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    [–] Even the passed out drunk is a musician donutellas 11 points ago in gatekeeping

    I am a musician and I was the passed out drunk.

    [–] Strong boi donutellas 4 points ago in MedievalCats

    Ngl he do be looking kinda swole doe 😳😳💯💯

    [–] Citarum River Indonesia. Around 5 Million people live in the river's basin donutellas 50 points ago in UrbanHell

    Hijacking your comment here to ask. How the fuck does this exist? Lack of education? Municipality not giving a shit? Honestly, man

    [–] Wait what donutellas 170 points ago in BitLifeApp

    Im more interested in what aspect of his job required a hard dick.

    [–] My boyfriend and I are bored, do your worst🤣 donutellas 0 points ago in RoastMe

    This is the only couple where a face swap would make them look better

    [–] Wendy Williams blasted for mocking Joaquin Phoenix's 'cleft palate' scar donutellas 1 points ago in entertainment

    Didn’t she also tell a lady on her show to let her husband get her pregnant without him knowing?

    [–] In Monsters, Inc. (2001), monsters come out of doors instead of closets because they are not gay. donutellas 211 points ago in shittymoviedetails

    This is a subtle nod to the fact that even though Mike and Sully live together, there was never any homosexual relations involved despite countless rumors floating around the locker room.

    [–] CapriMoon donutellas 1 points ago in YourJokeButWorse

    Neither exist so what’s your point?

    [–] British Ice cubes 👌 donutellas 15 points ago in dubai

    10 dirham okay?

    [–] Care to invest in my new sully template donutellas 1 points ago in MemeEconomy

    Surely it should be a multiple of 10 so prevent any odd numbers

    [–] Preparing a meal but when... donutellas 2 points ago in perfectlycutscreams

    I like the slow build. Light writhing at first and then full on whipping around. I would probably freak out too but her screaming was like she’d just seen a loved one die.

    [–] Jessica Barden donutellas 1 points ago in celebnsfw

    Is this from house of cards op?

    [–] I swear I did not customize any of this donutellas 64 points ago in BitLifeApp

    Robertt De Niro’s most passionate role

    [–] Always “locally Hated” donutellas 34 points ago in indianpeoplefacebook

    They’re cool with him Provincially but less impressed galactically

    [–] Settlers are absolutely ruthless donutellas 11 points ago in fo4

    Okay how did you get them to be hostile toward each other?

    [–] just turned 18. roast me uwu. donutellas 1 points ago in RoastMe

    It’s illegal to destroy currency

    [–] No more karma donutellas 5 points ago in okbuddyretard

    haha bold of you to assume i have sex 😎 r/nevertellmetheodds

    [–] Almost missed the family photo. donutellas 155 points ago in WTF

    Literally what happened. Filipino families bro