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    [–] The Trump White House’s new hush-money problem dollinsdv 102 points ago in politics

    Remember when all the Obama staffers had to be paid hush money to not trash him? No, they actually respected the man they worked for.

    [–] Got eem! dollinsdv 2 points ago in BravesGIFs

    I love how he shifts over in case Ronald tries to get back at him.

    [–] Mike Pence Once Blogged That a President Should Be Impeached for Moral Failings dollinsdv 2 points ago in politics

    Just once I want to see these assholes called out where they can’t ignore the question.

    “Mr. Vice President, you once wrote how President Clinton should be impeached for moral failings. How do you possibly justify President Trump staying in office now that there is definitive proof that he conspired to pay off his mistress that he had an affair with shortly after his third wife gave birth?”

    [–] Wilbur Ross Accused of Stealing Over $120 Million dollinsdv 1 points ago in politics

    He really does have just the worst Cabinet of all time.

    [–] Giuliani: ‘Collusion is not a crime’ dollinsdv 1 points ago in politics

    Like Trump would ever write “therefor”, much less correctly.

    [–] Venting about press, Trump has repeatedly sought to ban reporters over questions dollinsdv 48 points ago in politics

    It drives me nuts when Sanders says this is the most open and transparent administration ever when he hasn’t done an actual press conference in years.

    [–] New York kicks Spectrum cable out of state for 'failures to serve New Yorkers' dollinsdv 11 points ago in newyorkcity

    I’m still a little confused what will practically happen after those 60 days. I just moved into an apartment that only has Spectrum for cable and internet. Will Spectrum just have to hand over their lines to another company? What other company aside from Verizon services Manhattan?

    [–] Anyone want to show me there skills? dollinsdv 1 points ago in VideoEditing

    What not just pay this time then?

    [–] Trump calls for end of Mueller probe, saying it’s ‘discredited’ by Carter Page surveillance dollinsdv 5 points ago in politics

    It’s such bullshit that Trump can do everything in his power to discredit the Mueller probe by spewing lie after lie but Mueller can’t / won’t respond so the public slowly turns against the probe since they only really ever hear from one side.

    [–] In Captain America Civil War, Ant-man's suit glows blue when he grows, due to the injection of Blue Pym Particles. It normally glows red. dollinsdv 89 points ago in MovieDetails

    I agree that the rules they set up aren’t always consistent, but don’t they at least in the first Ant Man show him maintaining his weight when small? For example when he first tests out the suit and falls onto the bathroom floor, he cracks the tiles from his weight being condensed to such a small point.

    [–] Braves in NY dollinsdv 5 points ago in Braves

    I’m actually moving to NY but won’t get there until just after the series. Damn.