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    [–] Saitama's Cure For All dot_executable 2 points ago in Animemes

    Caillou lookin ass

    [–] 10-0 Pauper List. Mono B Ill-Gotten Inheritance. dot_executable 1 points ago in MagicArena

    I run a somewhat similar mono-black deck and blue mill is always close. I have a lot of recursion effects and also some fliers as well as ill gotten inheritance. I usually win by flying over the petitioners and removal. I still lose probably 60% of the time.

    [–] What cards do you guys put in your decks despite them not being optimal? dot_executable 4 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in EDH

    Here is my list. I don't think it's optimal, but it's lots of fun to smash face with big fish. It also has fun stuff like Thespian's Stage, Freed from the Real, and Quest for Ula's Temple.

    [–] One Year Of Anime dot_executable 1 points ago in anime

    If you like the Silent Voice movie, I highly recommend reading the manga if you haven't already. It includes more story that is cut out of the movie (not that the movie isn't amazing itself).

    [–] One Year Of Anime dot_executable 3 points ago in anime

    I'm glad sometime else likes the punchline OP

    [–] You're welcome dot_executable 22 points ago in magicthecirclejerking

    Llanowar elves alter my gf (gay friend) made for me

    [–] Amdball dot_executable 2 points ago in pcmasterrace


    [–] Pokemon Go is still great dot_executable 25 points ago in pokemon

    Stiching two pictures together isn't hard, you can do it with ms paint. Why do so many memes use pic collage?

    [–] New Tempest Djinn promo art dot_executable 3 points ago in MagicArena

    Thank you for your service o7

    [–] What's that fraud Caped Baldy doing here? dot_executable 2 points ago in OnePunchMan

    Bad guy from Gundam Wing

    It's Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam.

    [–] Early Christmas Present dot_executable 56 points ago in Unexpected

    Or John Cena wearing camo