪🤪 dkneesndnephew 3 points ago in The_Donald

    George actually sounds like he needs help. Not kidding he sounds like he needs to be seen by a professional. What he is writing does not sound like an adult behind the computer. It sounds like a lost human.

    [–] 9-year old drag queen Miss Mae Hem dances at gay bar. This shit is only getting normalized. dkneesndnephew 11 points ago in The_Donald

    Satan worshipers use children in rituals. These Parents have groomed this child not only to be violated but normalized overly sexual behavior. CPS should be on the way.

    [–] I'm a new trump supporter. dkneesndnephew 3 points ago in The_Donald

    We welcome everyone, straight, gay, undecided, God fearing, atheist,any race, any religion but not allowed baby killers, communists, socialist and those who hate the united states of America....we love all people who love freedom.

    [–] My handsome cop husband and I tied the knot! MAGA! dkneesndnephew 3 points ago in The_Donald

    God Bless you both. May you have many healthy happy PEDES. To the hubby. Be careful out there

    [–] Drawing the Line On Campus Radicals, At Last dkneesndnephew 3 points ago in The_Donald

    The University of Arizona has gone one better than Yager. On March 19, two agents from the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol were giving a presentation at a job-recruiting fair, having been invited by the undergraduate Criminal Justice Association. Protesters invaded the room and continuously screamed “murder patrol” and “murderers,” preventing students from listening. “We won’t stop until you get off our campus,” the protesters shouted, as they hounded the agents into their cars. In a sharp departure from the norm, the campus police have filed criminal-misdemeanor charges against the disruptors, for “threats and intimidation” and “interference with the peaceful conduct of an educational institution.” And the university president, Robert Robbins, after issuing a bland statement about “ensuring safety” for students and respecting others’ right to speech, followed up with a far more explicit denunciation. The “incident with the Border Patrol officers” was a “dramatic departure from our expectations of respectful behavior and support for free speech on this campus,” Robbins wrote. “Student protest is protected by our support for free speech, but disruption is not.” The administration was reviewing potential violations of student and employee codes of conduct, he said. Robbins’s turnaround followed criticism from the National Border Patrol Council and Judicial Watch, but as Stanley Kurtz has observed, the important thing is that the university is now pursuing sanctions, regardless of the impetus.