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    [–] Looking for effects pedals suggestions. dorfmcpumpkin 2 points ago in volcas

    I've got a baby water chorus delay pedal and man it is great. I want more but this pedal does so much for me that I would rather get more volcas

    [–] "Wait, that was actually fun?" Taught my girlfriend to solder and she built me a volume pedal. dorfmcpumpkin 2 points ago in diypedals

    I cant play guitar or any other acoustic instrument but I'll make a viciously mediocre keyboard player if that's what you're looking for

    [–] Friend of mine carves these castles out of stone he gets from the beach in Ireland, he calls them "places that don't exist but that you'd love to visit". dorfmcpumpkin 2 points ago in Miniworlds

    this is such inspiring work, i would love to try my own hand at something like this. would you be willing to share the process you go through to create something like this?

    i have some super interesting beach stones that are currently gathering dust in my shed and think I could get something real neat out of them

    [–] "Wait, that was actually fun?" Taught my girlfriend to solder and she built me a volume pedal. dorfmcpumpkin 1 points ago in diypedals

    is there any kids that are like 'billy's first diy pedal' for someone who doesn't have the knowledge of circuitry and electrical components but is an avid music lover and loves to tinker?

    [–] DARK LO FI HIP HOP BEAT with KORG VOLCAS and ZOOM G1on B1on LOOPER and FX dorfmcpumpkin 2 points ago in volcas

    this is so sick fam thank you for sharing! really enjoyed it, what are the pedals doing in this track?

    [–] Storms a brewin’ dorfmcpumpkin 2 points ago in oddlyterrifying

    me and a mate where atop a mountain (only 1km up so not really but its the highest point in WA) at midnight one time and we looked across and saw a cloud moving towards us very quickly that stretched seeminly into the dark abyss of space and as wide as the horizon, ive never experience terror like that before and hope to never again. its such a surreal feeling

    [–] Can someone tell me what this rod is and how I use it? I’m new to telescopes and can’t find any info on it dorfmcpumpkin 120 points ago in Astronomy

    Ah yes that's specifically for my nephew to find and yank with the force of Zeus himself then wonder why all of a sudden calamity has befallen him

    [–] Bean Cringe dorfmcpumpkin 36 points ago in BeansInThings

    His wgile pages is some kinda fever dream nightmare.

    [–] finished the game but .. didnt? dorfmcpumpkin 3 points ago in OriAndTheBlindForest

    right ok thank you. i had sorta guessed that this was the case but wanted to be sure

    [–] Does anyone else ever need to sometimes take a “break” from listening to music? dorfmcpumpkin 1 points ago in WeAreTheMusicMakers

    For me personally I think that if anything my need to listen to music has increased, but I would also chalk that up to my adhd and the fact that I use music to basically theme any situation im in. That said there are times usually after a period of high intensity music (death metal at the gym or something) where I will stop listening to music for a few hours and just soak up the sounds around me. This is much more common if I'm away from the house though.

    [–] I was super drunk & had to work the next morning dorfmcpumpkin 2 points ago in stopdrinking

    Youre doing great still, those dreams are always so chilling, I've had them too, but reality is much nicer. You got this!

    [–] First time posting. Miniworld I made. Does this kind of work belong here? dorfmcpumpkin 3 points ago in Miniworlds

    Any time I see a character in one of these i always imagine they're going to do grocery shopping and i love to think about what kinda food they would buy. This is no exception thank you so much for sharing.

    [–] After years of darkness today marks 12 months without drinking. I never thought I could, and I'm proud of myself. dorfmcpumpkin 2 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    For some people its much worse than others. For me I would never be able to consume a reasonable amount, and would drink myself sick regularly, do stupid things regularly and that is really where the problem lies. Once it becomes a way to deal with negative emotions it gets hard to move past too. Especially if addiction is involved