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    [–] Halo 3, Halo 4 and Halo 3: ODST Are Now Backward Compatible dont4geturhere4ever 11 points ago * (lasted edited 4 hours ago) in xboxone

    Halo 5 destroyed the Halo story beyond repair.

    Edit: And this is coming from someone who loved the Halo 4 campaign.

    [–] 'Rick and Morty' Co-Creator Dan Harmon Slams Trolls Attacking Their Female Writers dont4geturhere4ever -7 points ago in television

    Season 3 has been a real departure in quality in my opinion. They took all of their momentum and overarching plot from the first two seasons and stuffed it in the trash with S3E1, and they have failed to put forth anything that measures up. While R&M has always been built upon a foundation of parody, it was too heavy handed in this season and it feels more like the writers are out of ideas.

    I don't blame their female writers, though. I blame Harmon and Roiland for thinking that they absolutely positively need equal representation of the sexes in their writing staff. Because that decision meant that they either needed to hire more writers that they didn't really need (possibly causing a "too many cooks in the kitchen" issue), or they had to fire some of the men who were actually doing a good job. They shook up the writing staff to (as much as I hate this term) virtue signal. It wasn't because their old writing team was slacking.

    It's childish and immature for people to be attacking these new writers just for doing the job they were hired to do. It is completely reasonable to criticize Roiland and Harmon for making such a stupid, irrational decision to change just for change's sake.

    [–] I Hate Redditors Starter-Pack dont4geturhere4ever 1 points ago in starterpacks

    The creators have gotten lost up their own asses, most of season three has been real trash.

    [–] New Duke Controller Has Been Approved By Xbox dont4geturhere4ever 0 points ago in xboxone

    I've had two different controllers wear out and develop a stick drift. And all my controllers have had the plastic surrounding the sticks get worn down and carved up.

    I've never thrown one of these around, I've hardly ever dropped them, I keep them clean. I was an angry 13 year old playing with my 360 controllers, but they've still held up better than any of my X1 controllers so far.

    It's a great controller in terms of ergonomics, aesthetics, and features. But they really aren't built as sturdy as they should be.

    [–] New Duke Controller Has Been Approved By Xbox dont4geturhere4ever 2 points ago in xboxone

    I would agree, except that the X1 controllers wear out way quicker than the 360.

    [–] Fuck Morgan Freeman & Fuck YouTube dont4geturhere4ever 5 points ago in conspiracy

    If you can't understand the power to be gained from a government astroturfing social media, then you are even more stupid than the rubes who went along with it.

    [–] Fuck Morgan Freeman & Fuck YouTube dont4geturhere4ever 10 points ago in conspiracy

    They literally used social media to wage an information war. Remember that Russian ad buy on Facebook that Zuckerberg had to hand over all kinds of information relating to? That shit is the tip of the iceberg.

    [–] Fuck Morgan Freeman & Fuck YouTube dont4geturhere4ever 8 points ago in conspiracy

    Putin protects his people through illegal territorial acquisitions that prompt sanctions from the rest of the world, royally fucking Russia's economy? Okay bud...

    [–] Repping my "bitches be crazy" shirt since 2012, too much use from so much truth dont4geturhere4ever 6 points ago in PKA

    I remember when Woody himself talked about how embarrassing it was when he accidentally wore that shirt out in public.

    [–] Found an Auto Revolver in the wild! dont4geturhere4ever 17 points ago in battlefield_one

    At least in Hardline, each class had a distinct style of sidearms to choose from and that differentiated the classes a bit more. But in BF1, most sidearms are all kit and then there are a few weird ones that are locked up for no real reason.

    [–] Found an Auto Revolver in the wild! dont4geturhere4ever 35 points ago in battlefield_one

    I just hate how it's locked to the medic class. Every faction's sidearms really should be all-kit weapons.

    [–] Controversial thought (for reddit), but I think pineapple pizza is good. Anyone else? dont4geturhere4ever 3 points ago in CasualConversation

    Oh don't get me wrong, there are a lot of good applications for pineapple on pizza beyond the standard Hawaiian (my favorite is a BBQ pizza with bacon, ham, red onions, pineapple, maybe some bell peppers or tomato), but I'm talking about people who get a pretty normal pizza with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, olives, Parmesan, and then ask us to sully that perfectly good pie by slathering it in pineapple. It's just odd.

    [–] Order 66 DLC in Battlefront 2 dont4geturhere4ever 34 points ago in StarWarsBattlefront

    I've been hoping for this since day 1. Order 66 could make for a very interesting game mode, too. A full team of clones vs a good handful of Jediz

    [–] Official Call of Duty: WWII - Story Trailer dont4geturhere4ever 4 points ago in Games

    It's shocking how a franchise can change over the course of seven years /s

    They've been doing prerendered cutscenes like this since 2012, it's nothing new.

    [–] Controversial thought (for reddit), but I think pineapple pizza is good. Anyone else? dont4geturhere4ever 3 points ago in CasualConversation

    Having worked at a pizza place, Hawaiian is definitely one of the more popular choices. But then again, there are also plenty of people who will just add pineapple to literally any and every other kind of pizza we make and that's pretty much always just nasty.

    [–] Sean Spicer makes surprise cameo at Emmys dont4geturhere4ever 2 points ago in television

    Exactly. Imagine how much of a moronic piece of shit you would seem like if your job was to relay Trump's voice and will? That's a monumentally difficult task that nobody could do right.

    [–] Trump Administration Won’t Withdraw from Paris Climate Deal dont4geturhere4ever 1 points ago in politics

    He should've probably not antagonized us for the first 8 months of his presidency two goddamn years, then.


    [–] Russia gave $50,000 to UN expert who wrote report calling Russia a victim dont4geturhere4ever 1 points ago in worldnews

    Stockholm syndrome. Russia has always been a very backwards, conservative place. The people there have been getting shat on by authoritarian dictators for hundreds of years. Putin probably doesn't seem so bad compared to the Czar or the Soviets.

    [–] Equifax confirms Britons hit by breach dont4geturhere4ever 15 points ago in worldnews

    At a certain point, we really should just hang the execs up by their entrails in front of the NY Stock Exchange.

    [–] David Harbour as Hellboy (2018) dont4geturhere4ever 2 points ago in movies

    red and blue. Tom's has no pop up webbing. The red and blue are much brighter and he has those classic small rounded eyes from the early comics. I still think Andrew's the best one. Its 90% accurate. If the Spider logos were smaller, his suit would've been 100% accurate to comics.

    I think I have to go with the MCU costume, personally. While I don't like that it was made by Tony Stark instead of Peter Parker, all the little functional details are really great. Like the eyes, or those classic "web wings".