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    [–] Anyone else agrees that the thompson needs a buff? dont4geturhere4ever 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in WWII

    Drift0r said to hipfire it and since I've been doing that I've really started loving this gun. Some of my best games are a silenced tommy with a drum, rapid fire, and steady aim.

    [–] The maps might not be very good, but WWII is the most fun I've had with a CoD in years. dont4geturhere4ever 1 points ago in xboxone

    That's why we like it. CoD players don't want anything crazy new or exciting, they want CoD. Not titanfall rip-offs.

    [–] People who toss their cigarettes onto the road and sidewalk around them, why? dont4geturhere4ever 6 points ago in AskReddit

    Mostly because I don't care. But also because I'm always paranoid about starting a fire in a trash can.

    [–] What's something commonly reported on in media that you care nothing about? dont4geturhere4ever 0 points ago in AskMen

    Ah yes, if there's one thing that parents of the world have shown themselves to have a deep understanding of, it's the intricacies of video game business models...

    You can say a lot about how things should be. Parents should be more aware of what their kids are playing. But they aren't, and talking about how things should be offers no practical solution whatsoever.

    "We all know kids shouldn't be allowed at the blackjack tables in Vegas, so why even have laws about it? It's the parents' responsibility to know what their kid is playing!"

    [–] Call of Duty: WWII's Nine Multiplayer Maps Aren't Nearly Enough dont4geturhere4ever 2 points ago in Games

    Camp in the bridge or lower deck with a silent SMG and soundwhore everybody. That's the only way I can play USS Texas without hating every second.

    [–] Gambling Commission from the State of Victoria (Australia) says loot boxes are gambling dont4geturhere4ever 0 points ago in xboxone

    Fuck that. We saw where that slippery slope leads. Publishers pushed this shit way further than they ever should have been allowed to, it's time they face the consequences.

    [–] I can’t stand this traffic dont4geturhere4ever 2 points ago in Portland

    The city is crowded and the bridges and interstates are serious bottlenecks that would cost billions to rebuild in such a way that could adequately handle current and future traffic problems. What the hell are we supposed to do?

    [–] Question for the hosts and reddit, on January 21s 2021 who will the the US president? dont4geturhere4ever 3 points ago in PKA

    Those weren't polls, those were odds "calculated" by MSNBC or another similar outlet. The actual polls, the hard data, were within the margins of error for the most part. Trump has only been getting less popular since he's taken office, and he's seeing no signs of turning that around. His campaign manager has been indicted with the rest of the investigation showing no signs of slowing down, and congress can't get anything done which has been hurting the entire Republican brand. And we still have midterms coming up.

    2016 had shit for turnout because most people hated both candidates. But when Trump isn't running against Hillary goddamn Clinton, his luck is likely to turn.

    [–] The difference between Kyle and Woody's vocabulary dont4geturhere4ever 10 points ago in PKA

    His children were young and he was also working in a white collar job where an excessive potty-mouth was probably inappropriate in a lot of situations. And as he transitioned from that to YouTube, he targeted a somewhat young audience and wanted to keep things PG for the most part. But since he's been doing his own thing these past few years and his audience has grown up, you can definitely tell that he curses way more than he used to. They've talked about some of Woody's incidents cursing in public on the show before lol. Nothing crazy but just sort of a Curb Your Enthusiasm type of little altercation with a waiter or incompetent shopkeep.

    [–] Google will ‘de-rank’ RT articles to make them harder to find – Eric Schmidt dont4geturhere4ever 2 points ago in conspiracy

    What obligation does a private corporation have to promote and disseminate state media? Your line of thinking is horribly skewed

    [–] Eric Trump funneled cancer charity money to his business dont4geturhere4ever 13 points ago in conspiracy

    The full Forbes article is super in-depth citing their taxes and named, quoted sources that were close to the action. When you look at the sharp increase in "expenses", it's so obvious what they're doing.

    Yet another thing that would haunt any democrat forever, yet here it's just another day in Trumpland.

    [–] Giant Bomb's Star Wars: Battlefront II Review dont4geturhere4ever 1 points ago in Games

    I preordered the deluxe edition and went into it with tempered but still hopeful expectations. The reviewers have all been on point with this one. They have done a great job expressing how I feel about this game, often in ways that I hadn't even consciously considered before. The campaign is shit, the multiplayer is more comparable to indentured servitude then a game, and the core gameplay is only just adequate. If it were a kind of clunky but well designed, or super fluid and fun even with all of its existing problems, Battlefront 2 could redeem itself. But there is simply nothing in the game to elevate the whole thing above the massive shadow of its unlock system.

    And I say this as someone who started with eight crates full of epic cards, credits, and crafting parts right off the bat. I have no idea what a regular player starts with, but it's gotta be abysmal.

    [–] Giant Bomb's Star Wars: Battlefront II Review dont4geturhere4ever 13 points ago in Games

    nothing that you’re doing in-game actually feels like it matters.

    This is the line that sticks with me the most. It's okay for there to be nothing to unlock or progress through on a match-to-match basis in a game that doesn't have locked equipment or a progression system (like an old Halo or something). But Battlefront 2 has a dauntingly gargantuan trove of things that you'd like to have. Every game I play involves the exact same mental exercise for me. I go to choose my loadout, think about which class I want to work on, realize that it doesn't matter which class I play, realize again that the only way for me to progress my classes more is to crawl towards another crate, and I end up quitting and doing something else after one or maybe two matches because each map gets played twice and it overall feels like they're really trying to stretch their content way thinner than they need to. For the time a game takes, it just leaves you feeling insulted as you look at your credit payout.

    The fundamental flaw for this game is that it really has a knack for evoking primal senses of exasperation, apathy, and insult just by pushing a few buttons inside your brain (like the credit payout). Human brains don't respond positively to stimuli that just serves to frustrate us. This game will be more dead than its predecessor unless DICE ratchets up the progression a lot, and soon.

    [–] Why is /r/politics still called politics? dont4geturhere4ever 1 points ago in conspiracy

    Yeah a few weeks ago, I saw we we're bombing more civilians in Syria than the Russians. And the Russians bomb a lot of civilians in Syria

    [–] Tax cut for the poor. dont4geturhere4ever 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    For you to declare this entire website "alt-right" shows a fundamental lack of understanding about how Reddit functions on a very basic level.

    [–] In the UK, physical copies of SWBF2 are down 60% compared to SWBF1. dont4geturhere4ever 1 points ago in gaming

    That trend has been reversing in recent years though. Half or more of Destiny 2's sales were digital.

    [–] Humans are reportedly being sold as slaves for $400 each on the front line of the migrant crisis dont4geturhere4ever 1 points ago in worldnews

    I've heard rumors about the use of slave labor all over the wealthy parts of the Middle East, like for the Qatar World Cup stadium, or building up pretty much all of Dubai. It's scary

    [–] What are the most graphically impressive FPS games? dont4geturhere4ever 3 points ago in Games

    Battlefront's single player is decently fun to play but the story is trash and I haven't felt compelled to continue playing it these last few days. CoD WWII's single player has some very noticeable flaws with regards to historical authenticity and that took me out of it at times, but I still really enjoyed it. The characters are a bit clichéd, but they're endearing in my opinion and they don't get too sappy about the whole thing. The campaign gameplay is an absolute snore unless you're playing on hardened or veteran difficulty, but at those settings I found it appropriately challenging and intense. In general, the campaign has some pretty insane moments more reminiscent of a recent CoD setpiece rather than an old school WWII game, but if you can chuckle at the absurdity and keep on moving with the experience then you would probably have a good time.

    I can't say I'd recommend the full game overall, though. Multiplayer maps are few in number and mostly pretty bad, they've had massive server issues since launch, the game is kinda buggy, and zombies is okay but not great. Redbox it for the campaign or wait to get it cheaper.